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Best Electric Log Splitters

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An electric log splitter is one of the most useful tools for anyone with a log burner or fireplace. Instead of manually splitting logs using an axe, this machine does all the work for you, automating the process to remove all the time and effort associated with manually chopping wood.

While manual and petrol powered log splitters are available, those with an electric motor are generally the best option for use at home. They come reasonably priced and are easy to use, being suitable for most people’s log splitting needs.

Using an electric motor to power a hydraulic arm, you place a log into the machine and then wait for the arm to use high pressure to force the log into a cutting blade, either a screw cone or a sharpened wedge.

Those using a cone split work from either side, whereas a wedge blade is more efficient splitting logs from the flat side of the wood. Each has their benefits, but most people will find the ram wedge function easier to use, as it requires less maintenance.

Forest master Lightweight 5 Ton Fast Electric Hydraulic FM5 Log Splitter 2200 Watt Wood Axe
  • 5 tons of force
  • 2200W motor
  • 30cm Length and 30cm Diameter Capacity
  • Suitable for green and soft wood
  • Lightweight (32kg)

The FM5 from Forest Master is one of the best electric log splitters we have reviewed a great option for domestic use, offering a reliable 5 tons of force that should be more than enough for most log splitting needs. Compact and lightweight at just 32kg, moving the machine around is easy enough and doesn’t require too much energy, which is useful if your logs are stored farther away from where the machine is being stored.

A 2200W electric motor offers ample cutting power and speed, operating a fast 9 second cycle. This is one of the fastest ratings around and should split many logs every hour, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Using a ram wedge to split wood, it provides a fast and clean cut on soft and green woods, although is not the best suited for splitting seasoned wood. Maximum capacity for both log length and diameter is 30cm, so it is a great option for small logs used for firewood at home.

It comes with two handed operation, letting you use both the button and lever at the same time. This makes it quicker and safer to use, especially for a beginner learning how to operate the machine for the first time

Forest Master FM5D-TC Electric Log Splitter 5 Ton - 9 Second Cycle Time - Pre-Filled Ready for Use -...
322 Reviews
Forest Master FM5D-TC Electric Log Splitter 5 Ton – 9 Second Cycle Time – Pre-Filled Ready for Use -…
  • POWERFUL 5-TON SPLITTING FORCE: Effortlessly split soft/green wood with the…
  • QUICK 9-SECOND CYCLE TIME: Experience the fastest small log splitter on the…
  • PRE-FILLED WITH HYDRAULIC OIL: Get started right away with the FM5TW, which…

The Handy 6 Ton Log Splitter

The Handy 6 Ton Log Splitter with Guard
  • 6 tons of force
  • 2200W motor
  • 25cm diameter capacity
  • 52cm length capacity

The THLS-6 is another good option for beginners looking for a more efficient way of splitting logs for firewood. It comes with an impressive 6 tons of force, making it slightly stronger than your average domestic model, which is great for tackling various types of logs.

For example, the machine can take both green and hardwood, which not all entry-level models manage. When combined with a 52cm diameter capacity for the logs, it can handle all types of logs, including soft, green, seasoned, hardwood, and even those with knots that are typically more difficult to split.

Two large wheels and a handle make it easy to move around, while its compact shape and lightweight size ensure no effort is needed when manoeuvring back and forth from storage. It also comes with a length of 1.8m power cord, so you should be able to use it in most places without needing an extension.

It requires dual handed operation, helping to make it easier and safer to operate, minimising the risk of accidental injury.

The Handy THLS-6G Electric Log Splitter with Safety Shut-Off and Guard, 2200W 6 Tons Pressure - 2...
39 Reviews
The Handy THLS-6G Electric Log Splitter with Safety Shut-Off and Guard, 2200W 6 Tons Pressure – 2…
  • SPLITS SEASONED OR GREENWOOD TIMBER – a massive 6 tons of pressure means you can…
  • STRONG AND STABLE WITH BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURES – rugged metal construction…


  • 8 ton force of power
  • 40cm diameter capacity
  • 45cm length capacity
  • Dual blade
  • 2 speed setting
  • 5 second split cycle

The FM16 from Forest Master is a powerful log splitter suitable for all kinds of woods including green and seasoned. Boasting a whopping 8 tons force of power, the splitter’s ram wedge system cuts logs up to 45cm long and 40cm in diameter, making it suitable for those larger logs that most entry-level machines struggle.

