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Best Bird Box Cameras For Nest Watching Up Close

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Green Feathers Wildlife Wi-Fi Bird Box Full HD 1080p Camera with IR (Night Vision), MicroSD Recording, View Directly On Smartphone, PC or Tablet
  • Full HD 1080p camera
  • Infrared camera for night vision
  • Wireless connection
  • microSD slot for a memory card

If you already own a bird box and want to pair with an excellent camera, be sure to check out this product from Green Feathers Wildlife. You can also buy it as part of a kit, although you may find a cheaper bird box when buying separately.

Recording in Full HD 1080p, the camera offers unrivalled quality, capturing amazing detail in all light conditions. For those darker conditions, it has infrared cameras that kick in to provide clear footage even when it is dark.

It is a wireless camera, so simply plug in the receiver in your house, which has a 30m range, and then let it connect to the camera. You do need a power source for the camera though, so some wired installation is needed, although it’s a single cable with plenty of reach so should be easy to do.

Once it is up and running you watch live or recorded footage from numerous devices including your television or smartphone. It comes with a free app for iOS and Android devices, and all you need to connect is a solid Wi-Fi connection in your home. coming from a great brand, this is one of the best bird box cameras available for sale in the UK.

Green Feathers Wildlife Wi-Fi Bird Box Full HD 1080p Camera (2nd Gen) with IR (Night Vision),...
171 Reviews
Green Feathers Wildlife Wi-Fi Bird Box Full HD 1080p Camera (2nd Gen) with IR (Night Vision),…
  • WiFi Bird Box Camera by Green Feathers (2nd Generation). View amazing quality…
  • Compact camera designed to fit inside a standard bird nest box (camera only -…
  • Connects to home WiFi network for easy viewing on mobile or tablet, just plug…

Green Feathers Wildlife Wired Bird Box Camera with Night Vision

Green Feathers Wildlife 700TVL Wired Bird Box Camera with Night Vision 940nm Invisible Infrared, Designed for Nest Boxes, Bird Houses and Garden (Camera Only)
  • Compact size at 3cm x 2.5 cm x 2cm
  • Infrared camera for night vision
  • Wired connection

If you are in the market for a budget-friendly camera to add inside your bird box, be sure to check this product from Green Feathers Wildlife. While it only includes a basic camera, it does have some decent specs that make it well worth your money, although you don’t need to spend much as this is one for the best priced cameras on the market.

Despite its low cost, the camera is surprisingly good quality, displaying detailed footage during the day and even capable of night vision. This is thanks to several infrared cameras that help improve footage in low light settings.

It is a wired camera, so a bit of installation is needed to get it up and working. There is an option to buy with a cable or you can use one you already own, with an individual camera with no wires costing even less.

This is a no-thrills camera, so it won’t connect wirelessly or to your smartphone, while there is a microSD slot to save footage. Instead you get a solid live connection to your television or DVD recorder using an RCA cable.

Green Feathers Wildlife 700TVL Wired Outdoor Bird Box Camera with Night Vision 940nm Invisible...
191 Reviews
Green Feathers Wildlife 700TVL Wired Outdoor Bird Box Camera with Night Vision 940nm Invisible…
  • Tiny Camera for Bird Boxes, it is designed to sit inside a bird nesting box,…
  • 6 Invisible Infra-red (IR) LEDS for discreet night vision with now tell-tale red…
  • Short range night vision to reduce nest box glare, perfectly designed for use in…

Wildlife World Colour Camera Multispecies Nestbox

Wildlife World Colour Camera Multispecies Nestbox
  • Includes camera and bird box
  • Suitable for multiple bird species at once
  • High quality timber construction
  • Wired connection

This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to start watching birds from the comfort of their nesting box. Including both a camera and nest, this is a good choice for anyone lacking any of the components needed to watch birds nesting.

The camera is good quality, providing clear and vibrant footage that can be viewed on your television or DVD recorder via an RC cable. There are also two lens options, a standard lens for normal viewing and a wide eye lens to cover more of the inside.

It also comes with audio capability, so you can listen to the birds too, while there adjustable LED lights so you can find the right light setting.

A cool feature about the box is that it has multiple compartments, so different bird species can nest at the same time, remaining separated by each chamber. The camera nestles comfortably inside regardless, so expect a good view whether it’s a single nest or multiple.

Made from high quality timber, the box is 20mm thick so offers great insulation while being durable enough to last many years.

Wildlife World Colour Camera Multispecies Nest Box
33 Reviews
Wildlife World Colour Camera Multispecies Nest Box
  • True multi-species nestbox and with 3 option front panel
  • 2 in 1 nestbox or included feeder option gives year-round viewing
  • Plug-and-Play to your TV or suitable video/dvd recorder

Wildlife World Camera Ready Nest Box

Wildlife World Camera Ready Nest Box
  • Bird box only
  • Hinged lid for easy access
  • Opaque window for natural light
  • Camera clip on roof (no camera included)

If you are putting together your own box and camera, this is a solid choice for the nest box. Made from robust timber that offers plenty of insulation and durability, this attractive bird box is easy to set up with a camera thanks to its intuitive design.

