how to lay gravel over grass

How to Lay Gravel Over Grass

Replacing a lawn with gravel is a great option if you want an attractive yet low-maintenance surface in your garden. Gone are the days of constantly weeding and mowing the lawn, replaced with a stylish material that requires no upkeep. With a wide selection of gravel types with varying colours and textures, it’s easy to …

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Strimmers with blades not line

Strimmers with Blades not Line

While a lawnmower will do the majority of your lawn with little effort, they often don’t leave the clean finish around the edges and they can’t help with bushes…and this is where strimmers have made a name in recent years. However, we still don’t feel as though enough is known about these brilliant tools. For …

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Pet Friendly Weed Killer

Pet Friendly Weed Killer

I know from experience that keeping your pet safe is obviously your top priority. While the below products advertise as being pet friendly you should always read the label to make sure you are completely satisfied before using. I also advise not to let your pet out until any product you use is completely dry. …

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Best Garden Multi Tool Reviews UK

Best Garden Multi Tool

Maintaining the perfect garden is much easier with the right equipment. Yet with so many things to trim, prune, and cut back, maintaining all the various plants and trees becomes very difficult – not to mention expensive. From chainsaws to hedge trimmers to strimmers, you need a lot of hardware to properly maintain a large …

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