To ensure that there is enough power to handle those larger size logs, the machine has two speed settings, one accommodating thicker logs by increasing the speed of the ram wedge. The lower speed setting is suitable for logs around 30cm in diameter, taking just 5 seconds to split, while the other cuts through those logs with a larger diameter.

It also comes with a ram stop, which you can adjust to accommodate different log lengths. For instance, when dealing with smaller logs you can use the ram stop to reduce the travel needed for the arm, making it split logs faster  

Furthermore, there are two blades rather than one, a great feature that increases the performance of the machine. Basically, it splits logs from one or both ends, the latter sometimes necessary for tougher logs. This heavy duty models is one of the best electric log splitters for larger logs.

Forest Master FM16D Heavy Duty Electric Log Splitter - 8 Tons of Splitting Force - Heavy Duty - Logs...
57 Reviews
Forest Master FM16D Heavy Duty Electric Log Splitter – 8 Tons of Splitting Force – Heavy Duty – Logs…
  • POWERFUL SPLITTING FORCE: Experience up to 8 tons of force to effortlessly split…
  • DUOCUT BLADE: Our trademarked blade design enhances efficiency and enables the…
  • TWO-SPEED RAM CONTROL: Choose between fast splitting with reduced force or full…

Logmaster 5 Tonne Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Logmaster 5 Tonne Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter Machine, 1500W, Splits Green & Hard Wood, with Safety Guard and Wheels
  • 5 ton force of power
  • 4cm diameter capacity
  • 38cm length capacity
  • 1500W motor
  • Splits 100 logs per hour
  • Suitable for green and hard woods

If you need a reliable splitter for smaller size logs then this machine from Logmaster is well worth consideration. Powered by a robust 1500W motor, the splitter offers impressive splitting speeds that cut an average of 100 logs per hour.

Log capacity is on the smaller side at 25.4cm for diameter and 38cm for length, although this should be fine for most people chopping firewood at home. The ram wedge design ensures fast and efficient splitting, with the 5 ton force of power suitable for both hard and green woods.

Moreover, this one of the easiest splitters to use. It comes with simple operation including automatic return, meaning you just place the log then push the button and pull the handle, with the machine taking care of the rest.

It is also quite compact and lightweight, with two oversized wheels and a pull handle for easier transportation outside.  A 181cm power cord also means you don’t need to rely on an extension cable, while a safety cage avoids any loose cuttings from accidentally hitting you.

Logmaster 5 Tonne Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter Machine, 1500W, Splits Green & Hard Wood, with...
55 Reviews
Logmaster 5 Tonne Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter Machine, 1500W, Splits Green & Hard Wood, with…
  • Powerful; Maximum ram pressure force of 5 tonnes will split wood efficiently
  • Safer; Quick, quiet and highly safe operation, no need to swing a sharp axe
  • Versatile; Able to split green and hard wood with ease, use good quality wood…

FOX 4 Ton Electric Log Hydraulic Splitter

  • 4-ton force of power
  • 25cm diameter capacity
  • 37cm length capacity
  • 1500W motor
  • Two handle operation

The FOX4T offers ample splitting power for logs up to 25cm in diameter and 37cm in length. This should be more than enough for most logs used in a fireplace, log burner, or firepit, with fast splitting times ensuring you get all the wood you need in no time.

Powered by a 1500W electric motor, the machine is powered via two-handed operation, using both the lever and button to start the splitting process. There is also a safety guard fitted, so the FOX4T is one of the safest options for first-time users.  

The hydraulic ram produces 4 tons force of power, making it good for tackling most soft woods and green woods, although it may struggle to handle hard woods and seasoned woods, especially those with a knot.

Two large wheels offer great portability, while the 5m power lead means it can be plugged in almost anywhere without needing an extension cable. There is also an interesting accessory (sold separately) that allows you to convert the blade wedge into a four-way wedge, letting you split logs into smaller sizes.

