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Best Cantilever Parasol for your UK Garden

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There are fewer things better in life than soaking up the sun and relaxing in your garden. Of course, sometimes the sun gets a little overbearing, in which case it’s nice to have some protection from the elements while still enjoying sitting outside.

For this job, look no further than a cantilever parasol. This type of parasol features a unique design where the pole attaches to the canopy at the side rather than centrally, which offers various benefits over a traditional parasol with a pole in the centre.

For instance, because the pole is at the side of the parasol, the canopy offers much more coverage keeping you cool under the shade. Better still, it’s highly flexible and can be positioned at various heights and angles, making it suitable for countless applications outdoors, whether eating outside, laying on the lawn, or keeping kids in shade while playing in the paddling pool.

Moreover, the design and construction of these parasols are generally the best. Sturdy and durable, you’ll find countless styles to choose from, making it easier to pair with your current outdoor décor, while it’s certain to add a wow-factor to any outdoor living area.

Most importantly, we get that much needed protection from the elements, whether rain, shine, or high winds. 

COSTWAY 2.7M Outdoor Parasol Sun Shade Cantilever Banana Hanging Umbrella Patio Garden(Blue)
COSTWAY 2.7M Outdoor Parasol Sun Shade Cantilever Banana Hanging Umbrella Patio Garden(Blue)
COSTWAY 2.7M Outdoor Parasol Sun Shade Cantilever Banana Hanging Umbrella Patio Garden(Blue)
  • Size – 2.7m
  • 180g Polyester Canopy
  • Water and UV Resistant
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame

Highly weather resistant and made from robust materials, this parasol from COSTWAY comes with a great price and will offer plenty of protection throughout the garden.

At 2.7m, the canopy offers large coverage making it suitable for outdoor dining furniture, decking, and patio areas. For example, you fit around 4-6 chairs and fairly large table under the umbrella for maximum protection.

The canopy is made from high quality 180g polyester, making it resistant to both water and UV, so it will keep you cool and dry, while the material itself won’t show signs of fading over the years. There are also plenty of colour options available, making it easy to find one that matches your outdoor décor.

The frame is also made from robust materials, with powder coated steel used for the pole and framing around the canopy, and at the cross base This offers plenty of stability, even during high winds, so the chances of it falling over are slim.

Being a cantilever design, the canopy can be adjusted to various heights and angles using the crank handle, so it’s a versatile option that is great for most gardens.

COSTWAY 2.7M Outdoor Parasol Sun Shade Cantilever Banana Hanging Umbrella Patio Garden (Blue)
224 Reviews
COSTWAY 2.7M Outdoor Parasol Sun Shade Cantilever Banana Hanging Umbrella Patio Garden (Blue)
  • 【DURABLE & SAFETY CONSTRUCTION】8 firm steel ribs construction support the...
  • 【OPTIMUM UV-PROTECT】Our outdoor parasol use 180g polyester materials as...
  • 【WATER RESISTANCE CLOTH】Considering there may be various weather changes...

Bentley Garden 3M Parasol - Great for Windy Conditions

Bentley Garden 3M Hanging Banana Patio Garden Umbrella Parasol
Bentley Garden 3M Hanging Banana Patio Garden Umbrella Parasol
Bentley Garden 3M Hanging Banana Patio Garden Umbrella Parasol
  • Size – 3m
  • 160g Polyester Canopy
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Corrosion Resistant

This budget friendly cantilever parasol comes with a spacious canopy to provide complete coverage outside. Measuring 3m, the canopy doesn’t lack for size, offering enough coverage for large tables and upwards of six chairs, so if you’re looking for something to protect patio furniture this is a fine choice.

The 160g polyester canopy is available in a range of colour options including green, beige, navy, black, and grey, so finding something that fits your outdoor aesthetic should be easy enough. It’s also durable and will hold off rain and UV rays, keeping you dry and cool no matter the weather.

A base is needed for this parasol, with a base weight of around 20-30kg recommended for keeping it stable and in position. With this, you can use the parasol throughout the garden, whether on decking, patio, lawns etc.

The powder coated steel frame offers plenty of stability in its own right too, espiecally around the canopy where there are six steel ribs to help stabilise the cloth fabric, ensuring windy days don’t ruin your time outdoors or damage the umbrella.

Charles Bentley Outdoor, Garden, Patio 3m Hanging Banana Cantilever Garden Umbrella, 12kg, Water...
501 Reviews
Charles Bentley Outdoor, Garden, Patio 3m Hanging Banana Cantilever Garden Umbrella, 12kg, Water...
  • LARGE 3M UMBRELLA: With a width of 3m, your new parasol will provide a large...
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: Your new parasol comes with a simple to use crank winding...
  • CANTILEVER STRUCTURE: Your Charles Bentley parasol is defined by it's unique and...

