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Properly distributing lawn seeds is more difficult than it looks. While you can grab a handful of seeds and toss them freely around the lawn, this is not likely to get you the best results.

Add too much and the seeds are competing for air, water, and nutrients, causing them to under develop. Add too little and there will only be sparse growth with lots of patches remaining.

Therefore, instead of applying seeds by hand it is recommended that you use a good lawn spreader. These devices help to evenly distribute lawn seeds, encouraging better root development and a healthier, more vibrant lawn.

Moreover, these devices can be used you to maintain your new or established lawn. Not only do they spread lawn seeds evenly, but also lawn fertiliser, allowing you to properly feed the lawn without risk of overfeeding, which can lead to problems like scorching.

Whether using for fertiliser, seeds, or a bit of both, check out some of the best lawn spreaders below!

Top Grass Seed & Fertiliser Spreader Reviews

Gardena Spreader Xl: Universal Spreader for Delivering Fertiliser, Seeds and Salt, 1.5-6 m Spreading Width, for About 800 m sq of Lawn Area, 18 Litre Capacity, with a Locking Slide (436-20)

The Gardena Spreader XL is an excellent choice for treating large areas with seed, fertiliser, or even road salt. A rotary type, it has a large spreading disc to ensure even spreading of the contents, with a distribution diameter of 1.5 to 6m depending on the type of material and walking speed of the operator.

Two oversized wheels make it easier to manoeuvre the device, which has a capacity of 18L so will weigh a fair amount if filled with material, although the ergonomic design ensures that it remains comfortable to use when left upright.

The wheels and handle are designed for easier operating too, with an open and close function also on the handle for precise distribution. This means you can stop any spreading at areas that don’t need treatment, which is ideal for spot treating bare batches.

You can adjust the cover plate near the spreading disc too, which allows you to limit the spreading angle as you move, opening for more distribution or closing for less, the latter being especially useful for treatment near edges. This function is also found at the handle, saving the hassle of constantly bending over to switch the settings.

This is also a versatile spreader, with various types of material compatible with the device. You can use grass seeds, fertiliser granules, road salt, and sand, so expect plenty of use throughout the year.

Gardena Spreader Xl: Universal Spreader for Delivering Fertiliser, Seeds and Salt, 1.5-6 m Spreading...
5,171 Reviews
Gardena Spreader Xl: Universal Spreader for Delivering Fertiliser, Seeds and Salt, 1.5-6 m Spreading…
  • Can be used universally, year round: In spring or winter, for delivering such…
  • Exact spreading on edges: Spreading trolley with cover plate for spreading near…
  • Durable thanks to high-quality materials: Spreading trolley of break-proof,…

Scotts EasyGreen Rotary spreader

Scotts EasyGreen Rotary spreader

When it comes to larger lawns, a good rotary lawn spreader such as this product from Scotts EasyGreen is a great choice. Coming with a large capacity and variable settings, you can use this to evenly distribute seeds and fertiliser throughout your outdoor living area.

The rotary model is one of the easiest to use, with the rotating spreader plate offering a great range of distribution between 122-340cm. Simply adjust the setting depending on how far you want to spread, then start moving the device for it to start working.

Operating it is easy thanks to the large wheels, offering good manouvreability and stability. This reduces the effort needed to move it, which can feel heavier if filled, although the large distribution setting means you don’t need to use it for long.

You can adjust the spreading settings too, with the larger 340cm range perfect for quickly treating larger lawns. When more precision is needed, simply reduce the setting closer to the 122cm setting, with plenty of options in-between to suit different applications. There are recommendations for settings based on what product you use, removing all the guesswork if you are unsure what to use.

EverGreen Scotts EasyGreen Rotary spreader, Grass and Lawn Seed Spreader, for easy application of...
2,969 Reviews
EverGreen Scotts EasyGreen Rotary spreader, Grass and Lawn Seed Spreader, for easy application of…
  • Variable settings to apply lawn food or grass seed
  • Spreading width is 122-340 cm
  • Adjustable handle bar for comfortable use and storage

Gardena Hand-Held Spreader

GARDENA hand spreader M: spreader for simple spreading fertilizer, seeds and salt with a range 1-4 m, m² for lawn to about 100, 4-stage quantity setting (431-20)

Handheld lawn spreader models like this may not offer the largest capacities but more than make up for it with their impressive usability. Compact and lightweight, this is great for treating smaller garden lawns up to 100m2, although it can be a good option for larger areas that require precise feeding or seeding at times.

