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A garden cart is an excellent alternative to a wheelbarrow, offering many advantages over its two wheeled counterpart. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the fact that it can carry much heavier loads than a wheelbarrow, with most having a far higher capacity, allowing you to transport more things around the garden.

Some items are simply too heavy or cumbersome to fit inside of a wheelbarrow, which requires you to lift it from behind to move it around. Not everyone has the strength to do this, especially when transporting heavy loads like soil, stones, tools, or plants.

Because a cart has a wider base, four wheels, and is generally sturdier than a wheelbarrow, many gardeners find it much easier to use. You can push or pull it too, giving more options for manoeuvring the device, while the flat sides make it harder for things to fall out, which often occurs with an overfilled wheelbarrow.  

Due to their large capacity, you can also fill it with most of your gardening tools and supplies for the day. Rather than constantly travelling back and forth from your shed, you can load it up with fertiliser, plants, tools, soil, pots, plants etc., making your gardening tasks much easier. Below are reviews of some of the best garden carts for sale in the UK.

Greenworks Tools 7400007 Cordless Garden Cart, 40 V, Green
  • Battery powered cart (40V)
  • Three wheels
  • Spring loaded tipping
  • 100kg capacity

While most of these devices are manually operated, this product from Greenworks bucks the trend by being an electric powered model. Fitted with a 40V motor, this feature self-propels the cart around the garden, removing all the strength and effort required to manoeuvre it around your outdoor area.

Simply connect with a 2Ah or 4Ah battery (which are compatible with other Greenworks devices) and let the motor do all the heavy lifting for you. You won’t even need to lift anything out of the trolley as it comes with spring loaded tipping, so it really is effortless to use.

It comes with a three wheel design, ensuring good balance and stability, while the trolley itself has an impressive 100kg capacity, so should be more than enough for most gardening tasks. There is even variable speed controls, letting you adjust the speed according to your needs.

Greenworks Garden Cart Cordless 40V Heavy Duty 3 Wheel Trolley Utility 100kg Max Load Self-Propelled...
54 Reviews
Greenworks Garden Cart Cordless 40V Heavy Duty 3 Wheel Trolley Utility 100kg Max Load Self-Propelled…
  • EASY TO START – Insert 40V Akku Power and get started: our battery garden…
  • VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL – our Greenworks wheelbarrow has a forward speed of 4.2…
  • EASY TO USE – thanks to the spring-loaded tipping device, the wheelbarrow with a…

Draper Garden Tipper Cart

Draper Garden Tipper Cart - Green
  • Four wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • 200kg capacity
  • Steel construction

This tipper cart offers excellent value for money, being one of the best-priced products on the market for its capacity. This deceivingly small tipper comes with a huge 200kg capacity, giving ample room for all your supplies and tools. It is manually operated though so you may need to exert some effort if pulling it around at full capacity, although not many gardeners will need to fill it so much.

That said, you won’t need to use much energy pulling the tipper around, as it comes with lightweight construction, with the steel frame helping to offer strength and durability without causing it to be too heavy or cumbersome to transport.

The handle is made from tubular steel, again being lightweight yet durable, while it comes with a padded grip to ensure comfortable handling. There are four oversized wheels that are made from tires and metal hubs, making them more durable and reliable than all plastic wheels.

Draper DRA58553 Garden Tipper Cart - Green, 22.0 cm*96.0 cm*51.0 cm
528 Reviews
Draper DRA58553 Garden Tipper Cart – Green, 22.0 cm*96.0 cm*51.0 cm
  • Effortlessly carries loads up to 200kg
  • This cart makes light work of moving heavy gardening material
  • Perfect for use by domestic and professional gardeners

VonHaus Mesh Garden Cart

  • Four wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • 600kg capacity (500kg when moving)
  • Steel frame with mesh side panels and liner

If you need to transport large volumes of garden materials, including lots of heavy things like stones, soil, or plant filled pots, then be sure to consider this product from VonHaus. Offering a whopping 600kg capacity, you can stack this with countless supplies and tools, although you will want to keep it to 500kg when moving it around.

Granted, moving 500kg is quite difficult, although it is made easier thanks to the oversized wheels, while most people won’ require this much capacity unless they are doing a lot of landscaping. The wheels feature tyres and hubs rather than all plastic construction, helping to improve the stability and manoeuvrability of the trolley.

Made from quality steel, the frame is incredibly robust, highlighting why it has such a high capacity. It has a unique design, using a mesh frame that you can place a liner inside of. This offers more give and prevents things from spilling out, making it especially useful for transporting loose material like soil, sand, stones etc.

