Best Cordless Lawn Mower Reviews UK

Best Cordless Lawn Mower Reviews UK
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A cordless lawn mower is an battery powered lawn mower meaning they don’t need to be plugged into a socket to operate, removing the need for any power cord – hence the name cordless lawn mowers!

They have come a long way in a short time. Previously very expensive and with not too impressive run times, they are now more affordable than ever while their run time has never been better, thanks to improvements in lithium-ion battery technology.

Now, cordless lawn mowers have the power capacity to cut all types of lawns for a good length of time before needing recharged, especially in small to medium sized lawns. Better still, batteries can now be recharged in under an hour and many cordless models include several batteries to help increase the run time.

There are many advantages of going for a battery mower. For example, they offer some of the best manoeuvrability of any mower, mainly because there is no power cord restricting the mower’s movements.

This means you can use it at any distance providing there is a battery charged and never need to worry about tripping or cutting the power cord.

Plus, these battery powered mowers are some of the lightest around, making them much easier to operate for longer durations, a great option for anyone that struggles to push and pull standard lawn mowers.

cordless battery lawn mowers also have many advantages over petrol lawn mowers, which are also cordless.

For instance, they weigh significantly less so are easier to operate, while they are also cheaper to power and don’t make anywhere near the same level of noise as petrol models, with the only real downsize being they lack the same cutting power.

If you’re in the market for a new model we have reviewed some of the best cordless lawn mower below.

Top 5 Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Compared

Bosch Rotak 370 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawnmower with Two 36 V Lithium-Ion Batteries , Cutting Width 37 cm
Bosch Rotak 370 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawnmower with Two 36 V Lithium-Ion Batteries , Cutting Width 37 cm
Bosch Rotak 370 LI Ergoflex Cordless Lawnmower with Two 36 V Lithium-Ion Batteries , Cutting Width 37 cm

As a leading manufacturer of power tools and lawn mowers, it’s no surprise that Bosch have produced a fantastic cordless lawn mower, with the Rotak 370 LI Ergoflex being one of the best cordless models currently on the market.

Utilising a hardened steel blade and innovative airflow technology, the Rotak 370 LI Ergoflex has the cutting power that many competitors lack, and when combined with the 43cm cutting width it can cut medium size lawns with ease.

Even tougher lawns that are traditionally more wearing on a cordless battery are easy to tackle without draining the battery much quicker. The fact that there is no cord and the model is very lightweight ensures you can mow impressive speeds without sacrificing quality, so you won’t need to worry about the battery draining too much as the battery life is up there with other top rate models.

Should the battery die you just need to plug in the second battery that is included with the lawn mower!

The fact that two batteries are included is great because it ensures you can always have a fully charged batter on standby should the other drain quicker than anticipated – it also means you can use both batteries to mow larger sized lawns too!

There are six cutting heights to choose from and you just quickly switch the level at the handle to go between each length, which ranges from 30mm to 80mm, meaning it can remove as much or as little length as needed.



Bosch Rotak 370 LI Cordless Lawnmower with Two 36 V Lithium-Ion Batteries (2 Batteries, 40 Litre...
  • Enhanced cutting performance thanks to hardened steel blade and innovative air...
  • Ideal finish: The new power drive li and system delivers consistently high...
  • Ergonomics thanks to ergoflex handles with AGR certificate

WORX 36V Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower Review

WORX WG779E.2 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower (Dual battery x2 20V Batteries)
WORX WG779E.2 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower (Dual battery x2 20V Batteries)
WORX WG779E.2 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower (Dual battery x2 20V Batteries)

The WORX WG779E.2 is a compact cordless lawn mower that is ideal for smaller gardens. Despite being on the smaller side the lawn mower doesn’t lack any power, using two 20V 2Ah batteries at the same time.

It’s a unique feature that really helps increase the performance of the WG779E.2, particularly on uneven lawns or where the grass is long and wet.

At 34cm, the cutting width isn’t as large as some cordless lawn mowers but is more than enough for gardens around 100-150sqm. It may struggle to last on medium sized lawns, although having spare batteries can offset this issue.

Depending on conditions, the batteries last an average of 20-30 minutes, with longer runtimes for smaller lawns with even terrain and less dense growth.

A useful feature included with the WG779E.2 that helps to maintain optimal power usage is the Intellecut technology. This innovative technology automatically adjusts the speed of the lawn mower to suit different conditions, such as increasing speed and power for longer and tougher grass.

If you like creating precise lawn edges then the WG779E.2 certainly delivers, with the deck design letting the mower reach very close to edges for a precise finish, which perfect for creating well-trimmed edges around the lawn. It also includes a rear roller for creating an attractive striped effect!

Expect and easy time operating the WG779E.2, which is weighs just 12kg and has no cables to worry about, letting you mow the lawn with ease and precision each time.



