Best Grass Seeds Reviews UK

Best Grass Seed Reviews UK

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Choosing the best grass seeds for your garden isn’t always easy. If you’ve never seeded the lawn before it becomes even tougher, with all kinds of products claiming to be the best that money can buy.

However, it’s vitally important to select the right type of for your garden, because not all grass seeds are suitable for every lawn. Select the wrong type and they may not grow as well as you’d hoped, with things like soil type, shading, and the weather all effecting the germination and growing process.

Every garden has its own unique growing conditions, so you want to choose seeds that work best in each garden, otherwise the lawn may look dull, patchy, and susceptible to weeds and diseases.

You also need to think about how the grass will be used. For example, people with a child or pet usually need hard wearing grass, so would need different seeds from those that want an attractive ornamental lawn.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to finding the right product! To make the process easier, check out some reviews along with a handy buying guide.

Top Lawn Seed to Buy in the UK

The Grass People SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn 10kg Grass Seed Lawn Seed Perfect for Families, Luxury Lawn, High Quality lawn, Hard Wearing and Attractive Grass Lawn
The Grass People SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn 10kg Grass Seed Lawn Seed Perfect for Families, Luxury Lawn, High Quality lawn, Hard Wearing and Attractive Grass Lawn
The Grass People SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn 10kg Grass Seed Lawn Seed Perfect for Families, Luxury Lawn, High Quality lawn, Hard Wearing and Attractive Grass Lawn

With a name like the Grass People, it’s easy to assume you’re buying a quality product from a company that knows good quality grass seeds. This is certainly the case with the Grass People’s Superstar product, offering a hard-wearing and premium-quality product that looks great in any garden.

This is a mixed seed variety that is made to withstand plenty of wear over time. If you have children and/or pets, then these are the perfect combination of being durable and pleasing on the eye.

Consisting of 80% ryegrass, these are some of the hardest wearing on the market, so they can withstand lots of high traffic and still look great. Also, ryegrass germinates very quickly and becomes well established in all soil types, so it’s a versatile option that works in virtually any UK garden.

20% are strong creeping fescue, which add a bit of elegance to the lawn’s appearance. These seeds take over during the winter months, with the luxurious grass becoming more established after the cold weather passes and the ryegrass dies back in spring.


  • 80% Ryegrass
  • 20% Strong Creeping Fescue
  • 10kg Covers 200sqm
Superstar: Back Lawn 10kg
368 Reviews
Superstar: Back Lawn 10kg
  • PREMIUM Quality grass seed that produces a healthy long lasting, hard wearing,...
  • LUXURY Lawn seed that is hard wearing and ideal for a busy back lawn. If your...
  • TESTED Rigorously in our in-house laboratory to ensure they not only meet but...

Hard Wearing Lawn Grass Seed

Gardeners Hard-Wearing Lawn Grass Seed - 5KG

Gardeners Dream is a great choice for families or low-maintenance gardeners, offering 5kg of seeds for a very reasonable price. As a hard-wearing lawn seed mix, the grass will be perfect for high traffic lawns that need tougher grass with plenty of staying power.

70% of the seed mixture is lolium ryegrass, a durable perennial that grows well throughout the year. Because this type of seed germinates so quickly, you can expect growth in as little as 5 to 10 days, although this will require warmer soil conditions to establish faster. 

The remaining 30% are strong creeping red fescue. This breed of grass has an elegant blade and becomes more established during the spring and summer, giving lawns a densely lush appearance at any length.


  • 70% Lolium Ryegrass
  • 30% Strong Creeping Red Fescue
  • Germinates in 5-10 days in optimal conditions
GardenersDream 5KG Premium Hard Wearing Grass Seed - Fast Growing Grass Seeds for New Lawns & Patch...
1,484 Reviews
GardenersDream 5KG Premium Hard Wearing Grass Seed - Fast Growing Grass Seeds for New Lawns & Patch...
  • 🌱 TOUGH & DURABLE LAWN: Our premium grass seed mix creates a thick, hardy...
  • ⏰ RAPID GERMINATION & LARGE COVERAGE: In warm, moist soil, grass seeds sprout...
  • 🌿 FINE & ORNAMENTAL: Ideal for lawns where appearance is key, this lawn seed...

