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Foxes are unquestionably beautiful and intelligent animals but they are also a major pest for many UK gardens. They are quite destructive, constantly digging and chewing, so they often destroy flower beds, lawns, ornaments, and other features in the garden.

In fact, they tend to destroy anything they get a hold of, so having them run free around your garden usually leads to some major problems. They are also highly territorial, so once a fox sets up home they start fouling too, leaving unpleasant smells and droppings behind for you to deal with.  

Even if you do manage to scare off a fox from living around your garden, there is a high chance that another one moves into the territory. So, once a fox is in your garden it is going to be a big challenge getting rid of it and deterring others from moving in.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep foxes out of your garden for good. There are a few options available, any of which could work, so it helps to know what solutions you can try to take back your garden. 

6 Fox Repellents That Actually Work Effectively

ARESAT Solar Ultrasonic - Best Fox Deterrent

ARESAT Cat Repellent, Solar Waterproof Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent, Motion Sensor Farm for Garden and Flashing Lights, Foxes, Birds, Skunks


  • Ultrasonic deterrent
  • Light deterrent
  • Solar powered
  • Weatherproof

This deterrent combines both light and ultrasonic sounds to keep foxes out of your garden. While a light or noise may scare unwanted pests away, combining both significantly increases the effectiveness of the deterrent, making this one of the best options for scaring away foxes.

The device is simple to install, just combine the head, pole, and ground spike together. Place the spike into the earth somewhere near where the fox enters the garden or where they foul/mark their territory.

Whenever the fox walks by the built-in passive infrared motion (PIR) sensor, the device lets out an ultrasonic sound wave and bright flash from the light. The sound it emits cannot be heard by humans, so you won’t hear any irritating sounds when it gets activated.

The sensor detects at a wide 100° angle, giving it an expansive range that can detect foxes from most parts of the garden. Those with extra-large areas may require a second device to cover everywhere. 

It also solar powered, so you don’t need to worry about batteries – just make sure it is in bright condition not too close to the ground. As the device is also weatherproof you can leave it outside indefinitely. 

Scoot Fox Repellent Sachets Review

Scoot 50g Fox Repellent Sachets (Pack of 2)
  • Scent repellent
  • Treats up to 34sqm
  • Suitable for use on soil, plants, and hard surfaces

This scent repellent is a great option when you are dealing with a lot of fouling and dropping in your garden. The product works by creating an unpleasant smell that marks the original scent of the fox, deterring it from keeping the territory.

Many people find that foxes foul in their lawn, flower beds, and borders, and this scent repellent is perfect for removing the marked scents from these spots. Simply combine with water and cover the problem area, which should remove the original marking and keep the fox away.

The ingredients are completely safe for plants, so you can apply it anywhere in the garden including lawns, flower beds, vegetables, trees, and much more. It is also pet-friendly, so no need to worry if you have any cats or dogs that may inspect the smell.

You get two 50g sachets, which is enough to treat approximately 34sqm. The scent in non-lethal and chemical-free, so there is no risk of hurting a fox should it get too close to it. As mentioned, you may want to combine this with other repellents for the most effective deterrent.

Scoot Fox Repellant 2 x 50gm
1,498 Reviews
Scoot Fox Repellant 2 x 50gm
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Durable & Design

VOLADOR Ultrasonic Fox Repeller Review UK

VOLADOR Animal Repellent, IPX4 Waterproof Ultrasonic Cat Fox Repeller, Solar USB Powered Pet Dog Deterrent, Rabbit Rat Scare, Bird Repellent for Balcony Garden Yard Field Farm Warehouse[2020 New]
  • Ultrasonic repellent
  • Light repellent
  • USB and solar dual charging
  • Weatherproof
  • 9m range

This versatile deterrent combines both ultrasonic and light repellents to great effect, helping keep out those unwanted pests including foxes. Better still, there are multiple frequency settings that allow you to target specific pests whether it is foxes, cats, mice, rats, squirrels, or even birds and bats.