Fox 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter 1500w 230V Wood Cutter with Safety Guard & Cage - Cuts Up To 370mm -...
33 Reviews
Fox 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter 1500w 230V Wood Cutter with Safety Guard & Cage – Cuts Up To 370mm -…
  • 1500w 230v motor (equivalent to 2HP) with a 4 Ton splitting force
  • Features a two handed operating system and accepts logs up to 370mm long
  • Supplied with the very latest CE compliant safety guard and cage

Electric Log Splitter UK Buying Guide

An electric log splitter is a great tool for anyone with a log burner at home. If you are considering buying one, check out the below guide that covers everything you need to know to find the best electric log splitter for your needs. 

Benefits of Using a Log Splitter

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that the splitter makes it much faster and easier to split wood. You don’t need to manually chop wood using an axe, which is not only time consuming but requires a lot of energy, something not everyone has.

With this tool you remove all the hassle of splitting logs. It takes a matter of seconds to split a single log, saving you a lot of time and effort compared to doing so manually. Plus, because the machines are so easy to use, they are generally safer than using an axe, which is easy to mishandle.

How to Use an Electric Log Splitter

Because the machine uses high pressure force, all you need to do is place a log into the machine between the drive arm and steel wedge. Using hydraulics, the arm forces the log into the wedge, splitting it instantly.

Just place the log into the splitter and then press the button or pull the lever – it really is that simple!

Horizontal Log Splitter vs Vertical Log Splitter

Splitters can be vertically or horizontally orientated, each one offering their advantages. For example, a vertical splitter has a smaller footprint so great for a garage or workshop that is tight on space, although they are only suitable for use on flat surfaces.

Horizontal splitters are considered the best for domestic use, being much more portable and suitable to use on various surfaces. The design offers more balance, making it harder to accidentally tip over.

Because they are generally easier and safer to operate, it is recommended that you choose a machine with horizontal orientation, especially if you are not familiar with operating this type of machinery.  

What Type of Wood Do They Use?

Technically you can use both green and seasoned wood with the machine. Seasoned wood, which is dried for a period for easier cutting, is the best option as the machine requires less power to split the logs.

Green wood, which is any wood that still has moisture present, is more difficult to split due to the excess moisture inside. While a splitter can chop the wood, more pressure is required, so not every machine is suitable for this.

When looking for one that can split both green and seasoned wood, look for a higher ton rating. 

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Ton Rating

The ton rating indicates the overall force of pressure of the splitter, with a higher rating meaning the machine can split larger logs. While the ratings go much higher, anything between 5 and 10 tons should suffice for domestic use, unless you are splitting logs with a diameter larger than 30cm.

In fact, 5 tons should be fine for anyone that is splitting small logs for a log burner or fireplace, being one of the easiest ways to prepare firewood at home. This also means the machine should be smaller and easier to move around.

Log Sizes

You should consider the average size of the logs you split, using this to choose a machine with appropriate capacity. Most entry-level products hold logs between 30cm to 50cm long, which is fine as you probably won’t have logs longer than this.

Diameter is more important, as this indicates the maximum width of a log that can be split. For small logs, a diameter of between 25-30cm should be fine. Larger logs may need a larger capacity, with a diameter of between 40-60cm recommended, although these more powerful models tend to be the best electric log splitters money can buy and therefore more expensive.


Most splitters are designed to be portable, typically featuring several wheels so that you can move it around. This is a great feature as most people will store the tool away from their logs, which are usually left outside, so moving the machine to the logs is a lot more convenient that constantly moving logs.

A horizontal splitter is much more portable, as vertical models don’t have wheels as they only work on flat surfaces. While you can move it around, it will be much heavier and more challenging to move, so always choose horizontal orientation for maximum portability. 

Cutting Speed

Speed settings vary from each machine, although most have enough to chop around 100 logs per hour. Some even have additional features to help increase speed, such as an adjustable cycle. This basically means the machine automatically matches the log size on each turn instead of waiting for the hydraulic arm to match it, resulting in faster cutting speed.

Another feature that can increase cutting speeds is a dual blade system. These machines have blades that split logs from either end, making it even quicker at splitting logs, especially knotted wood. 


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