Fast growing trees UK for privacy

Fast Growing Trees UK

Why should you consider growing trees in your garden?

Planting a tree is one of the many ways to improve the overall aesthetic of your yard, lawn or garden. As long as your garden is spacious enough to be able to accommodate a tree, there is no reason you shouldn’t consider growing one. You could choose deciduous trees which wear their green leaves around themselves for certain lengths of the year and shed them for the rest of the season. Or, you could even go with evergreen trees which can offer their shade throughout the entire year. Whatever the case may be, there are many reasons for you to consider going for fast growing trees in your UK garden:

Regulating temperature:

Trees are nature’s mechanism of being able to regulate the temperature. They can act as a barrier from cold winds and protect you from harsh rays of sunlight. The thicker the canopy of trees, the larger the difference between sun and shade temperatures – which means they can provide an even cooler shade. In winters deciduous trees shed their leaves which allows more sunlight to reach your home keeping it warm enough through the cold season.

Balance the ecosystem:

Trees are also useful in helping the foliage and flora in your garden thrive. Their roots can act as anchors which can hold the soil as well as its nutrients together and prevent it from being blown away by the wind. They also help the soil retain its moisture and allow appropriate amounts of it to be drained away by absorbing it. Through the process of evapotranspiration, trees can also release moisture into the air if there isn’t enough. The right species of tree can serve as guardians for your garden.

Overall aesthetic improved:

Having trees in your garden improves the sense of structural variety that is present in your garden. They can have an almost enchanting and fortifying effect on any landscape if they are tall enough. Trees can help any piece of land look fresh and more alive than it actually is. If you have flower or fruit-bearing trees, then the vivid colours can add to the appeal of your front yard.

Low maintenance:

Once your trees reach a certain age in their growing period, they can sustain themselves. You won’t have to worry about them having enough nutrients or water because trees are less delicate compared to flower beds and meadows. Native tree choices typically won’t require much special treatment and can thrive on their own if they are grown in suitable conditions. Enjoy effortless trees that flush out toxic gases from the air, bearing colourful fruits and flowers!

Which fast-growing trees should you go for?

Here are a couple of tree varieties which are best suited to UK gardens and lawns.

Alder trees

Alder Trees.

Alder trees are tall enough to provide shelter and shade in your yard. They bear shiny and round leaves on branches that are fairly spaced out. You won’t have to worry about having a very spacious garden because their trunks and branches are thin enough to fit in most corner paths. The alder is a water-loving tree and prefers moist living conditions to grow to a healthy height. On dry soils, it can only manage to be a bush at most. With suitable living conditions, this tree can grow to an average of 20 meters, growing 60cm every year.

Lombardy poplar.

The Lombardy poplar is one of the fastest growing tree species that you could get your hands on. The tree’s physical appearance is best described as being very columnar in nature. The tree itself is native to Europe and southwest of central Asia, so there should be no problem growing it in a UK based garden. These trees feature an unusual branching structure that stands upright and erect while bending very little. Under suitable conditions, the Lombardy poplar can grow up to 20 meters of height, with a rate of 3.6 meters per year.

Hazel Trees

Hazel trees in a garden.

Note that a fast growing tree does not necessarily mean a very tall tree. It just means that the tree reaches whatever its average maximum height is very quickly. If you have a shade or partially covered area, then you can still grow short-heighted trees such as the Hazel. The Hazel flaunts branches with innumerous tiny leaves peeping through. During the spring season, the tree showcases ‘lamb tail’ catkins. The tree is best grown in relatively moist living conditions and can tolerate shade-based environments. You can even plant the tree as part of a hedgerow!


Eucalyptus Trees.

The Eucalyptus tree is one that can grow very fast, very quickly. The branches are tall and slender, and it is one of the tallest species of trees. Despite having over 700 species, the type that is most common to Europe is the cider gum and Tasmanian blue gum. These evergreen broad-leafed trees can introduce structure to your garden provided that you have enough space.

Silver Birch

Silver birch tree

The silver birch is a unique choice of fast growing tree species for your garden. The tree is unique because of how it gleams with a silvery-white flair around its branches. The leaves are almost triangular/heart shaped in shades of pastel green and yellow. Having this tree in autumn will be quite the treat as you witness the leaves turn crisp golden. Although sandy and low pH soils are where the silver birch can thrive the most, it can grow fine in most living conditions. The tree grows at the rate of 40cm every year, reaching an average height of 15 to 20 meters at most.

Maintaining your tree

Whatever your choice for a fast-growing tree species is, make sure that you have enough space. Think of whether or not it will bump into poles or overhanging ceilings from garden sheds or other structures. Read up on your species of choice to ensure that you have the most optimum conditions for it so that it can grow quickly! A set of telescopic tree pruners or cordless hedge trimmers will come in handy to trim any wayward branches and a pair of secateurs for the more delicate work is recommended.

The Bottom line

Adorning your garden by using the best tree species for the UK climate is a great way to add aesthetic appeal to your space. Reap the countless benefits of popular UK garden trees by planting any of the trees mentioned above.

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