Best Garden Vacuum Reviews UK

Best Garden Vacuums

Garden vacuums are a fantastic tool for maintaining your outdoor space throughout the year. Autumn brings an entire new landscape to the garden, with leaves changing into browns, golds, and oranges until eventually falling to the ground. While unquestionably beautiful, these seasonal changes bring a lot more garden maintenance than you might expect, especially in …

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Lawn care tips and faqs UK

48 Lawn Care Tips

How Often Should I Mow My Lawn? A healthy, happy, lawn receives regular mowing. The regularity of mowing depends on the season. During the growing season, it will need to be mowed more often. Usually, once a week is enough although this will vary depending on how fast the grass grows in your area. Outside …

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Best pruning saws reviews UK

Best Pruning Saws

Maintaining trees, bushes, and shrubs in the garden is difficult without the right tools. Over the years, tree and shrub branches grow at very fast rates. Lots of new growth appears while older growth remains, leading to a wild and overgrown bush or tree in many gardens. Yet with the right tool, maintaining these branches …

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Best Garden Grass Strimmer Reviews UK

Best Garden Strimmer Reviews

BLACK+DECKER 36 V Cordless Strimmer Black and Decker are regarded for their high-quality power tools and this 36V cordless strimmer is no exception. Easily one of the best cordless strimmers on the market, this model comes with an impressive 36V electric motor that makes it suitable for those larger lawns too – something not all …

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Best Garden Hedge Shears Reviews UK

Best Garden Hedge Shears

Pick up the wrong set of shears and you’ve got a tool that leads to frustration for the next ten years. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a simple guide to help you prevent this mistake. As well as offering some popular garden hedge shears, we’ll also take you through some considerations to make before …

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Best Garden Shed Reviews UK

Best Garden Shed Reviews

Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed This large plastic shed from Keter offers ample space for storage, including a double door design that makes adding and removing larger garden equipment quick and easy. As it’s made from plastic this shed requires no treatments and maintenance is generally low – the odd inside clean is …

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Best Garden Hose Reviews UK

Best Garden Hose Reviews

What considerations do you need to make when buying a garden hose? Are there any particular brand names you should look out for while researching the market? Does the hose length affect water pressure? In this guide, we’re hoping to answer all of these questions and more so stay tuned. As well as taking you …

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how to grow runner beans UK

How to Grow Runner Beans

A necessity in any British garden, these pole beans are easy to grow and absolutely gorgeous to boot. They can be solely an ornamental or you can also eat the seed pods. Does it get any better? Seed Starting To get the most out of the season, start runner bean seeds indoors in mid-April. They …

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