WORX WG779E.2 36V (40V MAX) Cordless 34cm Lawn Mower (Dual battery x2 20V Batteries)
  • Intellicut - Technology keeps constant cutting power even in dense grass
  • Cut to edge Design reduces uncut grass around edges
  • Powered by x2 20V 2.0Ah batteries (included)

Aerotek Cordless Lawnmower 40V Review

Aerotek Cordless Lawnmower 40V Lithium-Ion 4Ah Battery & Charger Included Cutting Width 40cm Series X2
Aerotek Cordless Lawnmower 40V Lithium-Ion 4Ah Battery & Charger Included Cutting Width 40cm Series X2
Aerotek Cordless Lawnmower 40V Lithium-Ion 4Ah Battery & Charger Included Cutting Width 40cm Series X2

If you want a cordless mower capable of handling medium sized lawns and the odd larger sized lawn then this model form Aerotek is well worth checking out. Powered by a robust 40V lithium-ion 4Ah battery, the lawn mower operates for around 35minutes on a 400sqm lawn.

This means it is actually suitable for larger sized lawns, although the runtime is likely to be less accurate when taking different lawn conditions into account. Even then, this remains one of the more powerful cordless lawn mowers that is great for smaller gardens with tough terrain and most average law sizes in the UK.

The impressive battery pairs nicely with a wider cutting width of 40cm, which is ideal for most medium sized lawns and makes short work of smaller lawns. It also utilises a brushless motor that significantly improves performance and durability – expect it to last many years!

Another impressive feature is the inclusion of a mulching attachment. It’s rare for cordless lawn mowers to feature mulching capabilities so this is a great option for anyone looking to nourish their lawn with natural fertilizer.

The Aerotek cordless lawn mower handles very nicely too despite being on the larger size. Even though quite bulky it only weighs 14kg, so when combined with the cordless design it easily manoeuvres throughout the lawn, even on sloped areas that are traditionally challenging with standard lawn mowers.

If you happen to own any other Aerotek gardening tools then you can use the versatile Series X2 batteries with other devices. This means you can use the batter for tools such as strimmers, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers.

If not, then keep an eye for these products if you ever need one as your battery will easily interchange, helping to save costs on new products that won’t need a battery.

You can also buy a spare battery to help increase the run time, which is a good choice if you have a larger sized lawn but till want to buy this lawn mower.



Aerotek 40V X2 Series Cordless Lawnmower, Lithium-Ion 4Ah Battery & Charger Included, Cutting Width...
  • Cordless; No limitations and potentially harmful cords to get tangled up in or...
  • Quick charge; Mow lawns of up to 400 square metres
  • Large capacity; The mower has a large 50 litre grass collection box however can...

Greenworks 40V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower 41cm (16") with 2Ah battery and charger - 2504707UA
Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower 41cm (16") with 2Ah battery and charger - 2504707UA
Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower 41cm (16") with 2Ah battery and charger - 2504707UA

This battery lawn mower from Greenworks has plenty of power and runtime, making it a good option for medium sized lawns.

You can also purchase a second 2Ah battery – or upgrade to a 4Ah battery – to increase the run time, which is a good option for lawns that are bit larger.

In fact, there is a great package deal that includes a second 2Ah battery for not much more money, so be sure to consider the size of your lawn before choosing!

The 40V 2Ah battery that is included with the lawn mower offers a runtime suitable for 300sqm lawns, although this may be lower depending on the overall condition of the lawn. For example, 300sqm lawn with hilly areas or long and wet grass may drain the battery quicker.

Mowing is smooth and efficient, producing a precise finish at every cutting height, which ranges from 25mm to 80mm. This is a good range as it means you can cut long and short grass to the right height for a healthier, more vibrant lawn.

Speaking of healthy lawns, there is also a mulching feature with the Greenworks cordless lawn mower that allows you to use clippings as a natural fertilizer! Don’t worry if you don’t want to mulch the lawn however, as there is a standard collection mode that fills up the massive 50L grass collector.



Greenworks Tool Cordless Lawnmower G40LM41K2 (Li-Ion 40 V 41 cm Cutting Width up to 600 msq 2-in-1...
  • efficient - our lightweight cordless lawnmower is suitable for small gardens up...
  • features - with its 5-fold central cutting height adjustment from 25 to 80mm,...
  • 2in1 function - our battery mower with 50l grass catcher bag volume not only...

BLACK+DECKER Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review UK

BLACK+DECKER Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower with Two 2 Ah Batteries, 36 V
BLACK+DECKER Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower with Two 2 Ah Batteries, 36 V
BLACK+DECKER Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower with Two 2 Ah Batteries, 36 V

While most known for their power tools, BLACK + DEKCER also produce an impressive range of cordless electric lawn mowers that utilise the same lithium-ion batteries found in their wide range of power tools.

This battery powered cordless lawn mower features a 39cm cutting width, making it a good choice for small to medium sized lawns, while there are two 36V 2Ah batteries included with the mower.

