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There are very few drawbacks to having a spacious garden. Nothing quite beats the feeling of spending time in your outdoor sanctuary, whether you enjoy relaxing on a decking or patio area or amongst the plants and flowers growing throughout your garden.

Perhaps the most notable drawback of having a larger garden is the amount of maintenance to keep things tidy. Lawns need mowing, bushes trimmed, weeds removed with strong weedkiller, and all other kinds of fallen debris and natural waste needs tidied up.

This can be quite challenging without the proper equipment, which is where a garden shredder can be a fantastic investment.

A good garden shredder eliminates virtually all the natural waste that accumulates in your garden over the seasons, including twigs, branches, leaves, flowers, grass clippings, and even fruit and vegetable waste from the kitchen.

Garden shredders feature a large cutting blade that shreds waste into a finer consistency and then gathering it in a large bag, making it easier to dispose of or use for compost. This is especially useful in larger gardens where a lot of waste builds up over the year, providing gardeners with a quick and easy way to eliminate waste.

Not only can you use a garden shedder to create compost using the waste from your garden, it’s also suitable for making mulch and even your own bark wood chips. This is great for your garden, with mulch and compost helping to promote healthy growth in countless plants, while you won’t need to spend as much on compost or mulch from garden centres! 

Plus, you’ll naturally have a much tidier garden as all the water that gathers will go straight into the shredder, leaving your outdoor space looking better than ever.

While not necessary for every gardener, garden shredders are a great buy for anyone that loves to create their own compost and mulch while keeping their garden clean and tidy.

Bosch Shredder AXT 25 TC (plunger for trimmed material, 53-litre collection box, cardboard box, material throughput: 230 kg/h, max. cutting capacity: Dia. 45 mm, 2500 W)

The AXT 25 TC is a powerful electric garden shredder from renowned power tool manufacturer Bosch. Using a unique shredding system that makes it suitable for both woody and green garden waste, the AXT 25 TC can handle almost all your shredding needs.

Powered by a robust 2500W motor, the AXT 25 TC produces an impressive cutting speed of 41rpm, allowing you to shred p to 230kg of waste per hour. This is suitable for small and large jobs, with the shredder featuring a 45mm cutting capacity, while you won’t need to sperate green and wooden waste like with many shredders.

The cutting system is quite unique for a garden shredder, working as a hybrid of sorts. Known as the Turbine-Cut System, it features an enhanced roller mechanism and automatic feed system that can handle all kinds of waste, including fresh greenery, thick wooden branches, and everything in-between.

It also has touch pad controls that let you adjust the settings should any issue arise. For instance, the reverse function is suitable for those rare blockages that occur, letting you quickly unblock the cutting system and continue shredding with minimal downtime.

Despite being very powerful and suitable for shredding all kinds of waste, the AXT 25 TC is surprisingly quiet, producing just 82db(h), so you don’t need to worry about irritating any neighbours when shredding.

There is also a large collection box integrated at the base of the shredder. It can gather up to 53L of waste, which is great for reducing the number of trips to the compost heap. Also, a safety function means that the shredder doesn’t start until the collection box is connected, avoiding any accidental starts.

Bosch Garden Shredder AXT 25 TC (2500 W, Plunger for Trimmed Material, 53-litre Collection Box,...
869 Reviews
Bosch Garden Shredder AXT 25 TC (2500 W, Plunger for Trimmed Material, 53-litre Collection Box,...
  • The AXT 25 TC quiet shredder – the first universal shredder for both soft and...
  • High torque high-performance 2500 W motor
  • Patented block release system allows blockages to be loosened easily without the...

TACKLIFE 2500W Garden Shredder & Wood Chipper

TACKLIFE Garden Shredder, Wood Chipper, 2500W Power, Max 40mm Cutting Capacity, 60L Collection Box, Induction Quiet Motor, Adjustable Cutting Blade, 2 Years Warranty PWS01A

This garden shredder from TACKLIFE is a powerful and versatile machine suitable for all kinds of waste, although it performs at its best when dealing with branches, twigs, and similar wooden waste.

