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Best Multi Purpose Compost

When it comes to gardening supplies there are few products as useful as a good multi-purpose compost. Suitable for various things from sowing seeds to growing a full vegetable garden, multipurpose compost is one of the best soils you can use for growing in the garden.

The balance of nutrients is what makes them so versatile. Filled with a special balance of nutritional goodness that caters to a wide array of plants, you can use the compost for almost anything you need to pot or sow into the ground, saving you a lot of time, effort, and money swapping between different soils.

Furthermore, there are various types available, making it easy to find products that are suitable for your needs. It shouldn’t cost too much either, as the compost is generally very affordable so is well worth investing in. I have tested several different compost products and give my findings below

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Thompson & Morgan Multi Purpose Garden Compost

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Thompson & Morgan Multi Purpose Garden Compost And Potting Compost Soil For Plants And Flowers | 1 x 70L Bag of Incredicompost Plus 1 x 210g Sachet Of Incredibloom Slow Release Fertiliser

This compost comes with an additional sachet of fertilizer that significantly increases its nutritional content, providing plants with even more food so you don’t need to constantly add fertilizer over the year.

In fact, expect the 210g of fertilizer to provide around a years’ worth of food for any plant! That means no need to add your own feed after a few weeks or months, which is very convenient and will save you a lot time.

Another useful feature is that the compost requires less watering. When growing plants the soil retains moisture so you don’t need to water as often either, highlighting just how much convenience you get when buying a quality multipurpose compost like this.  

While there is peat content it has been mostly replaced with wood fibre, so there is certainly less peat than most. It also has a neutral pH so is suitable for a huge range of plants. Many buyers believe this to be the best multi purpose compost for sale in the UK.

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J. Arthur Bower Multi-Purpose Compost

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J. Arthur Bower Multi-Purpose Compost 100L (2)

If you are looking for a compost that offers plenty of nutrition for a reasonable price then be sure to check this one out from J. Arthur Bower. Available in 100L bags, his product is one of the best priced on the market considering its quality, providing a nutritionally dense compost for a great price.

It helps to have an affordable option like this at your disposal, especially when you have lots of gardening tasks to complete, which is where this can be a great investment. While the six-week feeding period is shorter than many other composts, you get a lot of soil for this and at a great price so it’s hard to find an issue with it.

The texture is good, being slightly on the coarser side but without being too much for the plants. It can be used on all kinds of planting including sowing seeds, cuttings, repotting, containers, raised beds etc. 

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Enriched Compost

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Miracle-Gro All Purpose Enriched Compost 40L x 2 Bags

Miracle-Gro are known for the high-quality garden care products and this compost is no exception, offering a fantastic soil that can be used for almost any type of planting in the garden. Enriched with a range of ingredients for added quality, it’s made using wood fibres so is 100% natural and peat-free.

Two 40L bags are included so you get 80L of compost, which should last you a good length of time, especially considering how long-lasting the fertiliser is – it works all season long so you won’t need to worry about adding new fertilizer after a few months.

The texture is fine but not too thin, ensuring optimal water flow and aeration. This helps roots grow stronger and deeper, increasing the overall size of the plant compared to using garden soil – it could grow up to twice as large in many instances.

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Westland Gardener's Multi-Purpose Compost

Westland Gardener's Multi-Purpose Compost, 90 litres

Another compost offering great value for money, this one from Westland Gardener includes a whopping 90L bag of soil for a very affordable price. This is ideal for all kinds of planting tasks, from borders and beds to seedlings and hanging baskets.

It does include peat and loam, so if you are looking for a peat-free alternative then this is best avoided, although the blend of the two does offer some added nutritional value that may improve plant and root growth.

This also improves drainage, with the compost having a great texture that isn’t too fine or coarse, while it is not padded out with too much bark or wood chip. It has been enriched various nutrients including seaweed, providing ample nourishment for around 4-5 weeks.