Using a motion sensor, the repellent detects movement from up 9m with a 110° area of coverage. This translates to roughly 85sqm, covering a good portion of most average size gardens, although larger gardens may need a second device.

There are multiple settings available, including mode 1 that sends out ultrasonic waves to scare off animals, mode 2 that uses just the LED light, and mode 3 that combine both. Mode 3 is the best setting for foxes, as it produces a loud noise and bright light, both of which can scare off foxes.

The device also combines dual power sources, with rechargeable batteries subsidised with solar panels. You do need to charge for six hours before using and if it has gone dead for a while, although you can also replace the batteries with disposable AAAs.

VOLADOR Animal Repellent, IPX4 Waterproof Ultrasonic Cat Fox Repeller, Solar USB Powered Pet Dog…
  • 🦊【Solar Powered & Waterproof】The new update waterproof fox detterent…
  • 🐱【Guard your garden whole day】 Volador cat alarm use Ultrasound to…
  • 🐻【Humanity & Eco-Friendly】Ultrasonic sound & motion sensor repelente…

Defenders Jet-Spray Garden Protector Fox Deterrent Review

Defenders Jet-Spray Pond & Garden Protector, Green
  • Water repellent
  • Light repellent
  • 10m range
  • Battery operated

Sometimes a fox just needs a blast of water to scare it off from your garden, with water repellent devices such as this one a great deterrent for all kinds of pests. Whenever an animal trips the motion sensor, the repellent sprays out a quick jet of water in a wide angle to ensure maximum coverage.

You do need two AA batteries to power the device, although they are safe to leave inside of it as the repellent is completely weatherproof.

The motion sensor is so effective you may want to avoid placing it in front of plants as they may accidentally trigger it, so make sure it is positioned accordingly. It does need a constant supply to water, so an outdoor hose pipe is necessary to use the deterrent, although be careful to disconnect when there is a chance of it freezing.

With a range of 10m and coverage area of 120°, so it covers up to 100sqm of the garden. Whenever it is triggered, the jet turns on and sprays a 120° arc of water, so there won’t be much that manages to dodge it.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor, the angle of the jet-spray, and the range of the spray, so finding the right settings for your garden setup should be easy.

The Big Cheese Jet Spray Pond and Garden Protector Motion Activated Water Jet Spray Pond and Garden...
2,030 Reviews
The Big Cheese Jet Spray Pond and Garden Protector Motion Activated Water Jet Spray Pond and Garden…
  • EFFECTIVE: PIR activated water-jet deterrent protects ponds and other vulnerable…
  • POND PROTECTION: Keep high-value carp and goldfish safe from attack by herons…
  • GARDEN PROTECTION: Keep hen runs safe from fox attack and beds, borders, and…

AWLGAK Solar Outdoor Animal Repeller

AWLGAK Cat Repellent, Solar Outdoor Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Waterproof Animal Repeller Solar Operated Fox Deterrent Cat Scarer Repellent for Gardens
  • Ultrasonic Best Fox deterrent
  • Light deterrent
  • Solar and USB charging
  • Waterproof
  • 5 settings for different animals

If you are struggling to keep out foxes, then you may need a more powerful deterrent such as this one. It combines both light and ultrasonic deterrents, with the latter being especially powerful with an acoustic coverage thanks to two integrated speakers.

The infrared sensor is also advanced, with a left and right angle coverage of 110° and an up and down coverage of 55°. Simply put, it will detect any fox that enters your garden, along with various other pests like rodents and stray cats.

You can adjust the settings of the device in various ways according to your needs. For example, one setting uses ultrasound waves on frequencies only audible to squirrels, hedgehogs, and rabbits. Higher frequency settings are suitable for larger animals including foxes, while you can also use the powerful LED light separately or combined with the soundwaves.

It comes with batteries that you can recharge using either USB or solar power, the former being especially useful during winter months when there may not be enough sunlight to adequately charge the device.

