Bosch Rotak 34R Review

Bosch Rotak 34R Review

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German company Bosch are known as one of the two major lawn mower manufacturers alongside Flymo. They sell some of most popular electric rotary lawn mowers around, with their Rotak range offering a great balance of affordability and reliable performance.

The Bosch Rotak 34R is no exception to this, offering a powerful electric lawn mower that is suitable for lawns up to 300sqm. Perfect for gardens of varying sizes, this is a budget-friendly lawn mower that doesn’t sacrifice performance for a lower price.

Bosch 34R Features

  • 1300W Electric PowerDrive Motor
  • 34cm Cutting Width
  • Five Cutting Heights (20-70mm)
  • 40L Grass Collector
  • Grass Comb for Edging
  • Weighs 11.1kg

Electric Motor

Bosch Rotak 34R Powerdrive Motor

One of the best electric lawn mowers, the Rotak 34R features an impressive 1300W PowerDrive motor that can handle even the poorest kept lawns. As a corded electric mower, you need to plug it into mains power, with the 10m cable offering plenty of reach for getting around the garden – you can use an extension cable if this is still too short!

This motor packs plenty of punch and is suitable for lawns that are left overgrown and filled with leaves, while it can even handle wet grass, making it one of the more robust electric mowers on the market.

Because it can mow tougher lawns with relative ease, the Rotak 34R is a good choice of mower for a hands-off gardener. Many people don’t have the time or desire to mow their lawn several times a week – lots even struggle to do it weekly!

So, if this is your situation then fear not, as the Rotak 34R’s powerful electric motor is equipped to deal with dense lawns that need some tough love.

Bosch Rotak 34R Ergoflex Handles

Cutting Width

The Rotak 34R has a 34cm hardened steel blade that produces a clean, precise cut on every pass. Like with any mower with a steel blade, the occasional bit of maintenance is needed for this blade, although it will most be sharpening after it dulls but this takes several years to happen.

A 34cm cutting width is a good size for any small garden, while also being suitable for mid-sized gardens. You can certainly use it on larger lawns too – it’s recommended for anything up to 300smq – but this will take a lot longer to mow compared to a model with a wider cutting deck.

The reason its so suited to small and medium sized lawns is the fact that the narrower cutting width is easier to use in tight spaces. If you have an irregular shaped lawn, lots of corners, or need to frequently twist and turn when mowing the lawn then this smaller cutting deck really shines.

Bosch Rotak 34R Cutting Height

The best lawn mowers give a good range of cutting heights and the Rotak 34R delivers on this front. Providing an impressive five cutting heights ranging from 20-70mm, you have plenty of cutting heights to suit the different seasons of the year.

Remember, you should never remove too much length at any one time! Use the higher range of height settings for when grass is longer and the shorter settings when the length isn’t too long and you’ll have the perfect finish each time.

Having a good selection of cutting heights make lawn maintenance much easier throughout the year! Remove as much or as little as you need, quickly changing between heights depending on the length of the grass.

You can quickly swap between the settings using the lever on the top of the cutting deck, which is notable improvement over other models such as the Rotak 32R, which needs to be turned over to access the height adjuster. 

Also, five cutting heights is on the higher side for electric mowers. Many only offer three settings, so having more range is certainly a bonus!


The Rotak 34R doesn’t feature any sort of cushioning on the handles but it is still comfortable to operate. Low vibrations are produced so holding onto the handle for too long doesn’t cause fatigue or aches to set in, while you can adjust the handle position to ensure its suitable for your height.

There is also an integrated carry handle on top of the removable grass box. When attached to the lawn mower you can use this handle to easily transport it around the garden, which shouldn’t be too difficult as the Rotak 34R only weighs 11.1kg!

Also, because the handle is foldable you can save space for storage – great for anyone tight on space in their shed or garage!

Bosch Rotak 34R Electric Mower

Grass Box and Grass Comb

Equipped with a massive 40L grass box, you won’t need to worry about stopping and emptying any grass clippings with the Rotak 34R. This is a huge capacity, especially when using on small and medium sized lawns, so you’ll find the grass box should have plenty of space to fill up all the lawn clippings.

Another cool feature included in the Rotak 34R is the grass combs. Found at the side of the cutting deck, this feature lets you cut around flat edges, such as flower beds or fences, with greater ease and precision.

Basically, they gather up the longer grass around edges that are often missed by the mower blade, feeding them into the deck for a close-cut around borders and edges. It makes edging incredibly convenient and you won’t need to go back round any lawn edges with shears or a strimmer.

While there are no extra features like mulching or rear rollers, the grass comb is a welcome addition and one that makes lawn maintenance that bit easier.


  • Powerful for its size – the 1300W motor can handle tougher grass that smaller mowers often struggle with
  • Very versatile as it can be used on lawns up to 300sqm
  • Works great on small and medium lawns, especially around tighter areas
  • Five cutting heights offers allows for easy seasonal mowing
  • Large grass box
  • Grass combs for better edging


  • Can take a little longer to mow in very large gardens – try to avoid using it in anything bigger than 300sqm
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Bosch Home and Garden Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower (1300 W, Cutting width: 34 cm, 20-70 mm...
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