A1LAWN 10kg Lawn Grass Seed

10kg Top Quality Grass Seed/Lawn Seed - (A1LAWN AM Pro-26 Premium General Purpose) - Covers Approx. 285 sq metres - DEFRA Registered

The A1LAWN grass seed features a blend of three different grass types that provide an attractive but hardy lawn. It’s a fantastic all-rounder for people that want a nice-looking lawn but don’t want to have to constantly mow it to maintain its appearance.

50% of the seeds are strong creeping red fescue, a hard-wearing yet elegant grass that is known for its fine blades and vibrant emerald colour during peak growing season. 10% are another type of red fescue (chewings), which has similar characteristics including fine leaves.

Both of these are perfect for shaded lawns and sandy soils, making it a versatile option that should establish well in even the tougher growing conditions.

Similarly, the 40% of dwarf perennial ryegrass ensures a durable and long-lasting grass that will handle lots of traffic – good news for anyone with pets, kids, or who spend a lot of time on their lawn. 


  • 50% Strong Creeping Red Fescue
  • 40% Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass
  • 10% Chewings Red Fescue
A1 Lawn - Multi Purpose Grass Seed, 10kg (280m2) - Fast Growing UK Quality, Fresh, Pet & Child...
2,380 Reviews
A1 Lawn - Multi Purpose Grass Seed, 10kg (280m2) - Fast Growing UK Quality, Fresh, Pet & Child...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY GRASS SEED – AM Pro 26 is a great general purpose grass seed...
  • HARD WEARING GRASS SEED – It is a specifically designed hardy germination mix...
  • FAST GROWING GRASS SEED – Our general purpose seed germinates & grows quick to...

Miracle Gro EverGreen Super Seed Lawn Seed

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Super Seed Lawn Seed 2kg - 66m2
  • Grass seeds coated with fertiliser and gypsum to enrich soil
  • Treats pet urine burns on lawn
  • Suitable for sunny and shady areas

The EverGreen Super Seed from Miracle Gro is an all-in-one solution that is perfect for low-maintenance gardeners that want a beautiful lawn. By combing grass seeds with fertilizer and soil enricher, you have everything you need to successfully grow a brand-new lawn or cover up an existing one.

The seeds are coated with fertiliser that means they germinate much quicker and become better established, while also saving the hassle of needing to feed your lawn with a separate fertilizer as the grass grows.

Not only that, the mix includes gypsum, a mineral-rich in calcium that helps to restore the pH balance of soil while also removing signs of urine burns from pets. When combined with fertilizer, the gypsum gives the seeds the perfect soil conditions for a thick and vibrant lawn.

Miracle-Gro 119668 EverGreen Super Seed lawn Seed 2 kg - 66 m2, 3 in 1 Lawn Seed, Feed & Soil...
1,342 Reviews
Miracle-Gro 119668 EverGreen Super Seed lawn Seed 2 kg - 66 m2, 3 in 1 Lawn Seed, Feed & Soil...
  • Triple Action grass seed product for all lawn care needs
  • Controlled release fertiliser which helps establish the new seedlings and...
  • Contains gypsum which is a calcium rich mineral which improves soil pH as well...

Canada Green Grass Seed

Canada Green Grass Seed, 500 Grams
  • Germinates in around 14 days
  • Very hard wearing and durable grass

Canada Green is a grass seed very popular in the USA and Canada, with it now being available here in the UK. They are some of the hardest wearing around, being capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions, which is certainly a big selling point given how unpredictable the weather is here in the UK!

The seeds are very easy to apply, with just a handful needing to be tossed around into loosen soil and then watered. It takes about two weeks for germination to occur, although it might take longer if planting at cooler parts of the year.

Once established, the grass becomes very thick and takes a dark green colour that looks great. It’s also one of the hardiest grass types around, with established lawns being disease and insect resistant, surviving frost, snow, and droughts, while also handling high traffic from kids and pets.

It’s not the best for establishing a new lawn but is a great choice for treated patched areas and preventing further erosion.

Canada Green Grass Seed, 500 Grams
1,357 Reviews
Canada Green Grass Seed, 500 Grams
  • Canada Green amazing grass seed mixture
  • Guarantees you a lusher thicker lawn
  • Sprout super fast in as little as 14 days

Buying Guide

Unsure where to find the best seed for your lawn? Here are some things to consider that can help you find something suitable for your lawn!

Seed Type

The type of seed you buy is very important – different types are suitable for different garden conditions!

Ryegrass is the hardest wearing grass seed, making it a fine choice for people with children, pets, or both. While not the most luxurious looking grass, it does have a nice appearance and more importantly can withstand the wear and tear of a busy family and lots of foot traffic.

