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Best Pressure Washer For Patio Reviews UK

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Looking for the best pressure washer but don’t know what you need? There are many great products available but it’s important to choose one that meets your own requirements. Choose one that’s too powerful and you could end up damaging paintwork on your car, while going too weak may make it difficult to remove those tougher marks on your patio, decking, or fencing!

So, it’s important to know what you need from a pressure washer and what specifications best meet these needs. To make the process easier, check out this helpful buying guide along with some reviews of some of the top pressure washers currently available!

Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer
  • Max Pressure – 180 bar
  • Max Flow Rate – 550 l/h
  • 10m Hose
  • LCD Full Control Plus Trigger Gun
  • 3-in1 Multi Jet Lance
  • On-Board Storage and Telescopic Handle
  • Plug ‘n’ Clean Detergent System (patio and deck detergent included)
  • Patio Cleaner Attachments

German manufacturer Kärcher are a leading manufacturer of domestic pressure washers, with the K7 Premium being their biggest and most powerful model to date. This is a heavy-duty washer that can be used on all kinds of surfaces and objects, with adjustable pressure options making it one of the most versatile products available.

Boasting a maximum pressure of 180 bar and maximum waterflow of 550 l/h, there are few things that cannot be cleaned with this powerful machine. As a more robust washer, it does weight a bit more, although a telescopic handle and large wheels make it relatively easy to use on the move.

The K7 Premium has one of the most advanced trigger guns on the market, with an intelligent LCD full control plug trigger gun that lets you adjust the pressure by pushing a few buttons.

The current pressure is displayed on the screen and can be quickly changed to suit your cleaning needs, making it easy to get the perfect pressure for every surface, resulting in a more efficient clean and avoiding damage to sensitive surfaces like cars with too much pressure.

 The lance attached to the gun can also adjust to three different modes, including Vario, Dirt Blaster, and Detergent. Each one is great for different cleaning needs, while you even get a patio cleaner attachment, making this easily one of the most versatile products available.

A Plug ‘n’ Clean detergent system is integrated detergent holder that can be quickly swapped out for different detergents, which can then be mixed with water using the detergent jet lance setting. Onboard storage is also included, with an integrated hose real and storage for the various accessories included with the K7.

Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer
938 Reviews
Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer
  • Full control plus trigger gun: Control the pressure and detergent flow of the...
  • Located on the back of the high pressure trigger gun
  • 3-in-1 lance makes cleaning fast. The lance includes the: Vario, dirt blaster...

Kärcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer

Kärcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer
  • Maximum Pressure – 130 bar
  • Maximum Waterflow – 420 l/h
  • 6m Hose
  • Vario and Dirt Blaster Spray Lances
  • LCD Display Trigger Gun
  • Plug ‘n’ Clean Detergent System
  • Onboard Storage and Telescopic Handle

The Kärcher K4 is a smaller and less powerful pressure washer than the robust K7, although it’s certainly a great mid-range offering that is perfect for all kinds of cleaning. Whether using for a car, patio areas, decking, bins, or garden furniture, the K4 is a versatile unit that can accommodate most cleaning needs.

As the trigger gun comes with one-touch controls and an LED display, you can easy check the pressure at any time and quickly adjust it at any time pressing the button. This means you can use the maximum pressure of 130 bar for tougher cleaning and reduce it whenever lighter cleaning is necessary.

There are two lance attachments for the trigger gun, including the Vario Lance and Dirt Blaster Lance. The former is great for softer applications like washing a car, while the latter works great for removing those tougher marks on harder surfaces, so each one should cater to most of your cleaning needs.

You can also use a range of cleaning detergents, which easily plug into the unit using the Plug ‘n’ Clean detergent system. This lets you swap out various detergents for your cleaning needs, whether its furniture, decking, patio, or vehicles.

A 6m hose offers a good amount of range but isn’t quite as lengthy as the 10m hose on the K7. That said, it should be enough for most home uses unless cleaning a larger surface area or a car parked far away from your water source.

The telescopic handle and plastic wheels do make moving it around a bit easier though, while it’s lighter than the more cumbersome K7. On-board storage lets you store the spray gun, lance attachments, and the power cable, keeping everything compact for storage.

Kärcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer
3,753 Reviews
Kärcher K4 Full Control Pressure Washer
  • LED display trigger gun
  • Extendable handle making transportation of your pressure washer simple
  • The high-pressure hose is stored at the back of the unit, making it easy to set...

Bosch AQT 35-12 High Pressure Washer

Bosch AQT 35-12 High Pressure Washer
  • Maximum Pressure: 120 bar
  • Maximum Waterflow: 350 l/h
  • 5m Hose
  • 3-in-1 Spray Nozzle
  • Onboard Storage & Telescopic Handle

 The Bosch AQT 35-12 is a mid-range pressure washer that is great for various tasks around the home, from cleaning a barbeque and garden furniture to bikes and small cars. It’s not too powerful so can be used to clean more delicate surfaces without fear of damaging it, while it has a compact and lightweight design that make it easy to use on the move.

It comes with a maximum pressure of 120 bar and waterflow of 350 l/h, a 5m hose, and a versatile spray gun that offers several sprays for different cleaning tasks. The specs mean it’s best used for lighter cleaning applications, although it can certainly handle tougher cleaning tasks too like a patio or decking – it just might take longer due to its smaller size. 

The 3-in-1 spray nozzle is a great design that allows you to utilize three distinct spray settings or different types of cleaning. This includes a high-pressure fan, rotary jet, and a detergent nozzle that mixes a cleaning solution with the water.

Each one offers advantages for different tasks. For instance, the high-pressure fan is great for general cleaning and rinsing, the rotary jet offers more power for tougher dirt, while the detergent nozzle is great for removing dirt and dust from cars, bikes, and barbeques.

Basically, all your cleaning needs are covered with a single spray gun, meaning you don’t need to swap any attachments for different tasks. Also, there are additional attachments that you can buy separately to further enhance the AQT 35-12, including a patio cleaner, 90-degree nozzle and a suction nozzle.

If you’re looking for a reliable pressure washer that can clean cars and a few other things around the home and garden, then you can’t go wrong with the Bosch AQT 35-12.

Bosch AQT 35-12 High Pressure Washer
176 Reviews
Bosch AQT 35-12 High Pressure Washer
  • Quick-connect SDS fittings, ready to go - no assembly required
  • 3-in-1 nozzle with high pressure fan, rotary jet and low pressure soap settings
  • Energy efficient auto-stop system, delivers power only when needed

Nilfisk E 145 bar Power Washer

Nilfisk E 145 bar Power Washer with 2100W Induction Motor, Blue
  • Maximum Pressure: 140 bar
  • Maximum Waterflow: 500 l/h
  • 9m Hose
  • High-Speed and Vario Nozzle Attachments
  • Detergent Bottle Attachment on Spray Gun
  • Onboard Storage

The Nilfisk E 145 is a robust pressure washer that packs plenty of power while being simple to operate. It’s a versatile cleaner that can be used for all kinds of pressure washing, whether it’s shampooing and rising your car or cleaning away years of grime from slabs in the garden.

It boasts a maximum pressure of 140 with average pressure being closer to 135 bar, which is strong enough to clean most surfaces, even those tougher ones. It’s suitable for large surface areas too thanks to the impressive waterflow of 500 l/h, ensuring there is enough high-pressure water for any task.

You get a few nozzle attachments for different sprays too. This includes the standard vario attachment, which offers a high-pressure fan of water, along with the tornado attachment, which is essentially a power speed nozzle for stubborn dirt and grime.

There is also a detergent attachment on the spray gun and a cleaning detergent included with the product. This is perfect for cleaning cars, bikes, and furniture, with different detergents available for pretty much any type of cleaning. 

Don’t worry about manoeuvring the washer around either, as it comes with an impressive 9m hose attachment that means you can easily navigate in larger spaces without needing to constantly drag the main unit around.

Should you need to move it, there are large wheels and a soft grip handle for easier transportation. It also has onboard storage for the spray gun, lance, and other attachments for more efficient storage.

You also can purchase separate attachments including a patio cleaner, wash brush, and multi-angle nozzle.