AWLGAK Cat Repellent, Solar Outdoor Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Waterproof Animal Repeller Solar...
40 Reviews
AWLGAK Cat Repellent, Solar Outdoor Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Waterproof Animal Repeller Solar…
  • ♥ 【Two-speakerUltrason Powerful 】Two-speaker design with advanced degree…
  • ♥ 【High sensitivity 】 The solar repeller has a high acoustic emission…
  • ♥ 【Easy to use and Waterproof 】 The product has been designed to make it…

How to Keep Foxes Out of Your Garden

There is no best way to keep a fox out your garden. What deters some foxes may not work for others, so it helps to know about the various options available so that you can try find one that works for you.

Homemade Fox Deterrents

There are various natural deterrents you can use to deal with unwanted foxes in the garden. These may not be as successful as the manufactured deterrents we recommended above, although they are low-cost and easy to implement so there is no harm trying them.

Basically, you want to use anything that produces an unpleasant smell to the fox. Foxes have incredible sense of smell, so they find certain aromas highly off putting, even leaving the territory to avoid it.

The most common smells that foxes hate include:

  • Chilies
  • Garlic

A good way to use these is by boiling garlic gloves and chili peppers (or flakes) together. Put the liquid into a sprayer bottle and then spray wherever you find droppings/smell urine.  

Beyond this, there general maintenance is a good method for deterring foxes. Here are some tips for maintaining your garden to keep out foxes:

  • Keep the garden clean and tidy. Make sure there is no food waste lying around.
  • Remove droppings as quickly as possible. Try rinse any area that smells of urine. These are how they mark their territory so it helps to get rid of them asap.
  • Trim lawn, shrubs, and any overgrown areas – foxes like a lot of coverage and dark spaces to hide, so make the garden as open as possible.
  • Secure your bin lids to make them more difficult to enter. Foxes mainly come to your garden to scavage for food, so cut this off as best you can.


Fox Deterrent Products

Some deterrents are more effective than others, so you may want to consider buying some products that help keep foxes out of the garden. Again, you may need to use one or several methods depending on the fox how willing they are to leave.

Wall Spikes

Wall spikes and another anti-climb products are a good option for deterring a fox, which can climb upwards of two metres, making most garden walls and fences easily to scale. Fox claws also help them get a firm grip when climbing, which is why a deterrent like wall spikes or anti-climb rollers are worth consideration.

These are installed on top of a fence or wall, making it more difficult for foxes and various other animals to climb up and over. Cheap and easy to install, these deterrents are a great option because they are so affordable, so it may be worth combining them with other deterrents for added effectiveness.

Light Repellent

One of the best repellents for unwanted foxes are lights. If you have poorly lit areas in your garden then consider installing some outdoor lighting, as this makes the area less appealing to foxes, who hate bright lights more than almost anything.

There are also light repellent devices that use motion sensors to detect animals, flashing a bright light to scare them off. This is incredibly effective against foxes, who are terrified of bright, flashing lights.

Check our reviews for more detail on some of the best light repellents for foxes.

Scent Repellents

That amazing sense of smell that foxes have can be used to your advantage, with store-bought scent repellents a good option for keeping foxes away. Much like homemade repellents with garlic and chilies, these products create unpleasant smells that deter the fox from the garden.

Their effectiveness varies from each product, so it may be a good idea to combine with other products on this list to increase chances of success.

Ultrasonic Repellents

Not only do foxes dislike bright lights, but they also hate loud noises. You can use this to your advantage by purchasing an ultrasonic repellent device, which works similarly to a light repellent by detecting the fox using a motion sensor.

When detected, the device sends out a short ultrasonic sound that only the fox can hear, scaring it off from the territory. Place these around entranceways to keep the fox from entering in the first place.

These can be incredibly effective when combined with a light repellent, with some products even being multi-functional to produce sound and light.

Water Repellent

Foxes are skittish animals, so by using devises that startle them you have a good chance of keeping your garden free from pests. One method for this is using a water repellent, which uses motion sensor to detect a fox, spraying them with a jet of water to scare them off.

Essentially, it is a small, automated sprinkler that goes off whenever an animal walks by. It can deter other pests too, so may be worth trying if you are struggling to scare them off.  

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