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Greenworks Cordless Mower Review

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Cordless lawn mowers have come a long way in recent years. Improvements in lithium-ion battery technology means that they have impressive runtimes and are more affordable than ever before, with more gardeners choosing cordless models when buying.

One of the more popular models on the market is the Greenworks 40V cordless lawn mower, which is competing with top models from Bosch and Flymo and holding its own against the two manufacturers in the country.

Boasting an impressive electric motor powered by one of the best lithium-ion batteries around, this 40V cordless machine from Greenworks has a lot to like and very few drawbacks, making it a fantastic investment for anyone looking for a quality cordless model.

Let’s take a closer look at the Greenworks 40V to see if it’s worth buying! 


  • 1 x 40V Lithium-ion Battery
  • 5 Cutting Heights (20-80mm)
  • 35cm Cutting Width
  • 40L Grass Collector
  • Mulching Function
  • Weighs 13.7kg

Battery and Power System

Uses an electric motor that is powered by a G-Max 40V 2Ah lithium-ion battery.

One battery is included but there are options to buy a second battery, which doubles the runtime to allow for longer mowing – this is recommended if you have an especially large garden!

That said, considering that a single 40V battery offers enough charge to mow roughly 250smq, most people will only need the one. This works out at about 30 minutes of runtime, which is usually enough for most average lawns, although it may take slightly longer if the grass is long, wet, or filled with weeds and thicker growth.

It can be handy to have a spare battery in cases where you forgot to charge it, and if you have other Greenworks cordless garden tools, like their leaf blower, strimmer, or hedge trimmer, then you can use the same 40V battery for each tool.

The battery only takes 30 minutes to fully charge, which is one of the quickest on the market compared to other cordless mowers, with many taking between 60-90 minutes to charge. This is very convenient because you can quickly charge the battery and be mowing the lawn in no time rather than waiting around for ages for it to charge.

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Cutting Width

Equipped with a 35cm steel blade, the mower can cut the same width on each pass, which is suitable for medium and some larger sized lawns. It’s perfect for smaller lawns too, especially those that have tight corners and awkward angles to navigate round, as the cutting deck isn’t too wide that it becomes hard to manoeuvre.

The blade sits quite close to the edge of the cutting deck so you can also get quite close to the edge of your lawn with each pass. Being made from steel means the blade is very strong and durable, so won’t need much maintenance except from the occasional sharpening – that won’t be needed for several years though.

Moreover, the blade is made from good quality steel that produces a clean and precise cut rather than shredding the grass. This encourages healthy growth while reducing the chances of you accidentally scalping the lawn

The blade also works as a mulching function – but more on that soon!

Cutting Height

It’s always good to have a wide range of cutting heights and the Greenworks 40V cordless mower delivers on this, offering an impressive five different cutting heights.

To adjust the height simply pull the level located on top left side of the cutting deck. The five cutting heights range from 20mm to 80mm, giving plenty of options to suit the condition of your lawn.

Remember, avoid using the lowest setting if the lawn has lots of length, as you should never remove more than a third of the grass length when mowing. The lower settings are ideal for regular mowing sessions throughout spring and summer though, making it easy to achieve a well-manicured lawn.

On the other hand, if you aren’t too fussed about mowing constantly throughout the year, you can just go for the higher settings, so it’s certainly a versatile machine that caters to both casual and enthusiastic gardeners. 


It is always important that your mower is comfortable to use. Anything too heavy and cumbersome can become more hassle than its worth, so if you are in the market for a lightweight mower be sure to check this one out.

Weighing just 13.7kg, it’s not that heavy and should be easy to use for 30-60 minutes without getting too tired or feeling fatigue in your hands, with the handles featuring a soft grip to reduce the impact of vibrations.

The handle is adjustable to various heights, so you can find a comfortable position without straining your back when using it. The handle also folds down on itself and you can move it with a central carry handle for quick and easy storage. This is a big plus for people that are short on storage space! 

Additional Features

There are welcome features included with the Greenworks 40V mower – a mulching function and a spacious 40L grass collector.

The collector offers enough capacity to comfortably house all the clippings, even on larger lawns, saving the hassle of needing to rake up after mowing.

If you want to fertilise your lawn – or other parts of the garden – then you’ll appreciate the mulching feature included with this model. The blade cuts the clippings into an even finer density and distributes it across the lawn, offering plenty of nutrients without the risk of lawn thatch developing.



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