A hinged lid provides easy access from the roof of the box, where you will find a pre-fitted camera clip ready for your hardware. It is suitable for all kinds of bird nesting cameras, with a pre-cut hole for running the power cables.

The lid also allows for easier maintenance, letting you remove any contents should the box need to be cleaned and emptied. There is also a protective rim around the hole opening, which helps keep out unwanted predators, although you can remove this if it is not needed.

Another useful design feature is the inclusion of an opaque window. This allows more daylight inside of the box without distributing the birds, allowing the camera to capture more detailed footage during the day. 

Wildlife World Camera Ready Nest Box CRNB
348 Reviews
Wildlife World Camera Ready Nest Box CRNB
  • The camera-ready nest box is an environmentally-friendly starter camera nest box…
  • Specially designed to be easy to use and functional whilst being attractive to…
  • As with all our wooden products, it is manufactured from FSC slow-seasoned…

Bird Box Camera & Feeder Kit

Wildlife World Camera Ready Nest Box
  • High resolution camera
  • Bird box made from western red cedar
  • Infrared for night vision
  • Wired connection

Another great all in one solution, this kit includes everything you need to start viewing birds in a nesting box. The box itself is made from quality western red cedar, one of the best materials for a bird box, being strong and durable yet low maintenance, requiring no treatment of any kind.

You can adjust the box in a few ways, with a removable section at the front if you want to make it an open feeder. If you keep this section on it functions as a normal bird box, with an entrance hole that comes with two optional protectors to keep predators out.

The camera nestles comfortably in the roof section, taking no space while getting a great view of the action below, with the high resolution camera being one of the better on the market. It has infrared cameras too, so you can view footage in night vision and low light settings. It also comes with an integrated microphone should you want to listen to the birds too.

It is a wired camera though, so you need to connect it to a power source and an output device, such as a television or DVD recorder.

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Guide To Choosing The Best Bird Box Cameras

If you have birds regularly nesting in your garden then a bird box camera is a fantastic investment that provides real time footage of the birds.

While they are mostly affordable and easy to install, it does help to know a few things before you buy anything to make sure that you get the right camera and bird box combo for your garden. Check out the below guide for all the info you need to know!

Buying Individually vs Buying a Kit

If you already own a bird box then you may not need to buy anything else except for a suitable camera. These are compact and designed to fit inconspicuously in a standard size bird box, with various types available to suit most budgets and preferences.

Using a current box may be a good idea if birds are already nesting there, as they are unlikely to move anywhere until the next season. If you have a box though you may need to make some adjustments like drilling a hole for a wire.

Buying a kit is a good choice for beginners. It includes a bird box, camera, and all necessary wires and components in a single kit. This is convenient and offers good value for money, making it a solid option for most buyers.

Finally, you can opt to buy the camera and box separately. This gives more control over the type of camera and the shape/size of the box, so can choose a model that is best designed for a camera, although it is not always the most cost-effective option and may require some installation.

Wireless or Wired Bird Box?

The camera transmits footage inside of the bird box either by cable or wirelessly, with each method offering its advantages.

Wired connections are more stable, providing a solid connection between the camera and a device, usually a television. You do need to run the wire from the nest to your home, so placement is important and you may need to do some drilling.

Wireless connections use Wi-Fi signals to connect the transmitter (camera) to a receiver inside your home. They are more convenient as they don’t require any cables to be installed, although the wireless connection is sometimes unstable. Perhaps the biggest benefit of wireless connections is being able to view footage from a smartphone or tablet, which is not always possible with wired kits. 

Camera Specifications

The camera specs determine how good the footage is, so it helps to check them over to make sure they are suitable.

You want a camera with infrared sensors to watch in low light settings, with most cameras designed to accommodate this, although cheaper models often have poor image quality in dark conditions. Some come with LED lights to help illuminate the footage when its dark.

You probably want a HD camera too, so check to ensure that it has a 1080p resolution so you can enjoy detailed footage on your TV or phone. As mentioned above, you also want to choose between a wired or wireless camera.

Finally, consider whether you want audio footage. Many cameras come with an integrated mic so you can also hear the birds, although this may not be necessary if you are only interested in watching the birds.

Bird Box Specifications

Most cameras are designed to fit inside an average bird box, so you should be okay with anything that is not too small for the camera. Boxes built specifically for a camera, such as those included with kits, are a great choice as they have a dedicated space for the camera and often have features that improve its performance, such as small windows for improved lighting.

Other things to consider include the type of roof, with a sloped or pitched roof most suitable for small birds nesting there. Look for a good quality wood too, such as cedar, which is durable and doesn’t require any treating.

Check the suitability for the camera if buying separately, as you need to consider where the camera is going, if holes are needed for cables, and whether these is enough space for the bird and their eggs. 

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