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Best Garden Sieves

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Tigerbox Premium Quality Powder Coated Steel Garden Riddle/Soil Sieve Set

Tigerbox Premium Quality Powder Coated Steel Garden Riddle/Soil Sieve Set with 3/8", 1/4" & 1/2" Mesh. Includes Antibacterial Pen.

This product from Tigerbox is perfect for filtering out debris from soil, with mesh holes ranging from 6mm to 12mm, making it easy to find the right size for your needs. The metal construction provides great durability, especially the mesh material which is treated with an active agent that kills off 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

Apollo Gardening 1/4-inch 6mm Metal Garden Riddle/Sieve Mesh

Apollo Gardening 1/4-inch 6mm Metal Garden Riddle/Sieve Mesh

A great option for sifting soil and removing debris, this item has a 6mm mesh so produces a fine consistency that is perfect for growing seeds and getting rid of weed roots, stones etc. Made from durable powder coated steel, it is resistant to rust so should last for many years.

Apollo Gardening Ltd METAL RIDDLE 1/4IN R08
2,859 Reviews

Draper Garden Soil Sieve

This circular sifter comes with mesh holes measuring 7mm, making it slightly larger than smaller meshes with 6mm. Still, it sifts soil to a fine consistency if planting seedlings and seed, while the holes are still small enough to capture most loose debris like stones and weeds. It has a 36.5mm diameter so is quite spacious.  

Draper 17998 Garden Soil Sieve, 37cm x 7.3cm x 37cm, Green
1,061 Reviews
Draper 17998 Garden Soil Sieve, 37cm x 7.3cm x 37cm, Green
  • Diameter: 380mm
  • This sieve is the ideal accessory when removing stones from soil and aerating…
  • Color: Green

Greenfingers Garden Sieve

Garden Sieve

Made from a robust plastic material, this product is one of the cheaper options available and does a great job sifting out larger debris found in plots. There is a good depth to it too, being deeper than most metal style products, so it holds a higher capacity than most others. The mesh holes are suitable for removing heavier particles from the soil.

Garden Sieve Plastic GN208
944 Reviews
Garden Sieve Plastic GN208

Bulldog Premier 3/8 Inch Garden Sieve

Garden Sieve

Boasting all metal construction, this durable product is ideal for removing heavier debris life stones, lumps, and entire weeds. At 75mm deep you get a great capacity for sifting through material, with the 9mm mesh holes being on the larger side, so may not be the best for breaking down soil into finer material for seeds and seedlings.

Bulldog 8186170000 Premier 3/8 Inch Garden Sieve
586 Reviews
Bulldog 8186170000 Premier 3/8 Inch Garden Sieve
  • All metal construction
  • Pressed steel rim
  • 3/8 Inch/9 mm grid; 3 inch (75mm) Deep

Garden Sieve Buying Guide

Whether you an allotment, garden, or small balcony, a garden sieve is an invaluable tool for growing plants. Allowing you to alter the consistency of garden soil, this simple tool is one of the most invaluable for gardeners that want to give their seedlings and plants the best chance to thrive.

Suitable for soil and compost, the sieve can be used in various ways, from making planting soil finer for seedlings to removing stones, weeds, and roots from your soil for improved growing conditions. They are inexpensive and help create better soil consistency for all kinds of growing, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and much more.

Why Buy a Garden Sieve?

Why exactly would you need such a tool for planting? Well, soil with lots of clumps and stones provide a more challenging growing environment for plants, especially seedlings that lack the strength to bypass these obstacles.

By creating a fine consistency to the soil, you provide perfect growing conditions for seedlings and any other plant, as they require less effort to move through the soil. This results in healthier, more robust root systems and better overall growth. 

How to Choose a Garden Sieve

what tool is best for your needs depends on a few things, so check out the guide below for all the if no you need to find the right one for your garden:

Sieving Requirements

Consider what type of soil you are sieving to help you find a product suitable for your needs. For example, if growing seeds and seedlings, you want a fine mesh to ensure soil is free from clumps to ensure better growth.

If you are reclaiming soil from an allotment or bed, then you want a durable product that can handle lots of stones and other heavy debris. If weeds and roots are being sieved then make sure the mesh is as small as possible to prevent any escaping. 

Hole Size

As mentioned above, different hole sizes are suitable for different sieving tasks, so always be sure to consider what you need. Smaller holes are best suited when breaking up bags of soil or compost for seeds, as they need a fine consistency to ensure optimal growing conditions.

When working on a plot or allotment, larger holes are okay as you are mostly trying to remove stones and other loose debris. Weed heavy areas may benefit from a finer mesh size to prevent any roots from escaping and regrowing.

Some of the most common hole sizes include 6mm, 7mm, 9mm, and 12mm.


The best material is usually metal, as it is much stronger and more durable so can withstand all the wear and tear that comes with it.

Most of the top selling products are circular and made from metal, with strong mesh wire to sift through material. They are the best when dealing with chunky debris that has a lot of stones and weeds, providing much finer soil after sieving.

Plastic types are available and generally much cheaper. While they are resistant to rusting, unlike some metal types, they are much flimsier and likely to break.

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