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Best Solar Garden Lights

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LED lights have become massively popular due to their low power consumption that makes them significantly cheaper to run than other types of lighting. Similarly, solar panels are more popular than ever, providing people with an eco-friendly source of energy that pays for itself for over time.

Combine the two and you get one of the most popular fixtures for outdoor living areas – solar garden lights. Using LEDs that are powered by a small solar panel, solar garden lights require no batteries or mains power, providing an ambient lighting decoration that can be placed anywhere outside the home. Many people use them to add light to their outdoor structures, lawn and pop up gazebos.

Solar garden lights offer many benefits, namely being completely free to run, getting all their power from the sun during the day. This energy is stored in batteries and then used to power the lights when it becomes dark, with most lights automatically turning on when their sensors detect no daylight.

This makes them incredibly easy to maintain – simply place them anywhere you want outside and leave them to it! The best solar garden lights also last many years, so you’ll get plenty of mileage from them even when left outside year-round.

Of course, the most obvious reason to purchase solar garden lights is they look beautiful! Whether placing them around pathways, patios, outdoor dining areas, flower beds, or any garden feature, solar garden lights add a wonderful aesthetic to any outdoor area!

Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights - Super-Bright 15 Lumens - Perfect Neutral Design; Makes Garden Pathways & Flower Beds Look Great - Easy NO-WIRE Installation; All-Weather/Water-Resistant
Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights - Super-Bright 15 Lumens - Perfect Neutral Design; Makes Garden Pathways & Flower Beds Look Great - Easy NO-WIRE Installation; All-Weather/Water-Resistant
Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights - Super-Bright 15 Lumens - Perfect Neutral Design; Makes Garden Pathways & Flower Beds Look Great - Easy NO-WIRE Installation; All-Weather/Water-Resistant

These solar garden lights offer exceptional value for money, with six premium quality lights included for a very affordable price. Bright and durable, these lights should last many years to come, with only some minor maintenance required to keep them in top condition.

Better still, should anything start to break or deteriorate, you get a lifetime guarantee that means the manufacturer sends out replacement parts! This is an amazing offer that means these solar garden lights won’t ever need replaced unless you want to change them.

With a classic path light design, the solar lights are perfect for lining around pathways, driveways, and any features around the garden such as flower beds, trees, shrubs, decking, or patio areas. Simply attach the head to the body and insert the spike peg into the ground and they are good to go!

These solar lights are some of the brightest available, producing a whopping 15 lumens. This will offer fantastic illumination throughout the evening, with an impressive 6 to 8 hour runtime depending on the weather.

The lights are built to last too, being made from ABS plastic that ensures rain, snow, frost, or sleet will cause any lasting damage. Should any part stop working due to exposure to the elements, just claim a replacement part as part of the lifetime guarantee!

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Signature Garden Ultra-Bright 6 Lumen Solar Garden Lights

Signature Garden Ultra-Bright 6 Lumen Solar Garden Lights - No Wire Installation, All-Weather/Water-Resistant! (Six Pack)

These sleek black solar garden lights are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, whether you want to light a winding path in your garden, illuminate an outdoor dining area, or draw attention to a prominent feature in the garden.

Six lights are included with the pack, which considering the price is a great investment, especially because you get a lifetime guarantee for replacement parts. This means should anything break and you haven’t tampered with the lights the manufacturer will send a replacement out free of charge.

So, with a little love and care, expect these lights to illuminate your garden for years! They’re highly durable anyway so the chances of them breaking are quite slim. For instance, the light casing is made from ABS plastic to provide complete resistant to all the elements, whether its rain, frost, hail, or sleet.

The only real issue is that the lights might come apart if you bang into them and knock them over. This is by design, as the lights come in three separate parts that click together to assemble them, so it’s generally just a nuisance if you knock them over and they come apart. Should anything break, claim that replacement part!

Light output is great, with a very bright light that lasts anywhere from 5-8 hours depending on the weather condition. Spring and summer months will see a long-lasting battery charge that keeps the garden lit throughout the evening, while they even perform well during winter months.

Signature Garden Premium Solar Garden Lights, Large 6 Pack Super Bright Solar Pathway Lights for...
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Signature Garden Premium Solar Garden Lights, Large 6 Pack Super Bright Solar Pathway Lights for...
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Xddias Solar Garden Lights

Xddias Pack of 6 Solar Lights Garden Stainless Steel Solar Lamp Lantern Outdoor Light Waterproof Solar Lamps for Garden LED Light Effect Decoration Light for Outdoor Patio Lawn Garden Backyard Paths

It’s easy to get bored with the standard garden solar light designs. Most path lights feature a standard plan metal body with a plastic head and not much else. While they do the job, they often appear bland, especially if you want to create a wow-factor with your garden aesthetics.

So, if you’re in the market for something a little more styles, consider these gorgeous stainless-steel lantern solar garden lights. Instead of having a boring basic metal appearance, the stainless-steel body is made with a beautiful bronze finish that makes them really stand out from other path lights.

This is no more apparent at the head portion of the light, which has a steel mesh casing rather than the standard plastic found in most others.

It not only offers a welcome departure from a standard design, but also creates a unique shadow when the lights are on, resulting in a beautifully ambient lighting that is perfect for dining areas, pathways, and creating attractive feature points.

That said, the lightning produced is slightly warmer, so it may not offer the brightest illumination. It’s still very well lit and won’t lack aby brightness, it just lacks the same brightness of cold LED lights. This is all by design though – the idea is to create a softer, ambient lighting in the garden.

The runtime is quite standard, lasting about 6 hours in the winter months and upwards of 8 hours during peak summer. These lights are built to last too, with corrosion resistant steel and tough ABS plastic lights ensuring they remain waterproof and sealed tight.

