Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews UK

Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews UK

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Electric mains powered lawn mowers are one of the most popular types sold in the UK. When most people think of a lawnmower, they think of a corded machine that plugs into a mains power.

There are several types with a variety of features available, making them some of the most versatile gardening tools for maintaining the perfect lawn. These types of machines are also very affordable, with countless budget-friendly models available.

The best electric lawnmowers are suitable for most gardens, although they tend to perform better in small and medium-sized gardens, mainly because the cord can somewhat restrict movement in larger spaces.

That said, an extension cord is an easy solution to this problem, so are suitable for any type of garden.

Another great feature is their ease of use. They don’t weigh as much as petrol models, while their lightweight design makes them easy to operate. Some are on the heavier side though, mainly those that have much bigger engines for cutting large or overgrown areas. In my experience electric models are great for people who do not particularly like spending time on their lawn or maintaining their mower. 

Most top electric lawn mowers have adjustable cutting heights so you can cut long or short grass as needed, while things like grass collectors, rear rollers, and mulching options make them very versatile.

Of course, the biggest reason to buy a mains powered machine is their price. These are easily the most affordable type available, making them great for budget-conscious gardeners. I have tested and used over 20 models and some are better than others which I cover below in my reviews.

Even when paying a higher price for a corded machine you can expect a lot of cutting power and plenty of extra features, so they always offer exceptional value for money. I compare and review some of the best machines below and highlight what to look out for when you are purchasing.

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Best Electric Lawn Mowers for Small Gardens

Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower Review

bosch rotak 34r in action
Bosch Rotak 34 R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

Bosch are one of the top selling lawn mower manufacturers in the UK and for good reason – they offer powerful but affordable corded mowers that are suitable for most average gardens.

The Rotak 34 R is an impressive model that is a fine choice for small and medium gardens with lawns ranging from 100-250sqm.

The 34cm cutting width does make it better suited for smaller lawns, although it’s certainly got the power to mow medium sized lawns without much fuss, just expect it to take a little while longer to complete. I tested it out on a larger lawn with an extension lead and it handled it no problem. The only issue was that I had to empty the grass box more frequently than I would normally have to compared to my larger petrol machine. 

That said, you won’t need to worry about using the mower for longer periods as it is incredibly lightweight, weighing just over 11kg! This means you can push and pull with the upmost ease, even on less even terrain. I had no issues using it on slopes as it felt quite light.

Despite being on the smaller side the Rotak 34 R has plenty of cutting power. Boasting an impressive 1300W Powerdrive electric motor, this lawn mower can handle longer or wetter grass that many electric rotary lawn mowers often struggle with. I would obviously not recommend using an electric mower on wet grass but when I used it early morning with some dew it performed without any issues to speak of.

Also, there are inset front wheels and grass combs around the base of the lawn mower that make cutting around lawn edges much easier, so whether you like to regularly maintain your lawn or take a more casual approach to lawn maintenance, the Rotak 34 R is a great option and along with the Rotak 32R gets excellent reviews from it users. I would say the 34R is a very decent machine for the  money.

I love Bosch mowers, especially for small gardens as they are so easy to use. Some people I have spoken to think it looks a bit cheap due to the large amount of plastic but I personally think they look smart and offer good value for the money.



Bosch Home and Garden Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower (1300 W, Cutting width: 34 cm, 20-70 mm...
10,385 Reviews
Bosch Home and Garden Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower (1300 W, Cutting width: 34 cm, 20-70 mm...
  • A large-capacity, 40-litre grass box reduces interruptions for emptying
  • Note: Front 2 Wheels are attached to the product and the back 2 wheels can be...
  • Note Comes with double folded handle not the double handle. Wheels included in...

Bosch AdvancedRotak 750 Electric Rotary Lawnmower Review

advanced rotak in use being reviewed
Bosch AdvancedRotak 750 Electric Rotary Lawnmower, Cutting Width 45 cm

I was excited to test the 750. Another fantastic electric mains powered lawn mower from Bosch, the AdvancedRotak 750 features a range of innovative features that make it stand out from many of its competitors.

For instance, it makes use of Bosch’s patented ProSilence technology to reduce the noise generation by up to 75%! This is especially impressive when you consider the mower uses a massive 1700W engine and doesn’t lack any cutting power.