Consisting of a robust 2500W copper induction motor, this shredder produces an impressive cutting speed of 40rpms. This provides the shredder with an impressive capacity, with it capable of shredding 240L of waste per hour.

By using a copper induction motor, the shredder is generally more stable than motors with standard induction motors, while also increasing the longevity of the shredder. The rest of the shredder is made from durable steel so should also last many years without any signs of wear and tear.

The turbine cutting system is a slower grinding wheel that may work the best on wetter waste such as leaves but has more than enough power to shred all kinds of wooden growth and many types of greenery – just avoid putting anything that is too damp inside!

A 40mm cutting capacity means you can shred branches and twigs that are fairly thick and will automatically pull them into the shredder, just be sure to slowly feed smaller branches and twigs to ensure they shred properly.

As with many garden shredders, it is on the heavier side and can be quite bulky. However, large wheels make it easy enough to move around outside, although some people may require additional help to move it.

It’s also quiet despite being so powerful, producing just 92db(h) so it should not disturb your neighbours when in use.

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Makita UD2500 240 V Electric Shredder

Makita UD2500/2 Electric Shredder 2500W 45mm 240V, Blue, Large

The Makita UD2500 is a powerful 2500W electric garden shredder suitable for all kinds of waste. As a roller shredder it utilises a cut and crush system that makes short work of various types of garden waste, including sticks, branches, clippings, and most greenery.

It does somewhat struggle with wetter waste, although this is easily overcome by leaving anything that is too wet to dry out in the sun for 24 hours. Providing everything is dry the shredder can handle thick and thin waste alike, whether its hardier wood materials or softer green waste.

The only issue when using it to shred wetter material is it can be prone to clogging, although a reverse and anti-block system can be easily activated on the control panel to unblock the shredder without any hassle.

 Featuring a 2500W motor, the UD2500 produces a top cutting speed of 40rpms. You can feed waste of varying thicknesses into the shredder, which has 45mm maximum branch cutting capacity, so it should be suitable for shredding all common garden waste.

A 67L box is attached to the base of the shredder and offers a great load capacity, meaning you don’t need to spend as much time emptying the shredder. When you need to empty it, the large wheels and robust chassis makes is easy to move around the garden, so it shouldn’t be hard to transport to your compost heap to dispose all your clippings.

The shredding is top quality too, significantly reducing the consistency of all waste into a much finer volume. Like most roller shredders, it does perform better with thicker wooden waste but can still shred a lot of greener waste too, so it’s certainly versatile enough for most gardeners. 

Makita UD2500/2 Electric Shredder 2500W 45mm 240V, Blue, Large
1,142 Reviews
Makita UD2500/2 Electric Shredder 2500W 45mm 240V, Blue, Large
  • Easy-to-use control panel with automatic anti block system and forward / reverse...
  • Handholds on both sides allow firm hold while in use as well as easy...
  • Easy transportation with large, rubberized wheels

T-Mech 15HP Wood Chipper Petrol Garden Brush Branch Shredder

T-Mech 15HP Wood Chipper Petrol Garden Tree Commercial Timber Brush Branch Shredder

The TP Mech garden shredder is one of the most powerful models on the market, being a popular option for working professionals but also a great choice for gardening enthusiasts looking to better manage waste around the garden.

As a petrol-powered shredder it naturally as more cutting power than its electric counterparts. This includes a 4-stroke 420cc petrol engine that produces cutting speeds between 2400-3600rpms, which is fast enough to shred even the toughest materials.

It also means the shredder has a larger cutting capacity than most, with a maximum branch cutting capacity of 102mm. This means you can feed in very thick branches that smaller shredders can’t handle, which is why its such a popular model for professional gardeners.

While functioning predominately as a woodchipper, this is a garden shredder so can handle various types of waste, including greener branches and clippings that often clog weaker powered shredders. Almost anything that is fed into the shredder is instantly pulverised into the finest consistency, making it much easier to dispose or use for composting.

