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A top petrol strimmer is one of the best and most versatile tools you can have for garden maintenance. Suitable for an array of tasks, from trimming the lawn to weeding overgrown areas, it’s one of the most versatile devices you can own for maintaining the perfect looking garden.

Moreover, because it’s powered by a petrol engine it has incredible cutting power and can handle tasks that are too tough for an electric model. You could easily mow an overgrown or wet lawn with a petrol grass strimmer, while the machine can even cut through heavy weeds and woodier growth.

Being petrol-powered the device runs on fuel rather than electricity and doesn’t need to be plugged into a power outlet so there is no power cord to worry about. These models will not restrict any of your movement, making it perfect for those hard to reach areas in larger gardens.

There are many great options to choose from. Below we have reviewed 6 high-quality models for sale in the UK to help you pick the best petrol strimmer.

Petrol Strimmer Reviews


McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer: STrimmer with 40 cm Working Width, Split Shaft, Double Thread Tracking, Combi Guard (Article Number: 00096-72.562.01)
McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer: STrimmer with 40 cm Working Width, Split Shaft, Double Thread Tracking, Combi Guard (Article Number: 00096-72.562.01)
McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer: STrimmer with 40 cm Working Width, Split Shaft, Double Thread Tracking, Combi Guard (Article Number: 00096-72.562.01)

Lightweight yet powerful, the TRIMMAC from McCulloch is ideal for smaller gardening tasks and for anyone that might struggle with heavier equipment.

Weighing only 3.9kg, it’s light enough for most people to use without getting tired or achy, while there is ample cutting power for dealing with thick growth, so it brings the best of both.

It’s designed with comfort in mind, with an ergonomic split shaft handle that is adjustable to various lengths to find the right setting for your height, while an anti-vibration system makes it easier to use for long periods without feeling the effects in your hands.

Even though it is very lightweight, the strimmer comes with a carry strap to help evenly distribute the weight, allowing you to keep working for longer. A double line provides a 41cm cutting width to speed up trimming times and the line is automatically replaced using the simple bump and feed system. 

McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer: STrimmer with 40 cm Working Width, Split Shaft, Double Thread Tracking,…
  • Powerful: With a power output of 0.6 kW and a displacement of 25 cm³, the…
  • Maximum user-friendliness: The Tap ‘n’ Go double thread tracking simplifies…
  • Simple maintenance: The air filter cap can be removed without the need for…

Ryobi Petrol Strimmer

Ryobi RLT254CDSO Petrol (Expand-It) 25.4cc Full Crank Grass Trimmer, 43cm Path, Hyper Green

Although known for the battery-operated garden tools, Ryobi also has a fantastic petrol-powered grass trimmer for those heavy-duty maintenance tasks.

Equipped with a 25-cc, 2-stroke full crank engine, it has ample cutting power and a spacious 43cm cutting head, so it’s suitable for use in those wider areas like when trimming the lawn. It’s also a highly durable engine that doesn’t require much maintenance.

Not only can it handle long and wet growth on the lawn, but the strimmer is also suitable for all kinds of tasks including edging and cutting back weeds, while it only weighs 5.3kg so should be easy enough to operate for longer periods.

An ergonomic handle further improves usability, reducing the fatigue felt from constant engine vibrations, while the spit shaft design allows you to find the ideal length and make it easier to store.

The dual-line is replaced using a bump and feed system, so you just tap it on the ground and the new line is fed through.  

Ryobi RLT254CDSO Petrol (Expand-It) 25.4cc Full Crank Grass Trimmer, 43cm Path, Hyper Green
  • Powerful 25.4cc full crank engine
  • 43cm line cutting path with 2.4mm bump feed line
  • Reel Easy Head for rapid line refills

Hyundai 51cc 2-Stroke Anti-Vibration Petrol Grass Trimmer/ Strimmer/ Brush cutter

Hyundai 51cc 2-Stroke Anti-Vibration Petrol Grass Trimmer/Strimmer/Brushcutter HYBC5080AV - Blue

If you need a versatile grass trimmer that can handle various tasks around the garden, then this robust trimmer from Hyundai is worth consideration.

