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Maintaining the perfect garden is much easier with the right equipment. Yet with so many things to trim, prune, and cut back, maintaining all the various plants and trees becomes very difficult – not to mention expensive.

From chainsaws to hedge trimmers to strimmers, you need a lot of hardware to properly maintain a large garden with various plants, trees, and hedges throughout. Rather than buying all this hardware separately you can instead invest in a much more cost-effective product – the garden multi tool.

As the name suggests, a garden multi tool is a multi-functional product that combines various garden tools into one handy device.

Why Buy a Garden Multi Tool?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using a garden multi tool is you only need to buy one piece of hardware instead of needing to purchase several products to maintain your garden. The cost of buying several tools separate is very expensive, so by investing in a garden multi tool you stand to save a lot of money.

Another great reason to buy a garden multi tool is how versatile they are. You can easily switch between several attachments for the desired tool, making garden maintenance even easier. While attachments vary from each product, most garden multi tools feature attachments like a strimmer, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, pruning saw and brush cutter.

So, being able to swap out these attachments in a matter of minutes means trimming, cutting, and pruning your various plants around the garden is much simpler and quicker compared to using individual tools.

Plus, maintaining various garden power tools is far from easy and can get costly. Because a multi tool is a single power tool, maintaining it and the various attachments is much easier than maintaining individual tools.


Therefore, if you love taking care of your garden but want to spend less time and effort doing so, you may want to consider buying one- they unquestionably make garden maintenance much easier!

BU-KO Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool

BU-KO 2019 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool Including: Strimmer, Hedge Trimmer, Pruner Chainsaw, Brush Cutter with 2.4mm Thick Trimmer Line & Extension Pole
BU-KO 2019 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool Including: Strimmer, Hedge Trimmer, Pruner Chainsaw, Brush Cutter with 2.4mm Thick Trimmer Line & Extension Pole
BU-KO 2019 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool Including: Strimmer, Hedge Trimmer, Pruner Chainsaw, Brush Cutter with 2.4mm Thick Trimmer Line & Extension Pole

Powerful and versatile, the BU-KO Multifunctional Garden Tool comes with five different attachments to cover all your garden maintenance needs. Equipped with a powerful 52cc 2-stroke engine, this garden multi tool features enough cutting power for even the thickest growth, whether branches on a tree or dense grass on the lawn.

As a 5-in-1 tool, it has every attachment you could need for quick and easy garden maintenance. For instance, the chainsaw attachment offers the most cutting power and is suitable for use on trees and shrubs with branches of varying thickness.

The hedge trimmer attachment is also very impressive, offering plenty of reach, while you can also rotate the trimmer to 90-degree angles for dealing with the top of hedges with ease.

While some may find the reach of the trimmer lacking enough length, you can easily use the extension pole attachment to increase this. In fact, the extension pole works to increase the length of every attachment, making it very useful for those hard to reach areas.

A strimmer and brush cutter attachment are also included, being suitable for strimming lawns and cutting back various plant growth around the garden. The strimmer uses tough nylon string that makes short work of tough grass, while the tri-blade brush cutter attachment is more than powerful enough for thick vegetation such as brambles.

An impressive range of accessories are also included with the garden multi tool. This includes a shoulder harness that is great for balancing out the weight and avoiding fatigue when using the tool for prolonged periods.

Other useful accessories include safety glasses, ear defenders, safety work gloves, mixing bottle, and a free toolkit for maintenance.



BU-KO 2019 52cc Long Reach Petrol Multi Functional Garden Tool Including: Strimmer, Hedge Trimmer,...
  • ✅ BU-KO - 52cc 5 in 1 Multi Tool With Extension Pole, Extends to 3.4m, Easy To...
  • ✅ High Performance, Heavy Duty Powerful 3HP, Use 2 Stroke Oil, Mix 25/1 to...
  • ✅ FREE Toolkit, PPE Protection & Harness Included

P1PE 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Tool

P1PE P5200MT 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Tool inc Hedge Trimmer, Pole Saw, Brush Cutter, Grass Trimmer Hyundai Powered
P1PE P5200MT 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Tool inc Hedge Trimmer, Pole Saw, Brush Cutter, Grass Trimmer Hyundai Powered
P1PE P5200MT 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Tool inc Hedge Trimmer, Pole Saw, Brush Cutter, Grass Trimmer Hyundai Powered

Powered by a robust Hyundai 52cc 2-stroke engine, the P1PE 52cc Petrol Garden Multi Tool is another great buy for anyone seeking a high performing multi tool for vigorous gardening tasks. Featuring four attachments and an extension pole, this garden multi tool gives you everything you need to maintain lawns, bushes, shrubs, hedges, and even trees.

The powerful petrol engine offers enough cutting power for even the toughest growths. Better still, it’s designed to consume less fuel than similar engines, so your fuel generally lasts much longer when using this product.