It can even handle wetter materials, although it’s best to let your waste dry out for a day or so before shredding, as this produces the finest consistency and avoids the risk of clogging. It’s not likely to clog due to cutting power but it can happen if overloaded with damp and wet waste.

As you might expect, it’s a lot heavier than most other shredders due to it being petrol powered. That said, there are large wheels that help offset the weight when moving the shredder, so you can easily position it around the garden as needed.

You also get a free set of safety googles and earmuffs with the shredder, which should be worn at all times when using it because it is very powerful and quite noisy!

T-Mech 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper 420cc | Garden Shredder Mulcher 4-Stroke | Timber Bush Branches |...
58 Reviews
T-Mech 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper 420cc | Garden Shredder Mulcher 4-Stroke | Timber Bush Branches |...
  • Powerful 15HP Engine: The T-Mech wood chipper features a robust 15HP 420cc...
  • Large Cutting Capacity: With an impressive cutting capacity of 102mm, this wood...
  • Portability and Convenience: Equipped with wheels, this chipper is fully...

Buying Guide

Garden shredders are a less common garden maintenance tool, so known what type of model best suits your needs can be difficult. With various types of garden shredders available with different features and functions, it’s important to do some research before you buy anything to ensure you choose a suitable product.

Check out the guide below for all the info you need to know to buy the best garden shredder:

Types of Garden Shredder

There are two main types of garden shredder:

Impact Shredders

The most widely available type of garden shredder, impact shredders feature a large cutting blade that shreds up garden waste into a very fine consistency. They’re strong but quite noisy, offering an impressive cutting power that is suitable for green branches, leaves, and other sappy types of waste, although some do struggle with thicker wooden branches.

While typically the most affordable type of garden shredder, they do require some long-term maintenance to ensure they last, namely sharpening or replacing the blades. Many have reversible blades that are switched out once one side dulls.

Roller Shredders

Instead of using a cutting blade to shred the waste, roller shredders (often referred to as a turbine system) feature a large ridged roller that crushes waste against a large plate.

This type of garden shredder is more suited for shredding thicker wooden branches and turning them into wood chips, although they sometimes struggle with sappier waste like green branches and leaves.

Too much green waste may result in clogging but roller shredders with a reverse function can easily deal with clogging issues. A lack of cutting blades does mean they tend to need less maintenance over the years, while they also tend to be quieter than impact shredders.

Electric or Petrol

There are two main power sources for a garden shredder – electric or petrol.

Petrol powered garden shredders offer more power but are generally more expensive and need to be refuelled manually, while maintenance can be more troublesome due to the combustion engine. They’re popular in commercial settings where more shredding power is needed to deal with huge volumes of waste, although they’re certainly an effective option for your garden too.

Electric powered garden shredders are more consumer-friendly products and are typically the most popular for domestic use. They’re much more affordable than petrol types and generally very easy to use, being compact and lightweight so easy to move around the garden.

What Type of Garden Waste Do You Have?

Be sure to think about the type of waste you’ll be processing in your garden shredder to make sure you choose a suitable model. For example, if you only have fresh clippings, leaves, and branches to deal with, then an impact shredder should get the job done. You can also use a garden vacuum to gather smaller pieces and then shred them if you want to create compost or mulch.

Anyone with lots of woodier waste, like thick branches from trees, shrubs, and hedges, then a roller shredder may be more beneficial for your needs.

However, a lot gardeners need to deal with a variety of waste, in which case you can look for multipurpose shredders designed to take both green and woody waste. These can be used to mulch, create wood chips, and for composting, make them a highly versatile option for gardeners that have a lot of different waste to deal with. It also wise to consider what to do with the waste you have shredded. Many people use a garden incinerator to burn what they shred but this is not always great for the environment. Speak to your local council about the process the would advise to follow for the different materials.


How portable is the garden shredder? Electric models are limited in their movement due to a power cable, so make sure that this is long enough to reach parts of your garden where you’ll be doing the shredding.

Also, garden shredders are heavy hardware so won’t be the easiest to move around the garden. Look for models that have wheels for better portability, while also checking the overall weight of the product to ensure you can move it around without injuring yourself.

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