Best soil testing kits UK

Best Soil Testing Kits

Morthan 2019 New 4-in-1 Soil Test Moisture Meter Tests sunlight, soil moisture, soil pH, and soil temperature Fast readings – just insert into the soil Readings displayed on LED Suitable for indoor and outdoor use One of the biggest challenges with these types of kits is understanding how to use them and measure the results. …

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how to grow raspberries in containers UK

How to Grow Raspberries

Growing fresh raspberries is easy, cost-effective, and provides you with fresh raspberries at your fingertips. All that’s needed is a little space in a sunny location and the raspberry bushes will do the rest. Choosing the right variety for your growing zone, planting the bushes in well-draining soil in a sunny location, and providing them …

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How Much Topsoil do I Need?

Not every garden is blessed with great soil. Some have soil that drains poorly while others are filled with rocks and lack much nutrients, with a wide array of problems causing soil quality to be less than ideal for growing plants in the garden. Thankfully, there are ways that you can improve soil quality! How …

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Best multi purpose compost UK

Best Multi Purpose Compost

When it comes to gardening supplies there are few products as useful as a good multi-purpose compost. Suitable for various things from sowing seeds to growing a full vegetable garden, multipurpose compost is one of the best soils you can use for growing in the garden. The balance of nutrients is what makes them so …

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Fast growing trees UK for privacy

Fast Growing Trees UK

Why should you consider growing trees in your garden? Planting a tree is one of the many ways to improve the overall aesthetic of your yard, lawn or garden. As long as your garden is spacious enough to be able to accommodate a tree, there is no reason you shouldn’t consider growing one. You could …

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Growing Cucumbers from Sowing to Harvest

Growing Cucumbers from Sowing to Harvest

Most supermarkets typically stock three kinds of fresh cucumber: English (1 to 2 feet in length, most often individually wrapped in plastic, doesn’t need peeling), unidentified “generic” (smooth-skinned, about 2 inches in diameter, might need peeling), and sometimes Persian (5 to 6 inches long, narrower than English, doesn’t need peeling). Some markets might also carry …

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how to grow runner beans UK

How to Grow Runner Beans

A necessity in any British garden, these pole beans are easy to grow and absolutely gorgeous to boot. They can be solely an ornamental or you can also eat the seed pods. Does it get any better? Seed Starting To get the most out of the season, start runner bean seeds indoors in mid-April. They …

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How to grow leeks from seeds

How to Grow Leeks from Seeds

Leeks are one of the easiest vegetables to grow from seeds. Hard-wearing and easy to care for, leeks can be sown from February to June (depending on the type) for harvest in August and throughout the winter. They can survive very cold winters and aren’t prone to disease, making them one of the simplest vegetables …

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How to grow potatoes in pots

How to Grow Potatoes in Pots

Potatoes are traditionally grown in the ground but not every garden has space for a large batch of them, especially considering rows of potatoes need at least 45cm between each other! This means planting rows of potatoes doesn’t just take up huge amounts of valuable growing space but planting and harvesting them is back breaking …

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How to ripen tomatoes

How to Ripen Tomatoes

Waiting for tomatoes to turn ripe has always been an exercise in patience. Depending on the variety, it can take anywhere from forty to sixty days from the time the blossoms on a plant set fruit to the time those fruits are ripe and ready to pick. The ideal temperature for ripening tomatoes ranges from …

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Growing Tomatoes in a Greenhouse -Grow Bags or Pots

Growing Tomatoes in a Greenhouse

A greenhouse provides perfect conditions for growing tomatoes throughout much of the year. Unlike planting outside, when you grow tomatoes inside of a greenhouse, you’re using fresh soil each year which is very beneficial for the long-term health and growth of the tomatoes. Using soil in a greenhouse provides the plants more nutrients while also …

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When to Prune Plum Trees in the UK

When to Prune Plum Trees in the UK

Plum tree pruning is a task you only need to do once a year to ensure healthy growth and reduce the chance of any problems from developing. Different types of plum tree require slightly different pruning processes, although most are relatively straight-forward to do, while the age of the tree also influences the type of …

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Planting Strawberries in containers

How to Grow Strawberries in Pots

Strawberries are a deliciously sweet fruit that are quite easy to grow in the garden. While they naturally grow in the ground, strawberries can be grown in pots, which is great for anyone lacking enough space to plant them directly into the ground. Whether planting from seeds or seedlings, strawberries planted out in early spring …

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How to Prune a Bay Tree

How To Prune A Bay Tree

When most people talk about bay trees, they are referring to Laurus nobilis, which is most often called bay laurel, and sometimes Grecian laurel, Turkish bay, or sweet bay (although there is a kind of magnolia which is also referred to as sweet bay). When purchasing fresh bay, it is crucial to be aware of …

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When to Plant Agapanthus

When to Plant Agapanthus

Agapanthus Growing Guide Agapanthus plants, also referred to as the African lily or lily of the Nile, are perennials that flower in the summer months. Gardeners prize them for their flamboyant flowers. Although these flowers are usually on the blue to purple spectrum, they also come in pink and white. Considered a landscape staple in …

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How to Grow Clematis UK

How to Grow Clematis

Clematis is treasured for its marvelous, long-blooming flowers and its manageable growth habit. As a bonus, pretty plumed seed heads that are decorative all by themselves appear after the flowers. There is a clematis plant that is suited to just about any situation and climate. Clematis offers the longest flowering period of any climber, and …

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