It features the standard attachments for most garden multi tool devices. This includes a grass trimmer attachment that utilises nylon line and a tap and go system for quick and easy strimming along borders and the lawn itself.

The tri-blade attachment is designed for tougher growth such as brambles, saplings, and shrubs. The blade is designed to easily cut through thicker branches and growth whilst making a clean cut, ensuring less chance of clogging.

Anything too thick for the tri-blade can be easily removed using the chainsaw attachment. The 30cm chainsaw bar is powerful enough for even thicker tree branches, making pruning quick and easy throughout the year. 

the hedge cutter attachment is perfectly designed for easier hedge maintenance, with the 45cm double sided cutting blade seamlessly cutting through hedge growth. It can also be adjusted to 180-degree increments to suit the shape of the hedge, while an extension pole is also included should it lack the length.

The extension pole works with all attachments, although it often makes the weight feel more strenuous, so bear this in mind! 



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Parker 5 in 1 Petrol Garden Multi Tool

52cc Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool - Brush Cutter, String Trimmer, Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer & More
52cc Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool - Brush Cutter, String Trimmer, Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer & More
52cc Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool - Brush Cutter, String Trimmer, Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer & More

Another powerful and versatile gardening tool, the Parker 5 in 1 Garden Multi Tool offers a wide array of attachments and a powerful engine to make garden maintenance that bit easier. While not quite suitable for professional use, this is the perfect garden multi tool for those larger gardens with a lot of thick and heavy growth throughout.

Like most of the best petrol garden multi tools, it is powered by a 52cc air cooled 2-stroke engine, providing each attachment with enough power to cut almost any plant. The heavier weight of the tool does make using it for long periods quite taxing, although using the harness included with the multi tool does offset much of the weight.

Thankfully, it’s so powerful that it cuts through most things with speed and precision, so you probably won’t be using it for too long each time. Starting the engine is also very simple, with just a few pulls of the cord to get it started, although there is the occasional kickback, which is to be expected from most petrol-powered tools.

In terms of attachments, this garden multi tool from Parker comes with the stadanrd attachments, including a hedge trimmer, strimmer, brush cutter, chainsaw, and an extension pole to increase the reach of each tool by an additional 105cm.

The brush cutter and chainsaw benefit from the robust petrol engine powering the tool, as these attachments are designed for taking care of the more troublesome growth like brambles, nettles, and branches on trees. They make easy work of all this growth, producing clean and clog-free cuts each pass.

To round out this fantastic garden multi tool you get a free accessory kit that includes a belt and shoulder strap, tool kit for maintenance, and ab oil mixing and measuring bottle.



52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool - Brush Cutter, Grass Trimmer, Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer...
  • Strong & Reliable 52cc Two Stroke Engine
  • 2.2kW @ 7500RPM
  • TUV, CE Approved

Hyundai 52 cc Petrol Multi Tool

Hyundai 52 cc 2-Stroke Petrol Grass Trimmer/Strimmer/Brushcutter HYBC5200
Hyundai 52 cc 2-Stroke Petrol Grass Trimmer/Strimmer/Brushcutter HYBC5200
Hyundai 52 cc 2-Stroke Petrol Grass Trimmer/Strimmer/Brushcutter HYBC5200

When a renowned vehicle manufacturer such as Hyundai are utilising their petrol engines for a garden multi tool, it is reasonable to expect a product that doesn’t lack any performance or power. This 52cc 2-stroke petrol multi tool offers exactly that, with a fantastic quality tool that will last many years.

In fact, Hyundai are so confident in the quality and durability of this device that they include an incredible 3-year manufacturer warranty with every purchase. That is some serious faith in their product yet is certainly warranted going on its performance!

With a high-quality Hyundai engine powering the tool the performance is second to none. Each attachment has all the power it needs to easily cut through growth without every clogging.

Cutting widths are quite impressive, with the brush cutting blades providing a 25cm width and the nylon string cutting head for strimming providing a 45cm cutting width. This means fewer passes when strimming the lawn, making it suitable for cutting an entire lawn.

Two blades are included, a 3-blade attachment and an 8-blade attachment, both being suitable for brambles, nettles, shrubs, bushes, and roots. The 8-blade attachment is even suitable for use on thicker branches, working similar to a circular saw.

While not quite the same as a chainsaw attachment found in many other multi tools, the 8-blade brush cutter packs plenty of punch and should be able to remove most branches beyond the very thick ones.

Cutting and strimming using this garden multi tool is made easier thanks to a relatively lightweight design of 9kg and large spilt handles to help distribute the weight. Add in the shoulder strap for added balance and you feel very little of the weight. 



