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Best Garden Shed Reviews

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Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed

Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed, Beige, 8 x 6 ft

This large plastic shed from Keter offers ample space for storage, including a double door design that makes adding and removing larger garden equipment quick and easy. As it’s made from plastic this shed requires no treatments and maintenance is generally low – the odd inside clean is all you need to do!

The heavy-duty base of the shed is great as it offers a stable floor and protects against the elements below. You will need to anchor this onto something suitable, although because the base is so heavy-duty you can opt for a simpler base and anchor method using timber.  

Despite being made from plastic the shed is very sturdy thanks to steel reinforcement throughout the structure. It’s also got a few nice additions for a plastic shed, including a window and skylight for natural lighting, while the vent at the top provides airflow to avoid moisture build ups.  

This large 8 x 6 feet plastic shed is a cost-effective option that offers plenty of storage space while being virtually maintenance free. It may be tough to assemble for beginners, so be sure to get some friends to help! 



Keter Factor 8 x 6 ft Outdoor Storage Shed, Beige/Brown
1,469 Reviews
Keter Factor 8 x 6 ft Outdoor Storage Shed, Beige/Brown
  • Ideal outdoor storage solution for all garden accessories and equipment, garden...
  • Elegant wood effect exterior with double doors, plus ventilation grills for air...
  • Heavy duty floor panel with Integral window and skylight for natural lighting

WALTONS 8x6 Wooden Garden Storage Shed

WALTONS EST. 1878 8x6 Wooden Garden Storage Shed, Overlap Construction Dip Treated with 10 Year Guarantee, With Window, Double Door, Apex Roof, Roof Felt & Floor Included, (8 x 6 / 8Ft x 6Ft) 3-5 Day Delivery

This large 8 x 6 wooden shed from Walton is an affordable option that offers plenty of space for storing your garden supplies. Strong and secure, this garden shed offers lots of headroom due to the apex roof design, making it easily useful for taller people.

You can also add more shelves due to the impressive height, so it’s certainly not lacking any storage space. For this price you will probably struggle to find a shed this big!

A dip treated finish produces a typical orange-amber colour for the shed, although this is easily covered with paint or varnish. There are no windows which may be off-putting if you planned on potting inside the shed yet the large single door does offer lots of natural light when left opened.

While the design appears basic, this is an incredibly spacious wooden shed that comes with a fantastic price. Anyone looking for a larger budget-friendly shed needn’t look further.



Reinforced Heavy Duty Metal Garden Shed

Metal Garden Shed Heavy Duty Reinforced Premium Outdoor Storage with Extra Strong Sliding Doors, Reinforced Wall Column Easy Access Ramp & Free Foundation Kit, Weatherproof Apex Roof

While some metal sheds have a reputation for a lack of style, this heavy-duty metal shed bucks that trend with a sleek green paint job that makes it a stylish addition to any garden space.

At 7 x 6.3 ft, the shed is spacious enough for most demands, while the sliding door design further saves space when adding and removing things from the shed. There is even a small ramp at the entranceway to help bring in wheeled equipment like a wheelbarrow or lawnmower, further enhancing the shed’s accessibility.

As a metal shed it very durable against the elements, with a slopped roof design helping to drain away rainwater and avoid issues on the roof. There is also an integrated vent to prevent condensation developing, a common issue in many metal sheds.

It’s a massive shed that offers so much space you can easily double it as workshop if need be, although a lack of windows may make that off-putting. Available for a great price and built to last many years, this metal shed form Waltons ticks all the right boxes.



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Duramax 8' x 6' Plastic Garden Shed

Duramax StoreAll 8' x 6' Plastic Garden Shed with Foundation Kit & Fixed Window - Ivory & Brown - 15 Years Warranty

Measuring 8 x 6 ft and providing a whopping 200+ cubic feet of storage space, this massive vinyl shed from Duramax offers great value for money. The vinyl is incredible strong and durable, giving the shed a very long life while requiring virtually no maintenance.

If you have lots of gardening equipment like a lawn mower, garden hose and other supplies to store then this huge shed offers the perfect storage solution. You can easily fit most standard garden equipment and have room to spare, while the double door design makes it easy to take things back and forth from the shed.

As a plastic shed it has some of the best durability around, the durable vinyl offers all the resistance you could need from a shed.

Not only is it designed with withstand high winds and rains, but also growth like mildew that can ruin your supplies. It’s even resistant to fading and the roof can withstand 20lbs of snow – this is a shed that is built to last.