They are also used in general-purpose mixes, usually combined with something a bit finer. This blend of hard-wearing dwarf ryegrass and higher quality grass like creeping red fescues that offer a nice balance of luxury and durability.

Finally, we have ornamental seeds. These usually contain premium quality fescues grasses like brown top, creeping red fescues, and chewings fescues. Although not the hardest wearing grass, they offer a fine finish and are perfect for getting an ornamental finish, just remember they need more maintaining than other seeds!

Soil Type

Soil plays an important role in deciding what seeds are best for your lawn. Most hardwearing and general-purpose seed mixes are fine with any type of soil whether its clay or sandy. For tougher grass seeds you don’t need to worry about the soil effecting germination or growing rates, instead it will influence how often you need to water the soil when growing the seeds.

For instance, sandy soil drains much better than clay, meaning you may need to water the lawn more often when germinating and growing.

If you are using ornamental grass seeds then you should check soil acidity. Fescue grasses prefer slightly acidic soil, so try to determine how acidic it is before buying! There are cheap soil testing kits that can be used to check the pH level of soil, so make sure to do this if going for luxury lawn seeds.

Sun and Shade

How much sun and shade the lawn sees will influence what are best suited for your garden. For example, lawns with shaded parts typically need harder wearing seeds like dwarf ryegrass, which are tough perennials that don’t require lots of sunlight.

Certain ornamental seeds need a lot of sunshine and don’t grow too well in shaded areas. This often causes weed and moss outbreaks, causing moss and weeds to grow amongst the grass and leave looking far less attractive. Check out our moss killer reviews which cover the top products for sale.

If you want a nicer finish to the lawn but there are shaded and unshaded patches throughout the lawn, consider mixed seed products that combine finer and harder wearing seeds that can handle both.

Always check the growing instructions when buying to see what environment they grow best in. Most manufacturers state whether they are suitable for sunny or shaded lawns. 

How long does grass seed take to grow?

It varies depending on things like seed type, soil condition, how often you water, and the season you sow the seeds. Grass seed germination can start as quickly as 5-10 days while some take up to a month to grow, so it will vary depending on many factors.

For example, fescue seeds for ornamental lawns often take longest to grow and require frequent watering, so if you forget to continually water them, they may take even longer to germinate. Sowing seeds during warmer seasons will encourage quicker growth too, with growth slowing in the winter months.

How long does it take to grow a lawn from seed UK?

Again, it depends on where you live and various other conditions. For instance, southern parts of the UK will generally have the fastest growing time for grass seeds, taking around 5-10 days to start germinating.

Those living further north may find it takes a couple of weeks to germinate, especially if planting during autumn or winter months. If planted during spring or summer and frequently watering the soil, germination can occur just as quickly at around 5-10 days, although most average growth time around the UK is 1-2 weeks.

Will grass seed grow if not covered?

Yes! You don’t need to cover grass seeds with any type of topsoil for the seeds to germinate. The process may take longer though, while it’s important to properly prepare the current soil so that the seeds germinate without any covering.

For instance, you should loosen and aerate the lawn soil to promote strong root growth. After this, rake through the soil to create grooves where you can toss the seeds into. Avoid placing seeds just on top of soil without any preparation, as they won’t germinate as quickly or effectively.

Can you use too much grass seed?

Yes, it is possible to plant too many seeds! Doing so means there is a lot competition for root space, leading to uneven root development where some go deeper than others, taking most of the nutrients and moisture in the soil, resulting in patchy growth.

Furthermore, the grass that does take root and grow won’t look great. The structure is less healthy and vibrant, with thin and wilted grass that cannot handle much wear and tear.

Can I plant grass seed in the winter?

Grass seeds can be planted in the winter, although the growing process will be different than those planting during other seasons. Planting in the winter is known as dormant seeding, where you place seeds that will remain inactive for a period but slowly begin to germinate as the weather improves. 

That said, the germination process is much more likely to fail if planted too close to the coldest parts of winter, with snow or frost likely to kill them before they can germinate. Those with milder winters may be fine, while those living in colder areas should plant in autumn to give them a chance to germinate and establish roots before winter.

Is it OK to mix different types of grass seed?

Yes, a lot bought from stores are in fact mixed seed varieties! This is because different seed types can serve different purposes once the grass grows, such as one being suitable for shaded areas while the other is suited for high traffic.

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