VonHaus Mesh Garden Cart with Lining - 600kg Heavy Duty 4 Wheeled Garden DIY Trailer and Trolley -...
430 Reviews
VonHaus Mesh Garden Cart with Lining – 600kg Heavy Duty 4 Wheeled Garden DIY Trailer and Trolley -…
  • Large capacity mesh garden cart – capable of carrying a 600kg (500kg when…
  • Made from a sturdy steel frame with mesh side panels in the classic VonHaus…
  • Inside, the wipe-clean interior liner allows you to carry soil and loose…

Deuba Garden Trolley Cart

Deuba Garden Trolley Cart Heavy Duty Folding Utility Steel Hand Truck Garden Festival 550kg 1200lb Capacity 200 L Wheelbarrow ATV Bike Trailer
  • Four wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • 550kg/200L capacity
  • Alloy steel frame

Another cart with a huge capacity, this product from Deuba Garden is ideal for all kinds of uses around the garden, whether you are moving around large piles of loose material like soil or transporting heavier objects like garden ornaments or paving slabs.

Offering a huge 550kg capacity, you can fill the trolley to the brim with all your supplies and tools, with the oversized wheels and pneumatic tyres offering ample stability and manoeuvrability. The steel alloy frame also helps make it sturdy, which has connections for attaching it to an ATV or bike.

The steel frame consists of a flat base and mesh sides, which collapse and are removable should you want to convert into a mini flatbed., There is also a removable liner bag for transposing looser material, and when using this you can transport up to 200L of material, again highlighting the impressive capacity this trolley offers.

Deuba Wagon Cart Removable Tarpaulin Handcart Up To 550 kg Loadable Garden Trailer Transport Trolley
972 Reviews
Deuba Wagon Cart Removable Tarpaulin Handcart Up To 550 kg Loadable Garden Trailer Transport Trolley
  • UNIVERSAL – The Deuba garden trolley is suitable for a variety of uses: whether…
  • EASY MANOEUVRING – Profile wheels with pneumatic tires with steel rims on ball…
  • QUICK CONFIGURATION – Removable side panels enable quick and uncomplicated…

Homfa Garden Cart Trolley

Homfa Garden Cart Trolley Foldable Pull Wagon Folding Trolley Camping Trolley on wheels Heavy Duty Wagon Hand Cart Festival Trolley Outdoor 80Kg (Blue)
  • Four wheels
  • 80kg capacity
  • Foldable iron frame with oxford fabric liner

If you only need to move smaller volumes of supplies and a few tools around the garden there is no sense overpaying for something that is too big. Instead, you might want to consider a compact model such as this one, which is designed for lighter transportation around the garden.

With an 80kg capacity, you won’t be able to move mountains of loose material or heavy objects, yet this should be ample volume for most average gardeners. It can easily fit several bags of soil, tools, and other common supplies without any issues.

A sturdy iron frame ensures the trolley manoeuvres without feeling flimsy or likely to fall over. The frame is also foldable, meaning you can pack into your car and take it with you for day trips, such as camping or going for a picnic

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Sekey Folding Outdoor Garden Trolley Trailer

  • Foldable steel frame
  • 80kg capacity
  • Four wheels with rubber tyres and double brakes

Another great choice for smaller gardens, this trolley has an 80kg capacity so should offer enough room for most gardeners and their supplies. While the capacity is smaller than other products on this list, it still provides lots of space for transporting goods, including bags of soil and fertiliser, plant pots, plants, and tools.

The foldable steel frame is robust, offering enough stability to easily transport the trolley throughout your garden. An ergonomic handle further improves usability, with a spring bounce function that locks the handle in various positions, meaning it never falls to the ground.

Moving it around on rougher terrain is easier thanks to the 7-inch wheels. These come with rubber tyres for improved grip on rough surfaces, and there are even double breaks for locking it in position – this is especially useful when working on slopes and uneven surface areas.

Sekey Folding Wagon, Folding Cart, Outdoor Garden Trailer, Transport Cart, Suitable for All...
235 Reviews
Sekey Folding Wagon, Folding Cart, Outdoor Garden Trailer, Transport Cart, Suitable for All…
  • Large loading capacity — The trolley has the dimensions 99 x 50 x 60 cm, the…
  • All-in-one premium quality — The all-in-one properties are unrivaled: The…
  • New Technology — Our trolley adopts advanced updated technology where the…

EAU JARDIN Folding Wagon Garden Cart

BEAU JARDIN Folding Wagon Garden Cart Foldable Push Trolleys Collapsible Utility 100KG Max load Sturdy Portable Rolling Lightweight Beach Outdoor Garden Picnic Heavy Duty Shopping Cart Wagons Upgrade
  • Foldable steel frame
  • 100kg capacity
  • Four oversized wheels with rubber tyres
  • Adjustable push handle

While this product is marketed as a beach trolley it certainly has its uses around the garden. Plus, if you live near a beach you can use for this too, giving you a more versatile product! It easily folds down into a compact size, allowing for easy storage or transporting in your car.

In any case, the trolley is lightweight and easy to operate, with a steel frame and polyester liner offering an impressive 100kg capacity. The fabric is made from 600D polyester, making it incredibly durable against the elements while also being easily washable – simply remove it from the frame and clean in the washing machine.