Fitted with a powerful 52cc, 2-stroke engine, the device is designed for all kinds of tasks beyond just trimming. For example, it comes with a selection of cutting heads including standard two-string nylon for trimming, along with two multi-toothed blades for brush cutting.

The blades can be used for thick and woodier growth, such as brambles or bushes, so it’s a multipurpose tool that is ideal for a range of maintenance jobs in the garden. A padded handle is designed to offset some of the heavier vibrations that the large engine produces, while also offsetting the weight.

Speaking of the weight, at 9.6kg it is on the heavier side, so only buy this if you are confident you have suitable strength and fitness to use it. 

Hyundai 51cc 2-Stroke Anti-Vibration Petrol Grass Trimmer/Strimmer/Brushcutter HYBC5080AV – Blue
  • Powered by a 50.8 cc two-stroke recoil start petrol engine
  • Supplied with a two-string nylon cutting head, three-tooth and eight-tooth…
  • Large handles and fingertip controls provide increased safety and precision

Makita EBH253L 24.5cc 4-Stroke Line Trimmer

Makita EBH253L 24.5cc 40cm 4-Stroke Line Trimmer

The EBH253L is a powerful line trimmer from Makita that is one of the few 4-stroke models on the market. As the 24.5cc engine is 4-stroke rather than 2-stroke, it produces less noise and emissions, while the engine is going to last much longer due to increased lubrication.

Despite housing a powerful engine, the trimmer only weighs 5.9kg, which is a good weight for a device that can handle tougher growth in your garden. It’s even more impressive considering the solid construction of both the engine and shaft, which are made using only the highest-grade steel.

A 40cm cutting width means it’s suitable to use on wide areas, reducing the time spent trimming, while the ergonomic loop handle provides comfortable and easy operation. This is great for tasks that may take longer, such as trimming grass on a larger lawn.

Makita EBH253L 24.5cc 40cm 4-Stroke Line Trimmer
  • 4 stroke engine
  • Bearinged solid steel drive shaft
  • Spring assisted shaft

COSTWAY Grass Trimmer, 800W

COSTWAY Gasoline Grass Trimmer, 800W Weed Strimmer Includes 180°Adjustable Angle Head, 43cm Cutting Path & Telescopic Handle, Lightweight Frame String Trimmer Features Powerful Engine

This strimmer from COSTWAY is another versatile piece of gardening equipment, with an adjustable cutting head making it easier and more convenient to use.

The 43-inch cutting head is adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees, so there is plenty of room to manoeuvre for most tasks, whether it’s reaching a narrow spot or cutting across a wide area.

The engine produces high-speed rotation, ensuring growth is cut quickly and efficiently without using too much fuel. It only weighs 5.4kg too, so you should find it easy enough to use for longer periods, and the handle is also adjustable to help you find the most comfortable working position.

There is also a safety guard fitted above the two-line cutting head. This blocks any debris that may get launched by the trimmer, offering a nice bit of protection against stray stones or chunks of grass flying towards you.

COSTWAY Gasoline Grass Trimmer, 800W Weed Strimmer Includes 180°Adjustable Angle Head, 43cm Cutting…
  • 【High Speed and Efficiency Operation】With the high speed operation up to…
  • 【Trimming with No Dead Corner】With a cutting width of 43 cm and 800W power,…
  • 【Grass Baffle Design】The grass baffle design prevents grass and gravel…

AOSOME Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool

AOSOME Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool - Hedge Trimmer, Brush Cutter, Chainsaw Pruner, Grass Trimmer & Extension Pole - 2 Stroke Petrol Engine 52CC/2.2KW/3HP

When versatility is the main goal for a trimmer, look no further than this 5-in-1 multi tool from AOSOME. Coming with an array of interchangeable cutting heads, there’s no task too big or small for this versatile garden tool.

Not only does it come with a standard two-string grass trimmer head, a 3-teeth brush cutter blade, long reach chain saw pruner, adjustable hedge trimmer, and extension pole are also included with the device. This means you can complete almost any type of maintenance, whether it’s pruning branches, trimming lawns, or cutting back brambles.

All of these are powered by a robust 52cc, 2-stroke engine, so the performance is second to none, while you also get a special double shoulder harness to evenly distribute the weigh, helping improve balance and comfort when using any of the five attachments. 