Hyundai 52 cc 2-Stroke Petrol Grass Trimmer/Strimmer/Brushcutter HYBC5200
  • Powerful Hyundai 52cc 2 stroke petrol engine
  • Supplied with two-string nylon cutting head and three-tooth cutting blade
  • The adjustable shaft allows you to find the comfortable cutting height; cutting...

Black + Decker Seasonmaster Cordless Multi-Tool

BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer with 2.0 Ah Battery
BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer with 2.0 Ah Battery
BLACK+DECKER 36 V Lithium-Ion Strimmer with 2.0 Ah Battery

With a great reputation for creating reliable power tools it is little surprise that Black and Decker have produced a high-quality garden multi tool like the Seasonmaster. Equipped for a variety of tasks and powered completely by electricity, this is a reliable cordless multi tool that doesn’t lack the power of its petrol counterparts.

Although not petrol-powered the Seasonmaster is equipped with a robust 18V electric battery. Not only is this powerful enough for all garden maintenance requirements but is also compatible with over 40 Black and Decker power tools!

As for the attachments, there are some standard ones included like a chainsaw, hedge trimmer, and strimmer, along with a more unique leaf blower attachment. This makes the tool especially useful for anyone with lots of trees, bushes, and shrubs that produce a lot foliage that requires cleaned up come autumn.

The heavy duty cutting strimmer is suitable for an entire lawn thanks to an impressive 30cm cutting width that is similar to smaller lawn mowers. The cutting string itself is strong and durable and can cut through thick and damp growth with ease, while the automatic feed line system feeds through line whenever needed.

While the chainsaw blade isn’t as long in length as other model’s chainsaw blades it is still powerful enough to cut through very thick logs and branches. The lack of length isn’t too bad when using the 2.3 extension pole, making it simple to reach low hanging branches with the chainsaw.

It may take a few hours to completely recharge the battery so be sure to prepare in advance and always have a full charge ready. Plus, the lack of fuel and noise pollution make this Seasonmaster even more appealing to many, so the electric powered design is far from a negative!



Black + Decker BCASK8967D2GB Seasonmaster Cordless Multi-Tool with Hedge Trimmer, Strimmer, Chainsaw...
  • The Black + Decker 7-in-1 SEASONMASTER is an indispensable tool that helps you...
  • Simple, rugged and highly adaptable, this handy tool is equipped with hedge...
  • The cordless device features an extending 2.3 m pole unit that allows you to...

Garden Multi Tool Buying Guide

Buying the best garden multi tool is often difficult, as there is a massive range of products with various types of attachments available. So, it helps to know a few things before you buy to help find the best garden multi tool for your needs.

Power Source

There are two types of garden multi-tools available – electric and petrol. While electric garden multi tools have their advantages, namely being much quicker and eco-friendly, they do lack the power and affordability of their petrol counterparts.

Because of this, petrol garden multi tools are the most popular to buy. They offer exceptional power for their various tasks while also being more cost-effective. Furthermore, fuelling them with petrol is much easier compared to electric garden multi tools, which can take several hours to recharge once the battery dies.

Of course, an electric garden multi tool still has a lot to offer, you’ll just find the most popular models sold are typically petrol powered.


Like any power tool, it is important to consider the weight of a garden multi tool. You’ll likely be using it for long periods, so anything that is too heavy to operate may cause fatigue to set in. You don’t want to start feeling sore and achy from using a garden multi tool that is too heavy, so always check the weight of each model.

Make sure to think about the additional weight that each attachment adds to the tool too. If you find that most models appear too heavy to operate, look for models made from materials like aluminium, as these are usually much more lightweight.

Also, petrol powered garden multi tools are generally heavier than electric garden multi tools.


As mentioned, not all feature the same attachments, so you want to consider what gardening tasks you need to do to ensure you choose a product with suitable attachments. For instance, if you have a lot of maintenance on various plants and trees, then a 5-in-1 multi tool is probably the best option as these come with the most attachments.

However, not everyone needs every type of attachment for their garden. For example, if you only need to do some strimming, trimming back thick plants, and pruning tree branches, be sure to look for a tool with appropriate attachments – there’s no need to buy more attachments than you plan on using.

Also, not all multi tools have the same attachments. Some attachments are widespread – like a garden strimmer, brush cutters, chainsaws, and hedge trimmers – while others (such as leaf blowers and vacuums) are less common.

In any case, think about what type of gardening tasks you’ll be using it for and look for suitable attachments that can complete these tasks.


An often-overlooked aspect is the reach it offers. While a great reach isn’t always necessary, anyone trimming hedges or pruning branches from trees and shrubs will need a good length to their multi tool.

If you need to extend yourself to reach trees and shrubs maintaining then becomes more difficult and potentially dangerous, so look to ensure you have enough reach when using them.

Thankfully, most come with extendable poles or attachments to add further length to the device, meaning you can safely use them without needing to overreach.

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