Assembly is also very straight-forward although quite time consuming, which is to be expected when assembling most large sheds. The only real setback is that no flooring is included, although you can easily use wood or slabs in the foundation included with the shed. 



Duramax StoreAll 8 x 6 (4.12 m2) Plastic Garden Storage Shed with 1 Fixed Window & Metal Foundation...
360 Reviews
Duramax StoreAll 8 x 6 (4.12 m2) Plastic Garden Storage Shed with 1 Fixed Window & Metal Foundation...
  • All weather durable and long lasting outdoor storage vinyl shed; won’t rust,...
  • Strong metal structure tested for 20 lb/sqft snow load; features steel...
  • Includes 1 fixed waterproof window, metal foundation kit, dual air ventilation...

Waltons Small Outdoor Metal Garden Shed

Metal Garden Shed Small Outdoor Storage 7 x 6.3 with Sliding Doors, Weatherproof Apex Roof by Waltons (Standard without Foundation Kit, Dark Green)

This metal shed from Waltons is advertised as being small, yet the size isn’t as compact as many other small shed, measuring 6.4 x 4 ft. The width offers a surprising amount of storage space, especially compared to typical small shed dimensions, with a double sliding door design helping save a bit more space.

The double doors are also lockable although you do need to attach your own lock to the door. There are predrilled holes however, so adding a lock shouldn’t take much time or effort.

Metal sheds like this are known for their durability, with this model being made from high strength steel framing and panels. It’s strong, secure, and very durable against the elements, even coming with a 10-year guarantee against perforation.

No foundation kit is included with the standard price point but you can add this on for a minor price increase. You can make your own foundation with relative ease, although for the price it may be worth splashing out for the foundation kit.

Other useful features include a pent style roof to drain rainwater and an air vent that prevents condensation build ups. Everything stays nice and dry in the shed for many years to come!



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Shed Buying Guide

Buying a new garden shed is a challenging process. With so many options available, from the material of the shed to its size and placing, knowing what garden shed is best for your outdoor space requires a lot thought.

Considering the cost of a good garden shed, you want to make sure you get the most value out of your investment. A good garden shed could last several decades with the right care and maintenance, so it’s always worth researching your options to ensure you get something suitable for your garden. 

Check out this buying guide to get all the info you need to choose the best garden shed!


The first thing to consider when buying a shed is what size you need it to be. The space available in your garden will influence this decision, so make sure you’ve measured the area you plan on placing it so you know what size options are suitable for this space.

Also, think about how much you plan on storing in the shed. If it’s replacing an old shed you may want to check and see how crammed it is. If it’s quite short on space you may want to choose a larger shed to accommodate all your items.

The last thing you want to do is purchase a brand-new garden shed only for it to lack much space. Don’t just think about what’s currently in your shed but also what you’re likely to buy the in future. It’s always better to have more space to work with in case you buy new equipment.

If you’re tight on space in the garden consider a shed that has room for expansive. It’s quite easy to add shelving units inside the shed to increase storage space, with some sheds even having enough height that you can add a small loft extension for more storage.

Finally, remember that your budget will determine how large of a shed you can afford. Bigger sheds cost a bit more than smaller sheds, so if you’re working on a tighter budget bear this in mind.


There are three materials options for a garden shed – wooden, metal, and plastic. Each one has their benefits, so be sure to think about what you need and what each one offers before you decide on the best material.


Easily the most popular material for a garden shed, wood is a very durable material and offers a nice aesthetic, arguably being the most attractive material. Various woods are used so you can find affordable and luxury options to suit your preferences.

Wooden sheds can also be painted in a variety of colours or finishes, making it easier to get the right style for your garden. You do need to treat them every few years to ensure they remain in good condition, while they will naturally deteriorate over the years, although probably after few decades at least.


Metal sheds are generally stronger and more durable compared to wooden sheds. They tend to have much better locking mechanisms and usually have no windows, so are very secure from any attempted break-ins. If you’re storing lots of valuable equipment in your shed, metal may be the best option.

Being made from metal also means they very weatherproof and aren’t as susceptible to rotting as wooden sheds. It is also effective at keeping out pests like mice that make it into the shed through small holes or openings commonly found on wooden sheds. 

Their style often leaves a lot to be desired, however. Metal isn’t the most natural looking material and may stand out more in the garden, while a lack of painting or treatment options further limited their design options.