Bear in mind that due to the bigger engine and various attachments, the weight of the trimmer is on the heavier side at 15kg, so make sure you consider this before buying. The harness will help offset the weight but many will still struggle to operate it for long periods.

AOSOME Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool – Hedge Trimmer, Brush Cutter, Chainsaw Pruner, Grass…
  • Powerful Engine – AOSOME Petrol Engine(Fuel Oil…
  • Multi Function – Brush Cutter(3 Teeth Blade)/Long Reach Chainsaw…
  • Safety Guarantee – TUV Approved GS,CE,EMC Certificate

Petrol Strimmer Buying Guide 

Looking for the best petrol strimmer for garden maintenance but aren’t sure what you need? Then check out the buying guide below for an idea of what to look out for. We have also have a guides on choosing a cordless strimmer, general garden strimmers, petrol garden multi tools and strimmers that have blades


Always check the specs of the petrol engine before you choose a strimmer. The power rating, given in cubic centimetres (CCs), is important as it indicates the overall power of the engine, so the higher the number the more cutting power it has.

Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity is important because it determines how long you can strim for without needing to refuel. The more capacity the better, otherwise you may need to stop and refuel in the middle of a task.

Cutting Width

The cutting width of the strimmer influences how quickly it trims through growth, with a wider diameter meaning less time trimming. Most strimmers have a width between 20-40cm, with narrower widths being suitable for minor maintenance and larger widths better for heavy duty tasks.

So, think about the type of work you are doing and the overall size of your garden. For instance, if you want trim length from a lawn then a wider cutting width is going to save time and effort, while smaller widths are perfect for compact gardens with narrow lawns and less growth to maintain.


Trimmers come with a few shaft design options, including straight, split, and curved. Each one has its pros and cons, being suited for specific tasks in the garden, so be sure to consider what type of maintenance you are using it for.

For example, curved shafts are suitable for open spaces so are great for mowing wide lawns, although they lack manoeuvrability in narrower spaces. Straight shafts work well in tight spots, so can be great for trimming weeds under bushes and for doing edging.

Split shafts are typically used on multipurpose devices where you swap different attachments for specific tasks, such as adding a brush cutter for cutting through woody growth. 


As a cordless device you should consider the weight of any trimmer before you buy. If you choose something heavy it may be too difficult to operate for long periods, making it less convenient, although many come with a support harness to help offset any weight issues.

Weights can range from around 4kgs to upwards of 10kg, so always be sure to check this and make sure it’s not too heavy for you to use. Also, remember that adding an attachment to the device will increase its weight!

Line Feed

Strimmers use different methods to feed the nylon line through, some being more convenient than others. For instance, an automatic line feed automatically feeds a new piece of line any time it breaks, a bump feed requires you to bump the trimmer on the ground to feed it through, and a fixed line involves turning off the power and feeding the line manually.

Safety Tips for Using a Petrol Strimmer

It’s important to properly handle a petrol strimmer, as these are powerful pieces of equipment that could cause injury if no used correctly. Moreover, if you aren’t handling it as intended it may be less effective and more of a hassle than you anticipated.

Check out some safety tips for how to properly handle a petrol strimmer and get the job done right:

Wear the Right Gear

Always wear appropriate attire when strimming! Thick materials are recommended just in case your hit yourself with the nylon wire, which can cut through materials if they are too thin, although make sure it doesn’t restrict movement.

A thick pair of shoes or boots are also recommended for this reason, while you should always wear safety googles. It might help to wear gardening gloves too, as this will minimize the impact of the engine vibrations, which can often cause fatigue in the hands.

Know Your Physical Limitations

As mentioned, petrol engines make this type of strimmer much heavier to operate, so you need to understand your own limitations. If you tire quickly then consider getting the lightest model possible, while it may be worth stopping for a break if you are using a heavier device to avoid tiring.

Always read the User Manual

This goes without saying but it’s worth emphasising- always read the user manual! This will give a clear idea of what safety precautions to take when using the device and you’ll know how to get the most of your trimmer.

Inspect the Area Before You Start

Always inspect the garden before you start using the trimmer, as you can identify any issues that may arise when you’re working. For instance, there may be stones or other hidden objects that might damage your equipment, or worse flick up and hit you!

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