Nilfisk 128471186 Excellent Pressure Washer, 2100 W, 230 V, Blue
213 Reviews
Nilfisk 128471186 Excellent Pressure Washer, 2100 W, 230 V, Blue
  • High-Pressure Electric Washer: Powerful 145 bar max pressure washer handles...
  • Convenient Features for Extra Manoeuverability: Automatic start/stop system,...
  • Ultra Cleaning Performance: Use on auto, patio, grills, outdoor furniture and a...

Blaupunkt PW7000-165 bar Induction Pressure Washer

Blaupunkt Induction Pressure Washer PW7000-165 bar 2100W High Power AC Electric Aluminium Pump - Long 8m Hose - with Hi/Lo Pressure Nozzle, Turbo Nozzle and Car Cleaning Accessories Kit
  • Maximum Pressure: 165 bar
  • Maximum Waterflow: 450 l/h
  • 8m Hose
  • High/Low-Pressure Nozzle
  • Turbo Nozzle
  • Rotary & Detail Brushes
  • Onboard Storage
  • Integrated Detergent System

The PW7000 is a fantastic power washer from German manufacturer Blaupunkt suitable for light and heavy-duty cleaning applications. Coming with a host of accessories, this washer can clean all kinds of surfaces and objects, from cars, bikes, and barbeques to patios, walls, fences, and driveways.

This is one of the most powerful models available, providing a whopping 165 bar of maximum pressure and 450 l/h waterflow. There is an 8m hose, so you can easily use the pressure in harder to reach spots without needing to drag the main unit behind you, although the built-in wheels and telescopic handle make this less of a hassle anyway.

Various accessories are included with the PW7000 and these make it a versatile cleaning machine suitable for countless tasks. This includes two lance attachments for standard cleaning, the first of which allows both high- and low-pressure settings, making it suitable for use on senstive surfaces like cars.

When you need something more robust, simply increase the pressure or use the turbo nozzle, which provides an even stronger blast of water for those especially tough marks and stains commonly found on patios, decking, fences etc.

There are also two cleaning brushes included with the PW7000. The soft bristle brush is perfect for those awkward and hard to reach spots around the vehicle, while the rotating brush offers a delicate cleaning action for safely removing dirt and grim from vehicles without damaging paintwork.

You can also use a detergent of your choosing with the integrated detergent system, which works especially well with the cleaning brushes.

As you might expect, all these accessories make the PW7000 an excellent pressure washer for your vehicle, while it’s also ideal for most other cleaning tasks, making it one of the most versatile options currently available!

Buying Guide

Buying the best pressure washer isn’t always easy. While pressure washers are highly versatile, there are certain factors that should be considered to ensure that you choose something that meets your requirement, as not all pressure washers are suitable for every type of cleaning.

For instance, pressure washers come with varying levels of pressure. The most powerful are suitable for heavy duty applications like cleaning bricks but are too powerful to clean a car, as the high pressure can damage the paintwork.

Therefore, it helps to know what your needs are so that you can find the right model. The last thing you need is buying something that is too strong or powerful for your cleaning requirements, so be sure to check out this handy buying guide for everything that you need to know to choose a suitable pressure washer!

Bar Pressure

This is the first thing to look at as it reflects the overall power of the washer. Go too powerful and surfaces may end up damaged, while choosing too weak a bar pressure may mean it struggles to properly clean surfaces, so it helps to know what different bar pressures offer.

Bear in mind that the maximum pressure is usually only a measure of the pressure when the washer is initially turned on. It will slightly lower as more water comes out, creating an average pressure.

Up to 100 Bar: Anything with a maximum pressure of 100 bar is suitable for lightweight use around the home. Think thinks garden furniture and tools, bins, motorcycles, bicycles, cars etc.

110-130 Bar: This is considered mid-range strength for a pressure washer, which is suitable for cleaning vehicles, boats, lawnmowers, fences, and gutters.

Over 130 Bar: Pressure above 130 bar is best suited for heavy duty cleaning on hard surfaces like brick, concrete, tarmac, and wood. These pressure washers are best for cleaning decking, using with a patio cleaner, driveways, walls etc. 


You don’t need to focus too much on the waterflow as it is closely linked with the bar pressure. Waterflow is the rate at which water is shot from the cleaning lance, with higher waterflow meaning more volume of water being used.

Flow rate is measured in litres per hour (l/h), so the higher this is the more dirt and grime the washer removes. You can check both the bar pressure and maximum waterflow rate to determine the overall cleaning strength of a pressure washer.