The user-experience is further improved by the hand crank operation. Simply rotate the crank to move the rotary plate, distributing the contents with each rotation. The 1.8L capacity is on the smaller side but still good for small areas and treating patches, offering some of the best accuracy of any spreader.

There is also an open/close function on the handle, allowing you to further control the distribution rates across the garden, which is activated using the large button on the ergonomic handle. There is also a selection wheel at the end of the handle, letting you adjust the quantity delivery by four increments.

The range of spread varies depending on the type of material in the device. Finer material like sand or seeds will likely distribute further, close to 4m, while heavier material like granules and salt may end up closer to 1-2m.

Gardena Hand-Held Spreader M: Spreader for simple distribution of fertiliser, seeds, and salt with a...
5,171 Reviews
Gardena Hand-Held Spreader M: Spreader for simple distribution of fertiliser, seeds, and salt with a…
  • Usable year-round: In warm seasons, the Hand-Held Spreader can be used to spread…
  • Simple and fast: Its intuitive crank mechanism and ergonomically positioned…
  • Quantity setting: Four-level ergonomic quantity setting on the handle,…

Scotts EvenGreen Drop spreader

Scotts EvenGreen Drop spreader

This drop spreader is affordable and easy to use, making it a solid option for gardens with medium size lawns. As it uses the drop spread method, all contents are evenly dropped from the base of the container, spreading in a 53cm wide line.

The design means that no seeds or fertiliser escape from the sides, ensuring even application across the entire lawn. This is especially useful for lawns with borders and edging, avoiding grass seeds or fertiliser being spread to unwanted areas outside the lawn.

As with any good device, there are variable settings to select how much is distributed at one time. Both seeds and feeds are compatible with the spreader, so it does help to have a few options to accommodate the different material you may use.

There is an on/off switch on the handle, which is large and adjustable so should provide plenty of stability and comfort when pushing the device around. You can also fold down the handle for more compact storage.

Be mindful of what products are used with it, as only Evergreen and Miracle-Gro granular seeds and feeds are compatible with the device. These are usually some of the best on the market though, so it should not be much of an issue.

Scotts EvenGreen Drop spreader, Grass and Lawn Seed Spreader, for Easy Application of Lawn Products...
1,784 Reviews
Scotts EvenGreen Drop spreader, Grass and Lawn Seed Spreader, for Easy Application of Lawn Products…
  • For sowing of grass seed and accurate application of lawn food, lowering the…
  • Variable settings to apply lawn food or grass seed
  • Convenient hand regulated on/off switch

Einhell GC-SR 12 Lawn Spreader

Einhell 3415238 GC-SR 12 Spreader, (Product) Red

A great drop spreader for smaller lawns, this product from Einhell comes with a good capacity and is simple to use, making it a good buy for many. The cart holds a maximum of 12L, with seeds, fertilisers, and salts all compatible with the device.

At 45cm, the spreading width is suitable for small and medium size lawns, although expect to make more passes with the latter. This shouldn’t be an issue as the device is incredibly lightweight and easy to operate thanks to the robust wheels at the side, which are suitable for various types of terrain beyond just grass.

There are three distribution settings to choose from, which are activated by a small lever at the back of the cart between the handles, letting you regulate the amount of material distributed. The cart is also made from light but durable plastic which is weather and corrosion-resistant, so expect it to last for a long time. 

The handles snap down into a foldable position too, allowing you to make the spreader more compact for easier storage. This is a great option if you are tight on storage space.

Einhell GC-SR 12 Lawn and Garden Spreader -- 12L, 45cm Scatter Width, Impact-Resistant Plastic...
4,228 Reviews
Einhell GC-SR 12 Lawn and Garden Spreader — 12L, 45cm Scatter Width, Impact-Resistant Plastic…
  • VERSATILE SPREADING MACHINE – The GC-SR 12 is a robust, practical machine that…
  • GARDEN SPREADER WITH WHEELS AND HANDLE – The double push-bar allows you to guide…
  • EASY TO USE – The weed and feed spreaders material compartment holds 12 litres…

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless Lawn Seed Spreader

Ryobi OSS1800 18V ONE+ Cordless Seed Spreader

This product from Ryobi is incredibly unique in that it is one of the few electric handheld spreaders on the market. The electric motor powers the rotary disc inside the unit, automatically distributing seeds or feed, with multiple settings available to cover all your needs.

