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Pet Friendly Weed Killer

Pet Friendly Weed Killer

I know from experience that keeping your pet safe is obviously your top priority. While the below products advertise as being pet friendly you should always read the label to make sure you are completely satisfied before using. I also advise not to let your pet out until any product you use is completely dry. …

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Best Grass Seeds Reviews UK

Best Grass Seed Reviews UK

Choosing the best grass seeds for your garden isn’t always easy. If you’ve never seeded the lawn before it becomes even tougher, with all kinds of products claiming to be the best that money can buy. However, it’s vitally important to select the right type of for your garden, because not all grass seeds are …

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Best Lawn Spreaders Reviews UK

Best Lawn Spreaders

Properly distributing lawn seeds is more difficult than it looks. While you can grab a handful of seeds and toss them freely around the lawn, this is not likely to get you the best results. Add too much and the seeds are competing for air, water, and nutrients, causing them to under develop. Add too …

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Best Moss Killer

Moss is an often-overlooked problem, with people ignoring the growth when it inevitably appears on their lawn, patio, walls, or roof. While it is impossible to prevent moss from growing around the outside of your home, it is important to address the problem as it can cause all kinds of issues down the line. For …

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Best electric Weed Burners UK Reviews

Best Electric Weed Burners

An electric weed burner is an innovative tool used to kill weeds by exposing them to extreme temperatures. It couldn’t be easier to use the best electric weed burners, as you just set the temperature and place the nozzle of the device just above the weeds, hovering there for a few seconds before moving. By …

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