Mayfair 3m Cantilever Parasol

Mayfair 3m Cantilever Parasol with Granite Base - Taupe
Mayfair 3m Cantilever Parasol with Granite Base - Taupe
Mayfair 3m Cantilever Parasol with Granite Base - Taupe
  • Size – 3m
  • Polyester Canopy
  • Powder Coated Aluminium Frame

This is another ideal parasol for larger gardens, with a spacious 3m canopy offering as much coverage as you could need. Whether you have a large patio area, lots of outdoor furniture, or sizable lawn, the large parasol offers complete coverage anywhere outside.

Wherever you place it, the 360-degree rotation means you don’t need to fix the position in one place, with the freestanding rotating design making it one of the most versatile garden umbrellas around. Various heights and angles can be achieved too, so you can position it to your exact needs every time. 

A granite base divides into four even sections to ensure complete stability for the aluminium frame, which is lightweight but exceptionally durable, also being powder coated for added resistance to rusting and corrosion.

The polyester canopy is also resistant to water and UV, while there is a wind hole included at the top of the fabric to help improve wind flow and avoid it accidentally blowing over on windier days. The eight aluminium ribs in the canopy also provide extra stability, so when combined with the robust granite base there is little chance of this ever falling over!

Mayfair 3m Cantilever Parasol - Taupe - Base Not Included
41 Reviews
Mayfair 3m Cantilever Parasol - Taupe - Base Not Included
  • Deluxe 8 Rib Cantilever Parasol
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Grade, Taupe Coloured Polyester material & Ties
  • Crank Lift, Multiple Tilting Angles

Norfolk Leisure Square Wall Mounted Cantilever Parasol

Norfolk Leisure 2m Square Wall Mounted Cantilever Parasol Aluminium Frame 220g Polyester Canopy and 14 strong 14mm Ribs
  • Size: 2m
  • Wall Mounted
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Sun and Rain Proof

This wall mounted design offers a different but no less attractive parasol to your outdoor living area. As it is fitted directly to a wall surface, it’s a popular choice for patio and decking areas, especially where there is less space for a freestanding parasol.

Simply attach it to the wall and it works the exact same as any other cantilever parasol! Use the crankshaft to raise and lower the height, while you can also adjust the position to various angle (horizontally only), so its movement isn’t limited due to being wall mounted.

At 2m, the canopy is on the smaller side so it won’t offer coverage for large tables and lots of chairs, with it being best used for spaces with just a few chairs and a smaller table.

The canopy material is some of the best available, with the 220g polyester offering complete protection from rain and sun, while 14 aluminium ribs and air vent ensure maximum stability in all weather conditions.

The frame is made from aluminium and powder coated in anthracite for added protection. Bear in mind you will need to attach the frame to a wall using appropriate screws, which aren’t included with the product.

Buying Guide

Looking for the best cantilever parasol but are unsure what you need? With many products to choose from it’s understandable, so check out this handy buying guide for all the info you need to choose the right one for your needs!

Freestanding or Wall Mounted?

There are two main options when buying a cantilever parasol – mounted or freestanding.

Freestanding parasols are the most common design, so you should have plenty of options to choose from, making it easy to find a size and style that works for you. It does need attached to some sort of base to hold in place and is quite easy to move around the garden, making it a fine choice for anyone seeking a versatile product.

Most have a foldable design too, meaning you can collapse it down and store it without taking up much space. This is especially useful during the winter when we are less likely to use them!

Wall mounted parasols don’t require any sort of base, with the pole being attached to a wall surface instead. This removes the big risk of it blowing over in high winds, while they can also fold away into compact sizes to ensure minimal space it taken up when not in use.

The one thing to remember is that they will be in a fixed position, so moving it around won’t be that easy. This may not be much of an issue if you only plan on using it in on place, such as a patio or decking area. 

Choosing the Pole 

Make sure that the pole and the rest of the parasol frame are made from a strong and durable material! You need something that is going to withstand the harsh British weather for many years, so a robust pole made of a metal material is recommended.

Wooden poles are available but they lack the strength and durability of metals, making them a less suitable choice. Consider looking for a metal pole that is coated or treated with a protective layer to make it more resistant to water, rust etc. 

Canopy Size

The main goal of the parasol is to give coverage from the weather, so obviously you want to choose something that is the right size for your needs. For example, if you have a large outdoor table and chairs set, then choose a large canopy that will cover all your furniture. Large parasols are usually around 2.5-3m with the canopy offering lots of coverage.

Bigger isn’t always needed though. If only a few people are using it then a smaller sized canopy should be perfect – anything 2m and below is great for smaller gardens.  Consider where the parasol is being used and what will covering to ensure you choose a suitable sized canopy.

Canopy Material

You need a durable canopy material that will protect you from the elements, otherwise the parasol is useless. Polyester is typically the strongest and most resistant material for the outdoors, making it an ideal choice of canopy material. It’s also very affordable so will keep costs down.

Other options include acrylic and olefin, the latter being great for keeping out water (a plus here in the rainy UK) and the former offering exception UV protection

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