Simply put, this is the easiest way to spread lawn seed or fertiliser throughout the garden. Simply select the required distribution and flow rate settings on the handle, push the button and then watch it do the work for you.

With a top range of 2m, it may take longer when working on larger lawns. That said, the device is incredibly lightweight and works so quickly that it is not much of an issue for larger areas. It does have a capacity of 4L/5kg, with both liquid and granule fertilisers compatible, so it can be used in lawns of varying size.

Of course, it really shines when treating precise areas, with highly accurate flow rates to suit the lawncare material and soil condition.  

As part of the ONE+ cordless range from Ryobi, the device is sold as a bare unit. This means you need to buy a lithium ion battery, with a 4Ah battery recommended for longer runtime. However, these batteries are compatible with dozens of other power tools, making it a good choice if you already own a Ryobi tool or plan on buying more in the future.

Ryobi Cordless Seed Spreader
222 Reviews
Ryobi Cordless Seed Spreader
  • Quickly and evenly distributing seed, fertiliser, salt, feed, and other dry…
  • Variable Flow rate and adjustable distribution area gives the user more control,…
  • Large 4L/ 5kg Capacity and anti-clog agitator allows for uninterrupted…

Lawn Spreader Buying Guide


Types of Lawn Spreader

There are three types available, each one offering its own advantages:

Drop Spreader

As the name suggests, this type drops the seeds/fertiliser onto the lawn from above. They tend to have oversized wheels on each side for easier movement, with a large container holding the lawncare product.

They have a good capacity so are suitable for medium to large lawns, with the wheels making it easy to manoeuvre around the lawn.

Rotary Spreader

Also called a broadcast spreader, this type uses a rotating table at the base of the spreader to evenly spread the contents in a wide angle. This makes it great for large areas, being the spreader of choice for agriculture and landscaping, making it a solid option for domestic use.

Handheld Spreader

Much smaller than the other two types, a handheld spreader is designed for spot treatments rather than reseeding or fertilising an entire lawn. They tend to function the same as a rotary type, just on a smaller scale.

Perfect for small lawns, balconies, and indoor plants, this type offers some of the best accuracy when spreading the seeds or fertiliser. 

Lawn Size

Always consider the lawn size, as this determines what type of products are best suited for your needs. For example, rotary and drop spreaders are the best option for large areas, so if you have a big lawn or especially large garden, these types are the better choice.

If working on a small lawn, you may not need a rotary or drop type. Handheld models are perfect for smaller areas, offering great accuracy and even distribution of feed/seed. That said, you may find that wheeled models are easier to use, even on a smaller lawn, in which case something with a lower capacity could be ideal. 


The capacity indicates how much seed or feed the spreader holds. As you can imagine, a larger capacity is recommended for large lawns, otherwise you may end up constantly starting and stopping to refill it.

So, the larger the treatment area the more capacity you usually need. However, a large capacity also increases the weight of the device, possibly making it harder to push around the lawn. Remember, when a large spreader is filled with product it can get quite heavy!

Handheld models have the smallest capacity so may need refilling several times. While this can be time consuming, it generally requires less effort as the devices are so compact and lightweight, they are much easier to operate than rotary or drop types.

Variable Settings

By choosing a model with variable settings you can expect more versatility, as you can switch to different speed and precision settings according to your needs. Sometimes you don’t need to apply the same concentration of feed, while other areas won’t need as many seeds, so it helps to have different settings to accommodate different requirements.

Also, variable settings are needed if you want to use different types of fertiliser. For example, some models let you switch between granule and liquid feed, with handheld types being most notable for this feature.


Always consider how easy it is to use the device. For instance, if you need to distribute a lot of seeds over a large area, then a spreader with large wheels and a good handle is recommended for easier work.  

Also, consider whether you have the strength to use the device. For example, elderly gardeners may benefit more from handheld devices as they are lighter and easier to use.

Models with a one touch setting are also handy, as these remove all the guesswork when using the device. Just apply your product, adjust the setting accordingly and let the device do the rest of the work. Variable settings are great for this, with one touch settings making it easy to find the right distribution for your needs.

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