Another cool feature is the addition of LeafCollect edges on the lawn mower blade. This helps to gather up fallen leaves on your lawn as you mow, meaning you’ll be spending less time raking during the autumn. In my experience leafcollect is a great feature and it was a nice touch from bosch.

There is also a grass comb attachment around the base of the AdvancedRotak 750, which helps to produce a precise, even cut around the edges of your lawn.

Everything is collected into a massive 50L grass collector box that includes a filling gauge to let you know when its time to empty. As the AdvancedRotak 750 is designed for larger lawns its helpful that the grass collector is so big because you’ll be spending less time emptying and more time mowing.

As mentioned, the AdvancedRotak 750 is an excellent electric mower suitable for medium and large gardens, especially the latter. With a 43cm cutting width and robust 1700W motor, this is a model than can handle lawns that are up to 750smq – that’s a seriously big lawn!  If you have a small lawn then the 750 is probably a bit of overkill and I would say you be better looking at some of the other options on my list.



Bosch Home and Garden 06008B9370 AdvancedRotak 750 Electric Rotary Lawnmower, Cutting Width 45 cm,...
445 Reviews
Bosch Home and Garden 06008B9370 AdvancedRotak 750 Electric Rotary Lawnmower, Cutting Width 45 cm,...
  • ProSilence: Never be caught out by loud lawnmowers again.
  • The integrated system makes changing the cutting height of your mower easier...
  • ErgoSlide: Mow with less effort but maximum control.

Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower Review

flymo speedi-mo being reviewed
Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 1500 W, Cutting Width 36 cm

Although pioneers of the hover lawn mower, Flymo also produce an excellent range of corded lawn mowers, with the Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C being a great example of their stellar range of electric mains powered lawns mowers. I really like Flymo mowers as they are usually no frills machines which perform really well.

As the name suggests, the Speedi-Mo 360C is designed to make garden maintenance easier. Sporting a compact and lightweight design combined with plenty of cutting power, the lawn mower is suitable for medium and large sized lawns.

The 36cm cutting width is perfect for medium size lawns but might struggle with some larger sized lawns. It’s not that the Speedi-Mo 360C lacks cutting power – it has a robust 1500W electric motor – but rather a narrower cutting width that requires more passes on larger lawns.

Still, the fact that the lawn mower is so compact and lightweight means that it is very easy to manoeuvre and you shouldn’t struggle to operate it for longer periods.  Plus, a large 40L grass collector means you won’t need to stop and empty the clippings that often (if at all).

There is a nice range of cutting heights (20-80mm) which can be easily switched using the central height adjustment lever, so you can cut grass of varying lengths depending on your lawn condition.

It also comes with a 12m cable that connects to the mains power, which means you don’t need to worry about being restricted when operating the lawn mower. I personally do not like a longer cable on mowers. My preference is to have a shorter cable which is easy to fold and to use an extension cable.



Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 1500 W, Cutting Width 36 cm, Orange/black
7,800 Reviews
Flymo Speedi-Mo 360C Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 1500 W, Cutting Width 36 cm, Orange/black
  • The ideal lawnmower for first time home buyers as it cuts medium to large sized...
  • Designed to be simple and easy to use with useful carry handle and an easy to...
  • Choose your ideal cutting height with a choice of five settings between 20 to 60...

Flymo Easimo Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower Review UK

Flymo Easimo Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 900 W, Cutting Width 32 cm

Anyone with a smaller garden that is looking for a reliable mains powered electric mower should check out the impressive Easimo from Flymo. Designed for use in small gardens – and some medium sized lawns – it is lightweight and compact for easy handling, especially in irregular shaped lawns.

At 900W the electric motor is best utilised in smaller lawns that are regularly mowed for a nice finish. There are three cutting heights, including 20mm, 40mm, and 60mm, so getting an attractive close-cut finish is easy to achieve with the Easimo.

Despite its smaller size, the Easimo can gather a lot grass clippings, with the 29L collector compacting all loose clippings, meaning you probably won’t need to stop and empty it unless mowing a bigger lawn.

Because it is so small and lightweight, it easily glides across the lawn, even if you tend to struggle moving heavier objects. At 8kg this is one of the lightest electric models on the market – avoid using in long or wet grass and it should be simple to operate!

