Strimmers with blades not line

Strimmers with Blades not Line

While a lawnmower will do the majority of your lawn with little effort, they often don’t leave the clean finish around the edges and they can’t help with bushes…and this is where strimmers have made a name in recent years. However, we still don’t feel as though enough is known about these brilliant tools. For …

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Best Garden Multi Tool Reviews UK

Best Garden Multi Tool

Maintaining the perfect garden is much easier with the right equipment. Yet with so many things to trim, prune, and cut back, maintaining all the various plants and trees becomes very difficult – not to mention expensive. From chainsaws to hedge trimmers to strimmers, you need a lot of hardware to properly maintain a large …

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Best Log Stores Reviews UK

Best Log Stores

Wood burning stoves are a great investment, providing an affordable way to heat your home without relying too much on gas or electricity. Even just subsidising your current heating system with a wood-burning stove can save a lot of money in yearly energy bills, while also reducing your carbon footprint, making it a great option …

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Best Cordless Strimmer Reviews UK

Best Cordless Strimmer Reviews UK

Garden strimmers are a great tool for lawn maintenance, especially in gardens with irregularly shaped lawns that are difficult to cut using a lawnmower. The best cordless strimmer can easily navigate around tight bends and near objects like fencing and walls without taking any damage, making them a great garden tool to have in the …

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Best garden trolley carts reviews UK

Best Garden Carts & Trolleys

A garden cart is an excellent alternative to a wheelbarrow, offering many advantages over its two wheeled counterpart. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the fact that it can carry much heavier loads than a wheelbarrow, with most having a far higher capacity, allowing you to transport more things around the garden. Some items are simply …

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Best Garden Sieves Reviews UK

Best Garden Sieves

Tigerbox Premium Quality Powder Coated Steel Garden Riddle/Soil Sieve Set This product from Tigerbox is perfect for filtering out debris from soil, with mesh holes ranging from 6mm to 12mm, making it easy to find the right size for your needs. The metal construction provides great durability, especially the mesh material which is treated with …

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