Most of the top washers have good waterflow rates, typically ranging from 300 to 400 l/h.

What are You Cleaning?

Most people have a specific use in mind when choosing a pressure washer, so think about what you need it for to help choose something suitable. Do you want something versatile that can clean different things or just one thing?

For example, if you only need one for washing a car then choosing a model with a lighter pressure setting should be okay. Anything between 100-130 should be suitable for a vehicle. Anything higher may damage the paintwork!

If you want to clean harder surfaces like a driveway, decking, patio, or fencing, then a heavier maximum pressure of around 130-180 bar should suffice. Go too low and there won’t be enough pressure to clean the surfaces.

Remember, the pressure can usually be adjusted to several levels on most washers, so if you choose one with a higher maximum pressure it can also be used for lighter applications, making them the most versatile option.

Gas or Electric

An important factor to consider is the power source. Most pressure washers are electric powered, so simply plug into a mains power to operate. These are the most affordable options and definitely the best type for most people, as gas operated machines are typically saved for commercial cleaning purposes.

Simply put, an electric model should offer more than enough power for domestic cleaning. If you need something more powerful and you plan on using it frequently, then a gas model may be worth checking out, although remember that it does cost more and will make a lot more noise.


Pressure washers feature a lance an attachment at the end of the trigger spray gun, allowing the user to have more precise control over the waterflow.

For example, some can increase and decrease pressure and some can change how the water is sprayed, with narrow pencil jet sprays and wider fan sprays available for different cleaning tasks.

Sometimes you can adjust everything from a single lance while others come with interchangeable lance attachments that you swap out to change how the water comes out.

Always check what lance attachment is included, checking for things like adjustable pressure and several spray options. The more options you have the more versatile the machine is!

Detergent Tank

Many machines come with integrated detergent tanks, which let you prefill the washer with a cleaning solution, allowing for more efficient cleaning in most instances. There are many detergent products available, so make sure that the pressure washer includes some form of detergent tank, as it provides better cleaning results.

Also, there are some models that let you swap out several types of cleaners to suit your needs. For example, you could be cleaning the car and using a vehicle detergent and then swap it out for a patio cleaner, which is quite convenient for those that are using a washer to clean various things.

It helps if the amount of detergent used can be controlled. This is usually in the form of a dial, letting you use as much or as little detergent as the job requires.

Additional Attachments

Many pressure washers come with additional attachments that are useful for your cleaning needs. For example, wash brushes are a popular attachment for cleaning vehicles and bikes, allowing you to a nice clean finish while reaching those more difficult spots around the wheels and underside.

A patio cleaner is another very useful attachment. This is basically a washer lance that features a nozzle to produce a higher concentration of pressure and water flow, which is great for removing harder stains embedded on decking and patio surfaces.

It is worth noting that most patio cleaner attachments are sold separately, although it’s rarely an expensive extra and one that makes patio cleaning much easier and efficient.   

Suction hoses are a unique hose attachment that allows you to connect the pressure washer to a water butt or any other stationary water source you might have. If you collect rainwater and want to reuse it, then a suction hose is a useful attachment.

In fact, a universal hose attachment is a great feature to look for. These allow you to use any good garden hose with the pressure washer, meaning you can extend the range of the cleaner by some distance!


Many pressure washers come with integrated storage compartments. These are a fine choice for anyone that lacks storage space in their shed or garage, with slots for storing lances, a cable tidy to keep the power cord, and other attachments.

This reduces the storage space need for the device and all its accessories, making it much tidier when stored. Also, the size of the cleaner should be checked before you buy, as some of the heavy-duty models can take up more space than you’d think.


As you move around a lot when cleaning with a pressure washer, you’ll want to find a model that is easy enough to move around and has a suitable length hose. The hose connects the trigger gun to the washer, so the longer it is the more reach you have and the easier it is to manoeuvre the gun.

Consider the length of the hose and whether it is long enough for your needs. It may not be an issue with lighter units that are easier to carry around, while wheeled units can also help improve portability, although heavier models tend to benefit from having more hose length to make it easier to move around.

The most portable machines have carry handles, wheels, and a longer hose!

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