Even if it is on the smaller side the Flymo Easimo is still suitable for medium sized lawns, typically a maximum size of 150sqm – anything bigger and you’ll need to make several passes on the lawn due to the narrower cutting deck.

I would not recommend this model if you need some cutting power to deal with slopes even if it was in a garden on the smaller side.  Saying that I think of it as a cheap mower that is small, easy to use and does the job for small lawns.



Flymo Easimo Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 900 W, Cutting Width 32 cm, Orange
5,059 Reviews
Flymo Easimo Electric Wheeled Lawn Mower, 900 W, Cutting Width 32 cm, Orange
  • Ergonomically designed for simple and easy use in your garden
  • Collects and compacts more grass for less emptying of the 29 L grassbox
  • Lightweight at only 8.3 kg, allowing easy transportation and storage

Black + Decker Electric Lawn Mower Review

Black + Decker BEMW451BHGB Lawn Mower with Bike Handle, 1200 W, Orange, 32 cm
Black + Decker BEMW451BHGB Lawn Mower with Bike Handle, 1200 W, Orange, 32 cm
Black + Decker BEMW451BHGB Lawn Mower with Bike Handle, 1200 W, Orange, 32 cm

To the suprise of many, power tool manufacturer BLACK + DECKER also produces a line of electric mains powered lawn mowers. These models are just like their power tools – big on performance and low on cost! I have been very impressed with both their performance and looks.

The BEMW451BH is a 1200W electric corded mower with a 32cm cutting deck, making it a suitable choice for small and medium size lawns. Expect more time mowing on some medium size lawns due to the narrower cutting width, although this is a very comfortable machine to operate.

This is mainly due to two things – the ergonomic handle and lightweight design.

As you can see, the Black + Decker has unique handle designs for a mower. These are designed after bike handles, giving more grip and padding to ensure easy operation, even when mowing for longer periods.

When using these comfort handles it moves freely and smoothly, making it easy to maintain lawns with slopes or irregular shapes. It doesn’t hurt that it also weighs under 10kg so never feels too heavy when pushing or pulling.

It can even tackle longer grass with impressive efficiency thanks to the 1200W motor that offers ample cutting power, while there are six cutting heights ranging from 20 – 60mm, so getting the desired finish is easy enough.

I love the handles on this machine as it just makes it feel like it helps it glide along the lawn. I have been impressed with several of the black + Decker mowers and this is no exception.  



BLACK + DECKER BEMW451BH-GB Lawn Mower with Bike Handle, 1200 W, 240 V, Black, 32 cm
388 Reviews
BLACK + DECKER BEMW451BH-GB Lawn Mower with Bike Handle, 1200 W, 240 V, Black, 32 cm
  • Bike handle design for improved ergonomics
  • Ideal for small to medium sized gardens up to 300 m2
  • 80% Improved cutting & collection

Why trust us?

There are hundreds if not thousands of different sites out there that lay claim to having personally tested every product reviewed. We find that hard to believe giving the nature of how long it would take to put each product through a rigorous testing process. While we have hands on tested many of the products, we have not done so with all of them and like to be upfront and honest on this. We do however have extensive experience on knowing how to assess and judge products based on the information available. We spend many hours researching each product, comparing technical information, evaluating buyer’s experiences, and sending queries to retailers and manufacturers to answer questions we have.

Our Research & Analysis Process

As part of my testing and analysis we checked and graded various functions of each electric mower to enable us to grade and review each product fairly. The main factors were: Engine

  • Grassbox capacity
  • Reliability
  • Cutting width
  • Cutting height
  • Weight

Read my buying guide below to find out why these are important comparisons to consider before purchasing.

Buying Guide

If you are thinking about buying a corded electric lawn mower in the UK then you certainly won’t lack any options – there are countless models available for sale, may of which I have review above. This can make finding the best electric mains powered lawn mower for your garden quite difficult as there are so many options to choose from.

Check my buying guide below for all the info you need to find the best electric  lawn mower for your garden.

Lawn Mower Type

There are three main types of electric lawn mowers, cylinder, rotary, and hover. Each one has their advantages and can be a good pick for your garden, although it helps to know what to expect from each type to ensure you choose something suitable for your needs.


Cylinder lawn mowers feature multiple blades attached to a cylindrical component at the front of the lawn mower that rotate against a fixed blade near the bottom. This type of lawn mower is often manually operated and are commonly known as push lawn mowers, although there are several mains powered models available, often for a very low price.