While these batteries aren’t the most powerful, they are certainly capable of providing enough charge for small lawns and most medium lawns, especially because there are two included so you can switch one out when the charge dies.

Packing plenty of torque, don’t let the smaller size of the lawn mower deceive – it mows through most lengths of grass with the upmost ease and precision. Tougher grass does and uneven lawns will drain it faster though – just as well there are two batteries included!

In fact, this has quite impressive cutting power on damper grass, which is often challenging for cordless lawn mowers.

It’s very easy to operate in any case, with the cordless and lightweight design meaning it won’t take much effort to navigate through lawns of varying conditions, whether flat or hilly, long or short, damp or dry.

There are six cutting heights that you can easily switch between by grabbing the lever, while the low-profile design and large wheels ensure it moves smoothly no matter the lawn length or condition.



BLACK+DECKER Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower with Two 2 Ah Batteries, 36 V
  • Cutting mechanism: rotary/metal blade. Supplied with two powerful 36V lithium...
  • Easily height adjustable with 6 heights from 30 to 80mm
  • Sturdy, easy to empty 35L grass collection Bin, cutting heights mm

UK Cordless Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Thinking of buying a battery powered mower but don’t know what features and specs to look for? With so many options available finding the best option for your garden does require some research, as there are a few things you want to think about before deciding on a model. We have also recently reviewed the new Gtech cordless lawnmower 2.0 , the Bosch Rotak 430 Li, and the Mighti-Mo 300 Li.

Check out the buying guide below for some tips for how to choose the best cordless lawn mower:

Choosing the Right Battery Powered Model

The battery is easily one of the most important features to look at when buying a cordless battery mower. For instance, if you choose a battery that is too small for your lawn then it may not be able to mow it all on a single charge, making it far less convenient.

Also, the battery power, measured in voltages on a cordless mower, will impact the overall speed and power. Choose something too weak and you may find it doesn’t have the strength to cut through your lawn, especially where there are slopes or long grass.

To choose the right battery you must look at two things – voltage (V) and Ampere per hour (Ah).

Battery voltages for cordless mowers include 18V, 20V, 36V, and 40V, with the latter two being the most common. You’ll find the lower voltage batteries offer decent power and runtime but only for much smaller lawns – 36V or 40V is recommended for the average UK garden.

The ampere per hour can vary from each model, with 2Ah being the most widely used in battery models. These offer a good runtime and quick recharge, while many models include two separate batteries so you can switch between.

There is also a 4Ah battery, which is usually found in larger, more powerful machines, offering double the power and runtime of a 2Ah battery.

You may find that a single 2Ah battery is more than enough for your lawn and you can increase the run time by purchasing a second battery or choosing model that includes two. These should offer enough runtime for most small to medium size gardens.

If your lawn is on the larger size or is an average size but features uneven terrain and/or lots of tough growth then a 40V 4Ah battery is probably a better choice, as they offer longer runtime and more power for these tougher lawns

Lawn Size and Condition

As mentioned, cordless lawn mowers are great for most average sized gardens, usually having enough charge to operate for around 45-60 minutes depending on the condition of your lawn. Therefore, it’s a good idea to estimate the size of your lawn!

Most small and medium size gardens (100smq – 250sqm) are perfect for a battery powered machine, while many larger sized gardens (250sqm+) are also suitable. However, its important to note the condition of the lawn too!

For instance, flat lawns require less power from a mower, meaning the battery will last longer on even surfaces. Similarly, short grass is easier to cut than long grass so won’t drain a battery as fast. Many people use both a manual hand pushed mower as well as a cordless model to achieve the perfect finish.

This means that even though your lawn may be small or medium sized, the condition could reduce the efficiency of the mower.

If you find your lawn is large, uneven, or the grass is constantly thick, long, or wet, then bear in mind you may need a lawn mower with a more powerful battery – or a second battery that you can have on standby!

Cutting Height and Width

Wider cutting widths are perfect for larger gardens as they require fewer passes, meaning the battery is less likely to die before you finish. If you’re lawn is medium to large sized, you want to choose a cordless machine with a cutting width of around 39-42cm.

Small and some medium sized gardens should be fine with a cutting width around 32-39cm, although remember that the lower the cutting width the more mowing you need to do. This could mean that the battery dies before you finish mowing, so if you’re unsure if the battery has enough power to last consider choosing a model with a wider cutting width to reduce the mowing time.

Cutting heights are usually variable with a cordless mower, ranging from 20-80mm depending on the make or model. Lower settings are great for keeping a well-manicured lawn with regular mowing, while higher settings are good for removing lots of length.

It’s best to have plenty of options so consider choosing a model that has a nice range of cutting heights, as this lets you get the desired finish no matter the conditions. For instance, if you haven’t mowed in a while its good to have higher height settings to ensure you don’t remove too much length at one time. Read our guide on the best electric mains powered lawn mowers which cover everything to look out for before buying.

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