Lawn Care

Does Dog Urine Kill Grass

Does Dog Urine Kill Grass?

Dogs and gardens are a great combination. It gives your dog a taste of the great outdoors, somewhere to get fresh air and exercise, not to mention the opportunity to go to the toilet without needing to go for a long walk. However, there may be an issue with letting your dog urinate on the …

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Best Time to Water a Lawn

Best Time to Water A Lawn

Water and fertiliser are two things any lawn needs to remain healthy. While adding fertiliser is easy enough to do, water can be an entirely different matter. Normally we rely on rainfall to water the lawn but there are parts of the year where this is not possible, typically around summer time when droughts are …

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When to feed the lawn

When to Feed the Lawn

While your grass can survive without any lawn feed, it’s certainly recommended if you want to encourage the healthiest growth possible. With regular feeds, your lawn becomes thicker, fuller, and greener while being less susceptible to weed outbreaks, making it well worth the effort. Plus, feeding a lawn with fertiliser isn’t complex, as you can …

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Best Lawn Scarifier Reviews UK

Best Electric Lawn Scarifier

A lawn scarifier is a gardening tool used to maintain lawns. Although they look like a lawn mower, a lawn scarifier doesn’t cut the grass but instead aerates the soil using teeth, blades, or claws. These dig into the soil and pull out lawn thatch such as grass, moss, and other debris. Doing so helps …

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