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Ronseal Patio & Block Paving Seal Wet Look

Ronseal PBPSWL5L Patio & Block Paving Seal Wet Look 5 Litre

This versatile sealant is perfect for sealing various hard surfaces, from your patio to your driveway, offering a stylish wet-look finish that improves the aesthetic of the paving. A fast acting sealant, it starts working in just an hour, protecting surfaces from the weather and natural growth.

A powerful formula ensures maximum protection for surfaces, with the sealant protecting against algae and mould, which commonly grow on patios and other hard surfaces. Better still, the formula also protects against chemical compounds including oil, making this a great sealant for protecting driveway surfaces. 

Ronseal PBPSWL5L Patio & Block Paving Seal Wet Look 5 Litre
637 Reviews
Ronseal PBPSWL5L Patio & Block Paving Seal Wet Look 5 Litre
  • Thompson’s Patio & Block Paving Seal offers advanced protection for paving
  • It seals and protects against dirt and chemicals and resists penetration of oils…
  • Contains effective biocide to resist moss and algal growth

Pro-Kleen PatioSeal

Pro-Kleen PatioSeal Matt Patio Sealer/Sealant (10 litres) for Indian Sandstone, Concrete, Paths, Patios, Slate, Brick, Indoor/Outdoor Hard Floor - Lasts up to 10 Years (2 x 5 litres)

This sealant from Pro-Kleen is great for protecting some of the most popular masonry for patios including concrete, Indian sandstone, and brickwork. This means you can use it throughout your outdoor area such as a driveway and pathways, although be mindful that it is not suitable for lime-based stone or tarmac.

A 5L bottle goes a long way, offering enough solution to treat an area up to 50m2, resulting in an attractive matte finish on the patio surface. This seal offers lasting protection against the weather, keeping water out and avoiding natural growth on the treated surfaces. It lasts a whopping ten years before needing reapplication, so it certainly offers good value for money. Pro-Kleen also make a great moss killer for driveways and lawns.

Pro-Kleen PatioSeal Matt Patio Sealer/Sealant (10 Litres) for Indian Sandstone, Concrete, Paths,...
53 Reviews
Pro-Kleen PatioSeal Matt Patio Sealer/Sealant (10 Litres) for Indian Sandstone, Concrete, Paths,…
  • This professional patio sealant from Pro-Kleen leaves Indian Sandstone, patios,…
  • Perfect for your barbecue and outdoor areas to prevent stains from oil, fat, and…
  • Provides your flooring with a waterproof seal to protect from weathering and…

Smartseal Block Paving Sealer

Smartseal Block Paving Sealer - Silk Finish - High Quality, Durable Sand Hardener & Weed Inhibitor for a Satin Look Finish on Block Paved Driveways and Patios; Seals & Protects (25 Litre)

Another great choice for block paving, this sealer is more versatile in that it can be used on a wider range of surface materials including block pavers, brick, and natural stone. It provides a low gloss finish, so once dried the patio surface maintains most of its original appearance, unlike many similar products that offer a matte or high gloss finish.

The sealer is certainly powerful enough to protect surfaces from various contaminants including oil, petrol, moss, and algae. It is a versatile option, allowing you to protect all kinds of surfaces beyond the patio, especially considering you get 25L of sealer that goes a long way.

Smartseal Block Paving Sealer - Silk Finish – Wet Look Block Paving Sealer, Sand Hardener & Weed...
140 Reviews
Smartseal Block Paving Sealer – Silk Finish – Wet Look Block Paving Sealer, Sand Hardener & Weed…
  • Smartseal Block Paving Sealer Silk Finish Wet Look Block Paving Sealer Sand…
  • Brand : SmartSeal
  • Product type: SEALANT

Roxil Patio Cream - High-Strength Paving and Patio Seal

Roxil Patio Cream - 10 Year Weatherproofing, High-Strength Paving and Patio Seal (3 Litre)

The Roxil Patio Cream is one of the best options to provide lasting protection against weather wearing. The British weather causes significant damage to patio surfaces, causing moss and algae to develop that make the material take on unattractive colours and textures.

With this powerful solution you can protect the patio surface from weather exposure for a whopping ten years. This is some impressive durability for a sealer, being one of the best on the market, stopping all common weather worn growth like algae, mould, and lichen. The finish is completely natural, so the surface remains unchanged, while you never need to worry about patio black spots again.