All in all, a great value compost that will be a favourite of experienced gardeners seeking the perfect balance of ingredients.

Levington Essentials Multipurpose Compost

Levington Essentials Multipurpose Compost (100 Litre)

This compost from Levington Essentials is another great option for those on a tighter budget, offering a whopping 100L of compost for a very low price. It’s firm but not overly compact so can be used straight from the bag, while the consistency is a nice balance between fine and coarse.

The nutrients inside offer plenty of nourishment for healthy growth, whether it is new seedlings being planted or repotting those older plants for the new season. The fertilizer produces enough feeding for roughly four weeks, so after this you need to use your own feed.

It has a neutral pH balance too, making it a good fit for almost any common plant in the garden. The only exception to this is acid-loving plants like rhododendrons and heathers, so keep this in mind when using the compost.

Compost Buying Guide

Given its popularity for gardening, there are many multipurpose composts available, which unfortunately also means there are lots of cheap products worth avoiding!

It’s important to strike the right balance between quality and affordability, otherwise the compost probably isn’t going to nourish your plants like you hope, with many cheap products not offering the same quality ingredients as others.

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Read below for some things to consider when looking for a good multipurpose compost:


One thing that is easy to overlook when buying compost is the texture. You want something that isn’t too fine or too coarse, with the former tending to waterlog while the later needs constant watering.

A nice balance between the two is your best option – a nice crunchy texture that isn’t to fine or coarse works well. Cheaper products are usually stuffed with lots of bark and wood chunks which make the compost too thick.


The blend of ingredients varies significantly from product to product, so always be sure to check this before you buy to ensure it is suitable for your needs. Yes, multipurpose composts often have a similar blend of ingredients to ensure its suitable for various uses, there can be some notable differences that are worth remembering.

For example, many have a higher volume of fertilizer that feeds plants for longer while others can reduce the amount of watering by using ingredients that help store moisture.

Those with more fertilizer tend to last for several months before you need to add your own fertilizer to the plant, making them more convenient, although it often increases the price too. Similarly, if the compost can retain water more efficiently it’s very convenient but probably more expensive.

Peat Content

Multipurpose compost is traditionally made from a blend of ingredients that includes peat, green compost, lime, and wood/bark. It is worth noting that the processes for extracting peat are known to have a negative impact on the environment where they are sourced from, leading many to choose to avoid composts with peat content.

Thankfully, there are many peat-free composts that offer the same versatility without the harmful impact on the environment. Most of these work just as effectively as products with peat, so if you are an eco-conscious gardener be sure to look out for these.


Consider what plants you plan on growing and whether they require compost with a specific pH level. The pH levels can vary from each product so it always helps to check this and whether it meets any planting needs you may have.

For instance, seedlings tend to prefer more acidity, so if you are growing lots of seedlings then make sure that the compost pH is closer to acidic than alkaline.

Of course, the big benefit it being multipurpose means that its probably going to be fine for most plants even if the pH requirement is off a little – some plants may not thrive as much as they could with a specific compost but the multipurpose won’t kill them.


Make sure that you buy enough compost for your various needs throughout the garden! Many people make the mistake of not buying enough multipurpose compost because they forget it’s going to be used for anything and everything!

So, if you have lots of different tasks like planting seedlings, filling a raised bed, or adding pots to your patio, make sure you buy a high volume of compost – you’d be surprised how quickly it gets used. 


Can I plant with multipurpose compost?

Yes, as the name suggests they have can be used for a variety of tasks form seed sowing to plant potting.

Can I use multi purpose compost as mulch?

Yes, it is a fantastic option which will enrich your soil over a period of time.

What is the difference between multi purpose and all purpose compost?

Many people get confused by this and I can see why. Generally speaking all purpose can used for everything and multipurpose for a variety of different purposes but not all. Saying that it is important to check the instructions as each brand may differ with some not recommending their all purpose compost for certain tasks which depend on the brand and who you ask”

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