Best solar powered water features UK

Best Solar Powered Water Features

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Water features are a great buy for anyone that loves spending time out in their garden. A popular addition to many landscaped gardens, they add plenty of style and character to any outdoor area, especially if combined with a pond.

Better still, with improvements in solar power technology, water features are now even easier to install and maintain. As a result they not require any wiring to connect to a power source, instead gathering all the energy it needs to operate from the sun. 

Of course, this is not the only reason to add a solar powered water feature to your garden. For instance, a water feature adds a calming presence to a space, with the soft sounds of trickling water providing the perfect ambience to relax and unwind.

Whether you are feeling stressed, anxious, or angry, a few minutes next to the soothing sounds and calming visuals of moving water helps you feel better in no time.

Designs are varied too, with simple features that only produce a small running water system to elaborate systems with decorative statues that act as a focal point of the garden. It may even attract local some local wildlife too, from bathing birds to friendly frogs. check below for some of our top choices of the best solar powered water features.

Smart Garden Duck Family Umbrella Solar Water Feature Fountain

This feature comes with a classic fountain design, evoking a traditional aesthetic that will look great in various styles of garden, from modern gardens to cottage gardens. While pillar fountain design resembles stone it is made from a robust resin material that has a bronze finish to give it a realistic appearance.

In the middle of the birdbath at the top are some cute ornamental ducks, although it wouldn’t be surprising to see lots of real birds taking a bath in the water once it is up and running! One of ducks is holding an umbrella, which is where the running water trickles down from, producing a calming and relaxing ambience for you to enjoy.

The water is completely recycled so doesn’t need attached to any source. Simply add the water as needed and the fountain will recycle it during the day. Two solar panels are fitted to either side of the basin, drawing in ample sunlight to power the device throughout the day. 

In fact, there is no wiring of any kind needed – just set up the fountain and it is ready to go. You can even use it on a patio or balcony if short on garden space, with it taking up minimal space (84cm x 48cm)

Smart Garden Duck Family Umbrella Solar Water Feature Fountain 1170020
448 Reviews
Smart Garden Duck Family Umbrella Solar Water Feature Fountain 1170020
  • Solar powered birdbath water fountain, Operates in direct sunlight, No wiring,…
  • Features a family of brightly coloured ducks sheltered under an umbrella
  • Water is pumped to the top of the umbrella and cascades over it into the…

GardenKraft 2Tier Barrel Water Fountain with Pump

Tiered water fountains like this are a great option for recreating a small waterfall in your garden. It consists of two levels where water flows down, with the cascading waters resembling the sound of a waterfall.

Made from a robust, weatherproof plastic, the barrel design looks like the real thing, with an etched wooden effect producing a rustic aesthetic that many love in their outdoor space. Measuring 67cm x 42cm, water falls from traditional water pump attachment at the top, cascading into the barrels below.

The water system is entirely self-contained, so you just add the required amount of water and the system recycles it throughout the day. It may require the odd top up but should mostly run on the same amount of water each day, with the high-pressure water pump producing a steady and constant flow of water.

A great thing about the barrel designs is that each one offers ample space for wildlife. Expect plenty of small birds to bathe in the water, and it may even encourage other small animals to pay a visit to your garden.

GardenKraft 20890 2-Tier Barrel Water Fountain With Pump/Traditional Rustic Wood Effect/Self...
1,992 Reviews
GardenKraft 20890 2-Tier Barrel Water Fountain With Pump/Traditional Rustic Wood Effect/Self…
  • GARDEN WATER FOUNTAIN – This exquisite 67cm x 41cm outdoor water feature has a…
  • HIGH PRESSURE WATER PUMP – The high-pressure water pump enables the water to…
  • WEATHERPROOF DESIGN – The traditional rustic wood effect etched onto the…

Blumfeldt Felsquell – Solar cascade fountain

This beautiful fountain is perfect for creating an Asian-inspired garden, with the small rock formation and water feature commonplace in many gardens of this style. The rocks look real but are made from a durable weather-resistant polyresin material that withstands all the seasons, so expect it to last for many years.

As a solar powered device it requires no electricity to operate, with a powerful 2kW solar panel and large 2000mAh rechargeable battery included. The battery is an excellent addition as it allows any excess power to be stored, holding up to eight hours of runtime in optimal conditions.

Water gently falls down the rock formation, creating a peaceful ambience that is perfect for a garden, patio, terrace, or balcony. The feature also includes several LED lights that provide a pleasant atmospheric lighting that only enhances the aesthetic it creates.

All water is self-contained, with the powerful miniature pump producing a lift f 80cm and 200 litres of pumping power. This pump gets a constant source of energy from the solar panel and battery, so it never needs plugged in and should work continuously.

It is quite compact too, measuring 55cm x 37cm x 35cm, so it should fit easily into any space in your garden or outdoor area, such as a balcony.