Roxil Patio Sealer Cream - 10-Year Weatherproofing Sealant, High-Strength Block Paving and Patio...
39 Reviews
Roxil Patio Sealer Cream – 10-Year Weatherproofing Sealant, High-Strength Block Paving and Patio…
  • Weatherproofs patios and paved surfaces for 10+ years
  • One coat application by brush or roller
  • Invisible treatment retains natural appearance

Sika Patio Seal Paving Sealer

Sika Patio Seal - Paving Sealer, Clear, 5 Litre

This sealer is highly water resistant, helping reduce the impact constant rain has on the patio surface. By increasing water and mark resistance, stone patios look natural for longer, retaining their original aesthetic without losing vibrancy.

There is also a fungicide present in the solution to prevent growth developing within the seal. Because it creates a powerful seal it also functions as a dust-proofer, keeping out fine material like dirt and grime, allowing for easier cleaning off the patio surface. 

This is a great choice for newly installed or cleaned paving, with the sheen finish maintaining most of the original appearance for many years to come.

Sika Patio Seal Paving | Water Base Sealer and Appearance Enhancer for New and Recently Cleaned...
2,272 Reviews
Sika Patio Seal Paving | Water Base Sealer and Appearance Enhancer for New and Recently Cleaned…
  • Specifically designed for exterior use only. Protects and seals both new and old…
  • Acrylic based solution that provides a tough, long-lasting polymeric seal on…
  • Improves appearance of paths/stone and also acts as a dustproofer and…

Resiblock Gloss Superior Block Paving Patio Sealer

Resiblock Gloss Superior Block Paving Patio Sealer Bonds Jointing 1 x 5 Ltrs

If your block paving patio stones are discoloured then this is a great choice of sealer. While not suitable for natural stone, concrete flags, or clay blocks, this solution is perfect for concrete block paving, providing an attractive gloss finish that also protects the paver.

By creating a powerful seal, the solution offers lasting protecting from all kinds of things, including weather and natural growth. Better still, the seal itself is hard to damage, being resistant to chips and dents that often occur in cheaper sealant products, so it is certainly hard wearing for those busier patio areas.

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How to Use Patio Sealer

If you own a flagstone patio then you probably want to treat it with a good patio sealer. This product ensures the long-term durability of the flagstones while minimising maintenance, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to maintain their patio paving.

Preparing the Patio

Before you apply the sealant, it is important to prepare the patio area to ensure the best results possible. Basically, you want to give the patio area a thorough clean, removing debris and washing the surface to kill off any growth like algae or mould.

Be sure to sweep the entire area, removing loose debris such as leaves, stones, sticks etc. A hard-bristled brush is recommended for this as it will sweep up fine material and is great for removing dried in soil.

Consider cleaning the patio with a good patio cleaning solution. These are easy to use, basically requiring you to combine with water and rinse over the patio surface. This should remove all dirt, grime, and natural growth.

Give the grouting a once over to determine if any repairs are needed. This task is much easier to complete before sealing, so make sure to check the overall condition of the patio.

Protecting Yourself

While most products are not acidic so won’t cause too much damage, they do tend to have powerful cleaning solutions that will irritate skin upon contact. Therefore, you will want to make sure you have suitable protective gear to remain safe while applying the sealant.

Recommended personal protective equipment for applying sealant include:

  • Gloves
  • Goggles/Glasses
  • Respirator mask (important if using a sprayer application)

Also, because many products are not diluted with water there may be a risk from contacting residual liquid. So, once you apply the sealer across the patio make sure to let it dry for the recommended time before applying another coat.

Testing an Area

While the solution will protect your patio it is important to remember that it may cause some changes to its appearance, although this is never guaranteed. However, to ensure you know what to expect from the result, consider applying a test area sample on a small portion of the patio, preferably somewhere inconspicuous in case you don’t like the results!

To test an area do the following:

  • Apply a small amount of sealer to a corner of one the patio stones
  • Allow the sealant time to properly dry before applying a second coat
  • Inspect the result after a few coats to see if it looks okay. If you are happy with the results then it is time to apply to remainder of the patio.

Sealing the Patio

Once you are happy with the testing area then you are ready to apply the sealant to the entire patio. Make sure to follow the manufacturer guidelines on the label to ensure you are doing everything correctly. You will likely apply it using a roller or sprayer, so be sure to check the instructions in case you need to buy an applicator.

Here are some tips to remember when sealing a patio:

Consider the weather conditions leading up to the sealing – rain and wind can both cause disruption so it is best to leave it for a calm and dry day, preferably during spring or summer.

Be mindful of plants, flowers, lawns, and bushes near the hard surface you are sealing. Anything too close may get accidentally covered in sealant, especially if using a sprayer, which can possibly kill the plant. If it does get on a plant make sure to quickly rinse your garden hose.

Keep pets and children far away from the surface area when sealing and until it is fully cured. Anyone touching it may cause irritation and will lead to an uneven surface.

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