Bosch Rotak 32R Lawn Mower Review UK

Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Lawnmower Review

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Not everyone needs the biggest, most powerful lawn mower available. Sometimes its better to go small, especially when dealing with a lawn that isn’t the largest to begin with! If you have a smaller sized garden but still want a reliable lawn mower to cut your grass, then be sure to check out the Bosch Rotak 32R.

A corded electric mower from renowned German manufacturer Bosch, the 32R is a cost-friendly lawn mower that is suitable for small and medium sized gardens. Despite its smaller size, it packs plenty of punch and remains one the best priced models currently available!

  • 1200W Motor
  • 32cm Cutting Width
  • Three Cutting Heights (20-60mm)
  • 31L Grass Collector
  • Grass Comb
  • Weighs 6.8kg
Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Lawnmower Review

Electric Motor

The Rotak 32R features a robust 1200W electric PowerDrive motor that gives some impressive cutting power, even though the mower is on the smaller side. This makes it suitable for tougher lawns that has thick, long, or wet grass.

This is great because smaller lawn mowers often struggle with longer length lawns, so it’s a fine choice for people that tend to let their grass grow longer before cutting it. If you are a low-maintenance gardener this is a good model to choose!

Of course, there are still limitations to a 1200W. It’ not going to be suited for huge gardens that are widely overgrown, although not many  electric  models are! Providing you use the Rotak 32R in small and medium size lawns then there should be no issues with the power system.

Also, as a corded machine it helps that the power cord is ten metres long! This gives plenty of room for manoeuvring around the garden and enough reach to work well in most small and medium sized gardens. If you need more reach just use an extension cord!

Cutting Width

Equipped with a razor sharp 32cm steel blade, the Rotak 32R offers an impressive cutting width that is perfect for small and medium sized lawns, roughly around 150-200sqm. Go any larger than a mid-size lawn (250sqm and above) and it may become a hassle to use, as you’d need to make several passes across the lawn. You may want to consider a more powerful petrol mower or a cordless mower with a wide cutting deck like the Bosch Rotak 430 Li Ergoflex if your lawn size is larger than 250sqm

Stick to small and medium and you’ll be fine – 32cm is a good cutting width for most average sized gardens. Moreover, the cutting width offers great manoeuvrability, which is often key with smaller yards that have many tight angles and spaces to navigate.

As the blade is made from hardened steel it will last for many years. You will eventually need to sharpen the blade but this won’t be necessary for some time, while you can also replace it entirely with a 32cm Bosch replacement blade.

Cutting Heights

With three different cutting heights ranging from 20mm to 80mm, the Rotak 32R offers a nice cutting range for easier lawn maintenance. While many larger mowers offer more cutting heights, the three that this model offers are still a good selection to suit the different seasons.

For instance, the higher setting is good for lawns with longer grass. Many people let the grass grow a bit before cutting it – or have just been waiting ages for good weather – in which case you should always remove less length.

If you set the cutting height too short with longer grass, the lawn looks uneven, bare, and is even more susceptible to weeds and disease.

On the flip side, the lower setting is ideal for people that mow regularly, which is common during spring and summer when the grass is constantly growing and the weather is suitable for mowing the lawn.

One slight drawback is that you need to stop the mower and turn it upside down to adjust the settings. It’s not a deal breaker but slightly less convenient than a mower that has the height adjustment lever on top of the cutting deck.

Just make sure the cord is always unplugged before changing the cutting height!


The 32R is designed with easy use in mind. Weighing just 6.8kg, this is one of the lightest corded lawn mowers on the market today. This is good news for people that want an easy time mowing, as it weighs so little that it barely feels like you are you are moving anything.

Expect it to glide across lawns with ease! The handle doesn’t feature the Ergo Flex design found on many Bosch lawn mowers, although it’s probably because it isn’t necessary! It is is so light and makes such small vibrations that it’s highly unlike you’re going to feel any fatigue in your hands.

The handle can be adjusted to various height settings to get the right fit for your height, while it also folds down onto itself for compact storage. If you lack storage space in the shed or garage, then this design is certainly an advantage.

Finally, there is a handy carry handle in the middle of the cutting deck. This lets you easily transport the mower from storage to the garden, with the lighter weight making it simple to carry, even if you aren’t the strongest.

Grass Box and Grass Comb

Bosch Rotak 32R grass comb

There are a few useful features included with the Rotak 32R that make lawn maintenance even easier. This includes a spacious 31L grass collector, which offers plenty of room to store all the grass clippings from small and medium sized lawns without needing emptied.

The grass comb is a unique feature but one that many will find appealing. These are basically two small combs that extend the reach of the cutting deck and provide a flat edge to cut against walls, fences, borders etc.

As the combs sit flush with the wheels, you can easily navigate the lawn mower around the various lawn edges in the garden. This saves a lot time and effort going back and trimming the edges that the blade missed!

This little mower ticks all the boxes. It is very well priced, light, powerful enough to handle all but the largest gardens and has a cult like following that would not change it for any other model.

The Bosch Rotak 34R is another excellent model in the range.

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