Blumfeldt Felsquell - Solar cascade fountain, Garden fountain, LED lighting, 2kW solar panel,...
120 Reviews
Blumfeldt Felsquell – Solar cascade fountain, Garden fountain, LED lighting, 2kW solar panel,…
  • INDEPENDENT OF ELECTRICITY: A 2kW solar panel and a 2000mAh rechargeable battery…
  • ATMOSPHERIC: In addition to the gently rippling water effect, the Blumfeldt…
  • POWERFUL: The Blumfeldt Felsquell cascade solar fountain’s powerful mini pump…

Solar Fountain Pump

A cool thing about this solar fountain pump is that it lets you convert a birdbath into a water feature, all run by sunlight! This is useful for anyone that owns a birdbath or fountain and would like to add a running water feature to it, with the affordable water pump seamless integrating with any fountain.

Rather than buying a water feature, you simply add the solar panel pump into one you already own for a quick and easy feature. It includes a 2.1kW solar panel at the base of the pump, which can be floats on top of the water, gathering enough sun to power itself.

The pump comes with six nozzles that produce different water style sprays, so you can create different looks depending on your needs. This could be a gentle spray or a powerful jet, with each setting producing a different look to the feature.

When placed on the water the pump automatically draws in sun, which then powers it up so it can start to pump water through its system, coming out from the nozzle at the top. You can leave it here all day and night, although it automatically shuts off once there is no power or it’s taken out of water. 

Solaray Easter Island Head Solar Water Feature and Planter with LED Lights

This decorative piece combines a water feature with a planter and LED lights to create an awesome looking piece.

Taking inspiration from the famous Easter Island moai statues, the ‘stone’ figure is made from a polyresin that makes it safe to leave outside, even in extreme hots and colds, with the durable material withstanding most elements.

The head of the statue is the main focal point of the water feature, with a small stream of water gently cascading into the pool below. From here, the water is recycled back through the head of the statue, so it runs self-sufficiently and won’t require any water source beyond what you add to it.

You can add any type of plant to the top of the head thanks to an integrated planter, which can be used to create a unique aesthetic depending on what you add. There are a few small LED lights that illuminate the water, creating a beautiful ambience when combined with the calming sounds of water.

Installation is quick and easy, with the solar panel connecting to the pump. There is also a battery backup that keeps the water running at dark, operating for up to three hours depending on the conditions, although you can turn the feature off too if you prefer.

Smart Garden Solar Pagoda Oriental Garden Water Feature Fountain Bird Bath

If you are looking to create an oriental-inspired garden then this is a great water feature to consdier. The feature is made to resemble a Pagoda, a tired tower with multiple eaves that is common throughout China, Japan, and other parts of Asia.

It subtly evokes an Asian style architecture that is perfect for an Asian garden. Made from UV and frost-resistant resin, it has a stone-like finish that adds to the overall aesthetic, giving it a rustic feel that works well with various other garden styles.

Installation is simple, with two integrated solar panels powering the internal water pump. Simply place it wherever you want in the garden, fill with water, and it will start running shortly after. It has two tiers, each one housing a birdbath that is sure to attract the local wildlife in your garden.

Water cascades from each of the four corners of the upper bath, falling into the lower bath and then being recycled back into the fountain. You don’t need to attach it to any wires or a separate water source – just top up with water as needed.

Measuring 72cm x 47cm x 47cm, it is easy to move throughout the garden, working best in the sunniest areas to get most from the solar panels.

Smart Garden Solar Pagoda Oriental Garden Water Feature Fountain Bird Bath
125 Reviews
Smart Garden Solar Pagoda Oriental Garden Water Feature Fountain Bird Bath
  • Solar powered
  • Made from resin with stone finish
  • Operates in direct sunlight

How Solar Water Features Work

You may be wondering the science behind the best solar powered water features and how they work, and it is fairly simple to understand. Using a process called photovoltaics, the solar panels feature small cells that absorb the energy from the sun, converting into electrons that are used to power the water feature.

One big question regarding solar panels in the garden is whether they work when its not sunny – a big issue for many parts of the word that see limited sun during the winter or cloudy days!

Thankfully, solar panels are sophisticated enough that they do not require direct exposure to sunlight, with the energy still being drawn from the sun even in daylight. This means the feature should be fine even during cloudy and rainy days, or during those shorter days in the winter.

Moreover, when there is enough energy during the day the panels will store this, using it at night time when the sun has gone. This allows many features to work continuously, although you can also turn them off at night if you want.

As you might expect, placement of the panels is important for maximising the amount of energy they draw. Always place the water feature where the panel is in direct sunlight for long periods. Some fountains have integrated panels so you need to move the entire thing, while others come with separate panels that can be positioned on a fence or wall for better coverage.

Ensure the panels aren’t placed in a dark area or underneath too much coverage (such as a tree or shrub), as it may not have enough direct sunlight to power throughout the day. You should also consider cleaning the panels every 6-12 months, as natural debris, dust, and droppings may cover the panel, making it less effective.

Of course, certain climates are better suited for solar panels. Warm and sunny climates have an obvious advantage, with enough sun throughout the year to keep the fountain running constantly. Moderate climates with cooler winters may need a fountain with a battery back up so they can keep running!

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