Plastic sheds have grown in popularity in recent years due to their affordability. The cheapest material for a shed, plastic also means you don’t need to spend any time maintaining the shed with paint or treatments, while only moderate cleaning is needed to prevent mould developing.

The material is also very durable, being resistant to weather, rotting, and rusting. They’re hard to damage and very easy to assemble, making them a very convienent and cost-effective shed that will last many years.  

Many don’t like the aesthetic of plastic sheds though, which are hard to customise. Their lightweight design means you cannot overlook a good base and anchor to keep the shed stable. 

Construction Style

There are three main construction styles for the cladding on a wooden garden shed – overlap, tongue and groove, and shiplap.

Overlap – When the wooden panels overlap each other. Popular on many wooden garden sheds and good for diverse climates, with the overlapping allowing the wood to expand and shrink throughout the year.

Shiplap – Thick boards of wood interlock to provide exceptional protection against wind and rain, making this construction style popular among premium quality sheds.

Tongue & Groove – Features a similar interlocking design as shiplap construction, although distortion is more likely over time due to a less complex interlocking design.

Treatment Options

There are two popular treatment options for garden sheds – dip treated and pressure treated.

Dip Treatment

This is the most widely used treatment option on wooden sheds and is recognisable for the amber finish it produces. It’s quick and easy to treat using this method, helping to keep costs down while protecting the timber.

Pressure Treatment

Recognisable for their greenish hue, pressure treated sheds are more expensive due to the complex nature of the treatment, which is soaked deep into the grain under a high pressure to improve wood perseveration. Pressure treated wooden sheds are less susceptible to rot as a result, making them much more durable than dip treated sheds.

Choosing a Base

An often-overlooked aspect of buying a shed is choose a suitable base. Garden sheds need a strong to remain stable, with concrete, slabs, and wood being the most commonly used materials to create a base.

Concrete is often viewed as the best option as it offers the most stable base, although pouring the concrete does require more work compared to other methods. Slabs and pavers offer similar stability and don’t need pouring, yet they’re not as easy to level off as a poured concrete.

Timber is another good option for a shed base. Adding timber slats as a base is quite easy, needing to be dug into the ground to secure them in place.

Many sheds come with a base included in the price, which removes the hassle of making your own shed base, although it will make it more expensive.

Doors and Windows

Not all garden sheds come with windows, with it being most featured in wooden sheds, so if you want natural light coming into the shed then be sure to check the shed has windows! You may not need this however, espiecally if you’re only storing stuff and not using it for any gardening tasks.

Plus, windows present a certain security risk, being easier to break into than doors, so bear this in mind. Also, you may want to avoid using glass panes that are easily broken, with plastic window panes being quite durable and long-lasting.

For doors, you can have either a single, double, or sliding door. The first two are common in every type of shed while sliding doors are only available on plastic and metal sheds. Double doors offer more access room than single doors, while sliding doors are a great space saver too, 


Q. Do you need a base for a shed?

Yes, any shed needs a suitable base to ensure it remains stable on the ground and doesn’t move or collapse. A base also helps elevate the shed from the ground, significantly slowing the rotting rate of the shed floor.

Q. What should I put under my plastic shed?

Plastic sheds have the benefit of being less likely to rot from the ground as they’re made from plastic and have a built-in floor. A base is still a good idea for stability however, so timber stakes are a good option as they’re cheap and easy to install.

Q. How do you secure a shed to the ground?

It varies depending on the base. For instance, with poured concrete you can place timber into the wet concrete and let it dry, after which you secure the shed to the now secure timber. Drilling and hammering are also suitable methods for securing onto the base.

Q. Do I need permit for plastic shed?

Providing the plastic shed is not being used domestically and isn’t higher than 4m you won’t need a permit. Most plastic sheds aren’t big enough to warrant planning permission

Q. Should I treat the inside of my shed?

While not necessary it is a good idea to treat with either paint or varnish, as this helps protect against damp and rot. You may want to caulk any holes too.

Q. Do I need to paint a pressure treated shed?

You won’t need to pain pressure treated shed for protective coating as it’s been treated to last much longer anyway. The only reason would be for aesthetics, although it may need painted after several decades once the treatment has worn off.

Q. How do I stop condensation in my shed?

A common issue in metal sheds, condensation sees moisture trapped inside and can cause damage and mould to develop over time. Look to see if there are any unsecure sections across the panels and consider adding a vent to improve airflow. 

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