The four oversized wheels are designed for use on sand, so they are excellent at navigating rougher terrain in your garden. Each is 4inches wide with a 7 inch diameter and comes with a hard rubber tyre for improved grip on all terrain, keeping the trolley stable no matter what. 

BEAU JARDIN Folding Wagon Garden Cart Foldable Push Trolleys Collapsible Utility 100KG Max load...
933 Reviews
BEAU JARDIN Folding Wagon Garden Cart Foldable Push Trolleys Collapsible Utility 100KG Max load…
  • Large capacity: large load Folding wagon cart outside dimensions approx.: 39….
  • Weight capacity: The wheel of the canvas wagon is 4″ Wide and 7″in diameter, the…
  • 360 degrees beach wheels and adjustable handle: the folding wagon come with…

Waldbeck Ventura Garden Hand Cart Truck

Waldbeck Ventura Hand Truck Hand Cart Heavy Load (300 Kg Load Capacity, Sturdy Steel Frame, Folding Side Panels with Pinewood Veneer) Dark Green
  • 300kg capacity
  • Steel frame
  • Folding side panels with pinewood veneer
  • Four oversized wheels with pneumatic tyres

The Waldbeck Ventura Garden Hand Truck offers a great capacity for transporting heavier loads around your garden. Offering a great 300kg capacity, it is perfect for those heavier objects and tools such as large bags of soil, garden ornaments, firewood, strimmers etc.

A robust steel frame and flat base provide plenty of stability, while four oversized wheels with air-filled tyres and steel rims ensure easy handling on any terrain, even when it is filled to maximum capacity. The side panels are foldable for easier loading and to convert it into a flatbed, coming with an attractive pinewood veneer finish.

While certainly an attractive design, it does mean that the truck is not the best for transporting loser material like piles of soil or sand, although you can solve this issue by ensuring there is a liner inside the cart before filling it. 

Waldbeck Ventura Hand Truck Hand Cart Heavy Load (300 Kg Load Capacity, Sturdy Steel Frame, Folding...
157 Reviews
Waldbeck Ventura Hand Truck Hand Cart Heavy Load (300 Kg Load Capacity, Sturdy Steel Frame, Folding…
  • Hand truck for transporting heavy loads in the garden and hobby areas, while…
  • Loadable up to 300 kg | Air-filled rubber tires with steel rims
  • Robust, large metal handle for comfortable pulling with any hand size | Simple,…

VonHaus 75L Garden Tipping Cart Dump Truck

VonHaus 75L Garden Tipping Cart Dump Truck Wheelbarrow Trolley
  • 250kg static capacity
  • 180kg dumping capacity
  • Four large wheels with pneumatic tyres

If you want a cart that has good tipping function like a wheelbarrow be sure to consider this great product from VonHaus. Offering an impressive capacity and the ability to easily dump the contents, this is a versatile product that is suitable for all kinds of uses throughout the garden.

There are various capacities depending on the use of the trolley. For example, when left static you can load up to 250kg, while dumping capacity is slightly lower at 180kg. This makes it especially useful when transporting loose material like piles of soil, sand, bark, loose stones etc.

The frame is made from metal but the tub itself is made from plastic. While not quite as strong as metal tubs, it is highly resistant to wear and tear and makes it much easier to tip. When tipping, simply release the connection at the back and lift the back of the tub to remove the contents.  

VonHaus 75L Garden Tipping Cart Dump Truck Wheelbarrow Trolley
703 Reviews
VonHaus 75L Garden Tipping Cart Dump Truck Wheelbarrow Trolley
  • Ideal for transporting and unloading plants, soil, mulch, coal, stone, logs,…
  • 75L capacity, 250kg static load capacity and 180kg dump capacity. Easy release…
  • Features strong plastic tub, heavy duty powder coated steel frame and four large…

Kids Retro Garden Cart Trolley

Toby All Terrain Wagon Pull Cart Red - Europe's best selling pull along metal retro trolley. CE Certified for child safety. child kids garden festival trolley toys truck "as seen on TV"
  • 100kg capacity
  • Four large wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • Steel frame with wooden side panels

This versatile trolley is a great option for families that want to encourage their children to help around the garden or just have something fun to ride about inside on days out. No matter your planned uses, this product is a modern version of the iconic retro red wagon that was a staple of many childhoods over the years.

Known for its sturdiness and versatility, it is made from quality materials that make it child-friendly but also reliable for use around the garden. This includes steel frame construction, robust wooden side panels, and large wheels with air-filled tyres, all of which help provide lots of stability.

At 100kg, the capacity is on the smaller side, although still plenty of room for your average garden supplies.

Toby All Terrain Wagon Pull Along Red Wagon - CE Certified/Outdoor Toy/Garden...
131 Reviews
Toby All Terrain Wagon Pull Along Red Wagon – CE Certified/Outdoor Toy/Garden…
  • CE and EN71-72 CERTIFIED by TUV Rheinland – Our pull carts have been fully…
  • BUILT TO LAST – Our trolleys are sturdy all-steel hardware that can carry heavy…

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