Xddias Solar Garden Lights, 6 Pcs Solar Lights for Garden Outdoor, Stainless Steel Led Solar Lantern...
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Xddias Solar Garden Lights, 6 Pcs Solar Lights for Garden Outdoor, Stainless Steel Led Solar Lantern...
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Litom Solar Fence Lights

Litom Solar Fence Lights, Decorative Lights LED Garden Lights, Waterproof Solar Lights Wireless Outdoor Lights for Patio, Fence, Yard, Garden, Garage, Stairway, Gate, Wall (Pack of 4)

While solar garden lights are typically path style lights that are placed into the ground, these wall mounted LED lights offer a stylish alternative that offers incredible illumination throughout the garden.

As a wall mounted solar garden light you can attach each of the four lights to any vertical surface in your garden and outdoor area. This includes fences, walls, doorways, garages, and any surface you can screw into!

This is a nice alternative to the standard garden lights that are placed in the ground. It’s espiecally useful for seating areas and patios, helping to produce a nice ambience while lighting dark areas of the garden.

Made from high-quality polycrystalline silicon, the solar panels are better than most models in the price range, while the 1.2V, 600Ah battery quickly gathers energy during the day, providing around 6-8 hours of lighting from the 6 LED bulbs found in each light.

The white light is very bright and perfect for lighting up darker areas, making it popular option for front and back entrances as well as seating areas in the garden, although you can easily attach them to fences near flower beds, shrubs, trees, and other features to create a pleasant ambience.

An intelligent light sensor ensures optimal use of energy, with the light automatically turning on or off depending on the time of day. It also comes with an impressive IP65 protection grade, making it dust and splash resistant – an essential feature given all the rain we get here in the UK!

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Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Security Lights

Solar Lights Outdoor,【270º Four-Angle Lighting-2 Pack】iPosible 100 LED Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor Solar Waterproof Wall Light Solar Powered Light with 3 Modes for Garden,Outside

If you’re looking for a powerful solar garden light that offers unrivalled illumination, then look no further. Featuring an incredible 100 LEDs that produce a staggering 1000 lumen output, there aren’t many solar lights as bright as these.

Better still, the wall mounted design features a 270-degree wide-angle illumination that provides more light coverage than any standard wall mounted LED solar light. This means you can use it as a security light or for great illumination in a seating area.

Unlike most standard solar garden lights, there are three different light modes that provide unique lighting for different situations.

For example, there is a strong long light mode that automatically turns on at night and offers full brightness for up to 5 to 6 hours. There is a strong light sensor mode that acts as a security light, turning on whenever someone passes, while a dim light sensor mode where the light is dim automatically and brightens when the motion detector is active.

All these modes are great for different situations, letting you adjust the light to suit your needs, whether you’re using it as a security light or just to illuminate an area of the garden. You can easily switch between modes as needed, so it’s a versatile light for sure.

Just make sure to attach it high enough on the wall – between 1.7 and 2m – to ensure the solar panel is in a suitable position to get enough sunlight. When charging, the powerful 5.5V 2200mAh batteries quickly recharge and provide anywhere from 5 to 8 hours of light.

iPosible Solar Lights Outdoor, 270º Four-Angle Lighting-2 Pack 100 LED Solar Security Light with...
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iPosible Solar Lights Outdoor, 270º Four-Angle Lighting-2 Pack 100 LED Solar Security Light with...
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Buying Guide

Garden solar lights are great outdoor decorations that also provide a pleasant ambient lighting, making them a welcome addition to any outdoor space.

However, their popularity means there are many low-quality garden solar lights that you want to avoid at all costs, as these cheap products don’t last too long and often perform poorly, especially when the weather isn’t great.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to check out the various features and specifications of any garden solar lights before you buy them, as this ensures you choose a reliable product that illuminates your garden and lasts for many years.

Check the guide below for everything you need to know to buy the best garden solar panels:

Solar Panel Size

As you might expect, the bigger the solar panel the more energy it gathers and stores. This means longer runtimes, faster recharging, and generally a much better performance.

Therefore, you should always check the size of the solar panel and make sure it’s not too small, otherwise it may struggle to gather enough energy.

The position of solar panel may also influence its efficiency. While most sit at a flat angle facing directly upwards, sometimes a slight angle offers better positioning to maximise exposure to the sun.

Battery Quality

Garden solar panels store all the energy gathered from the sun inside a lithium-ion battery. The quality of these batteries differs from each product, with some being very impressive and providing outputs above eight hours, while others may not last as long.

However, knowing which is best can be tough as manufacturers tend to be very generous with their runtime estimation, so take it with a pinch of salt and assume its slightly lower, especially during winter when there is less sunlight.

In most cases, 6-8 hours of runtime is more than enough to light the garden but be mindful that these estimates are made based on ideal weather conditions. If possible, check reviews to see what previous buyers have said, as they’ll have a more accurate estimation having used them already.

Sensor Options

Most garden solar panels have an automatic sensor that turns them on when the sun disappears yet some have multifunctioning sensors that make them more versatile. For example, some have motion detectors that make them suitable for entrances inside the house, shed, or garage.

Light Modes

While most garden solar panels have one basic light mode, there are certain models that have multiple options, so keep an eye out for these if you want more than just a basic light. For instance, some have strong, medium, and light power modes that emit different light strengths, which is perfect for setting creating different ambiences.


Being left outside throughout the year means garden solar panels are the mercy of the weather. Cheaper models aren’t built to last more than a year or two, so bear this in mind and look for features that indicate a more robust build.

For instance, the ingress protection (IP) rating determines how durable the light is against water and dust – look for higher ratings to ensure the lights last many years! Also, look for features such as rust resistant metals for the light frame to ensure that it also lasts.

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