The main benefit of this type of lawn mower is that it is suitable for getting a precise, close-cut finish on the lawn.

If you want an ornamental style lawn then this is the best type of electric lawn mower to buy, as no other type offer the short cutting precision as cylinder mowers, although you do need to mow regularly to maintain the lawn.


Rotary lawn mowers are the most widely sold type of the best corded electric lawn mower. They feature a fixed horizontal blade on the underside of the mower that rotates at high speeds to cut the grass.

In most models, the blade height can be quickly adjusted to remove as much or as little grass length as needed. This means they are good for maintaining lawns with both short and long grass, although they do lack the same precision as cylinder mowers.

Available with various cutting widths, rotary lawn mowers are very versatile, with models suitable for lawns of every shape and size. They are perfect for most households, being a flexible mower that can handle lawns of varying conditions, whether you’re mowing frequently or infrequently. Many of the traditional best petrol lawn mowers used in UK households are rotary.


Hover lawn mowers are essentially rotary lawn mowers but without any wheels. Instead, they feature a fan that produces a cushion of air when powered that makes the mower hover just above the lawn.

The biggest advantage hover lawn mowers offer over rotary lawn mowers is their weight. These are often much lighter and more compact, making them very easy to operate, especially in lawns with irregular shapes or uneven terrain.

Cutting Width

The cutting width of the machine is important as it will influence how long it takes to mow the lawn. For example, a cutting width between 30-35cm is a good option for small lawns of around 100sqm. Using this cutting width on a bigger lawn would mean mowing for a lot longer, so more cutting width would be recommended.

Here’s a quick breakdown of cutting width recommendations based on your lawn size:

  • Small Lawns (100sqm) – 30-35cm
  • Medium Lawns (100-250) 35-40cm
  • Large Lawns (250+sqm) 40cm+

The idea is that the more cutting width you have the fewer passes you need to make across the lawn, helping to reduce the time and effort needed to mow. So, while you can use a smaller cutting width on a larger lawn it only means more work for you.

Try to get a rough idea of your lawn size to ensure you choose a suitable cutting width!

Cutting Height  

The cutting height of the mower influences how much length you can remove, so it’s always good to have a few cutting heights to suit different lawn conditions. For instance, lower cutting heights are suitable for maintaining shorter grass while higher heights are better for cutting longer grass which are usually the first few cuts of the year.

Remember, you should never remove more than one third of grass length at any time, which is why having adjustable cutting heights is so useful. Simply adjust the height depending on how long your grass is or the type of finish you want! Also ensure your lawn is in good condition before mowing. Remove any loose debris and leaves and if required go over it with a lawn raker / scarifier to get it in the desired pre cut condition.

Additional Features

Some additional features aren’t included with every lawn mower but you might find them quite useful. For instance, some have multiple cutting options that allow you to mulch and side discharge along with standard grass collection.

Other features, such as grass collector bags, are standard features but they may not be the right size. The bigger the collector the less time you spend emptying it out, so if you have a large lawn be sure to think about the grass collector size.

Some additional features may be quite useful for your garden maintenance, so be on the look out for features such as adjustable cutting speeds, rear rollers (for a striped lawn effect), foldable handles, ergonomic design etc. Check out our guide on choosing the best cordless lawn mower also.


Can you use an electric lawn mower on wet grass?

I would not recommend using any type of mower on wet grass, particular an electric mower. While many people use petrol mowers it does not produce good results and is best avoided. Remember you would not use other electric devices with water and the same applies to a mower.

Can I store my electric mower outside?

If it is inside a garage or shed then yes you can and the place most people who keep them. However just like any other electrical device do not keep it out in the elements or it is unlikely to continue to function properly.

How long will an electric lawn mower last for?

The short answer is that it will last for years if looked after properly. There is no real maintenance involved so as long as it used and stored correctly it will last a long time. I had an electric Flymo last me for 12 years before it finally gave up.

Do electric mowers need oil?

No you do not need to put oil in an electric mower. The only lubrication that would be possibly needed was if a moving part like a folding handle or the cutting blade needed lubricated over time.

Can you use a hose to clean an electric mower?

No, do not wash your electric mower with a hose. I would not recommend you wash any type of mower with a hose but especially not an electric model.

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