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Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

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When it comes to maintaining hedges, bushes, and shrubs there are fewer tools more useful than a good long reach hedge trimmer. This gardening tool lets you easily maintain hedges of various sizes, saving a lot of time and effort compared to using a manual one.

Extendable trimmers are possibly the most versatile cutting tool for hedge maintenance, allowing you to adjust the reach to various lengths.

You don’t need to worry about overextending yourself or accidentally cutting too much, as you will have all the reach you need to efficiently trim the hedges. This is especially true for anyone with larger plants such as laurel, privet, and beech hedges. 

With the right model, you’ll reach the top of the hedge with ease and can quickly remove excess growth. You may not even need ladders or a chair to reach the tops thanks to the extendable reach, while they can easily be shortened for better maneuverability around lower sections.

All in all, a good hedge trimmer makes one of the most time-consuming forms of garden maintenance a lot less hassle!  

Einhell GC-HH Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

Einhell GC-HH 5047 500 W Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer, 47 cm - Black, Red
  • 58cm Cutting Blade
  • Steel Blades with 20mm Teeth Gap
  • Pivoting Cutting Head
  • Weighs 4kg

The Einhell GC-HH offers plenty of reach and cutting power, with the laser-cut diamond-ground steel blades making short work of thick and thin branches. At 58cm, the cutting blade is on the larger side so it has ample reach and a wider area of coverage.

When fully extended, the trimmer offers an impressive 2.4m reach, reducing to 1.9m at its shortest. This gives a nice range of cutting lengths to suit hedges of various heights and widths, with the smaller length being useful for getting into those tighter areas.

You can easily adjust the cutting height to various angles and there is a secondary handle grip further down the pole for better handling.

Einhell GC-HH 5047 electric pole hedge trimmer (500 W, blade made of laser-cut and diamond-ground...
1,416 Reviews
Einhell GC-HH 5047 electric pole hedge trimmer (500 W, blade made of laser-cut and diamond-ground...
  • A powerful 500 W helper for use in the home garden.
  • Clean cuts with laser-cut and diamond-ground blades made of steel.
  • 24 cm telescopic extension for flexible adjustment to requirements. Adjustable...

Terratek Long Reach Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer

Terratek Long Reach Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer 18V/20V-Max Lithium-Ion 2.4m Telescopic Extendable Pole 450mm Cutting Length, 5 Positions for Tall Hedges, Battery Powered


  • 45 Minute Runtime
  • 14mm Cutting Capacity
  • 45cm Hardened Steel Blade
  • 120° Pivoting Cutting Head

Cordless tools like this one from Terratek offer the best manoeuvrability – you can trim away without worrying about the power cable. Plus, with 45 minutes of runtime you get plenty of use from a single charge! 

The dual action hardened steel blade measures 45cm and can cut through thicker branches, with a maximum cutting capacity of 14mm. This makes it good for thick and thin branches, while the extendable pole reaches up to 2.4m, ensuring ample length to cut those taller parts of the hedges.

It also features an 120° adjustable cutting head that can be rotated to five different positions to get the right angle every time, whether cutting the top, corners, or any hard to reach areas.

Terratek Cordless Hedge Trimmer Long Reach 20V 1HR Fast Charge, 2.4m Telescopic Hedge Trimmer...
2,963 Reviews
Terratek Cordless Hedge Trimmer Long Reach 20V 1HR Fast Charge, 2.4m Telescopic Hedge Trimmer...
  • Long Reach Hedge Trimmer: The Terratek telescopic hedge trimmer is ideal for...
  • High Performance: The Terratek pole hedge trimmer has a high performance 20V...
  • Adjustable Cutting Head: A 120° 5 position pivoting head allows for the easy...

Ryobi Pole Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole

Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole, 450 W
  • 45cm Cutting Blade
  • 18mm Cutting Capacity
  • 4m Extension Pole
  • Weighs 4.1kg

With a 18mm cutting capacity, this hedge pole trimmer from Ryobi is suitable for those thicker hedges that some blades struggle with

It comes with an extendable pole measuring 2.4m, so when combined with the main unit you get an impressive 4m reach. This is a lot length for a hedge trimmer so should be perfect for those taller plants, while you can remove the extension pole for more precision and stability when trimming lower areas.

The dual action blade measures 45cm and has 18mm gaps between the teeth, allowing for the high cutting capacity. The cutting head is also adjustable to a 130° angle, so you can easily get those higher spots at the top of the hedge.

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Flymo SabreCut XT Corded Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

Flymo SabreCut XT Cordless Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, 18 V, Cutting Blade 42 cm
  • 48cm Cutting Blade
  • 25mm Teeth Gap
  • Telescopic Pole Extends to 2.4m
  • Weighs 4.1kg

The SabreCut XT is a quality product from popular lawn mower manufacturer Flymo. As a corded device, there is always the worry that you’ll struggle to reach every hedge because of the power cord.

Thankfully, the SabreCut XT comes with a length of 4m cable that can be further extended using an extension cord, making it perfect for most medium sized gardens.

The blade itself measure 48cm which is on the longer side, meaning less time trimming thanks to a wider coverage area. It’s also dual sided so you can cut in every direction, making it very convienent when working on wide hedges.

When the telescopic pole is fully extended you get an impressive 2.4m of reach, which when combined with the pivoting cutting head means you can easily tackle taller hedges and create a nice flat or angle top section.

Flymo SabreCut XT Cordless Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, 18 V, Cutting Blade 42 cm
719 Reviews
Flymo SabreCut XT Cordless Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, 18 V, Cutting Blade 42 cm
  • Telescopic Handle
  • Easy to Remove 18V Battery
  • Twin Action Blades

BLACK+DECKER Corded Hedge Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER PH5551-GB Corded Hedge Trimmer, 550 W


  • 51cm Cutting Blade
  • 22mm Teeth Cap
  • Telescopic Handle Extends From 1.8 to 2.35m
  • Pivoting Cutting Head

BLACK + DECKER have a reputation for reliable power tools and their long pole trimmer continues that trend, offering a fantastic tool capable of cutting hedges of varying sizes.

Powered by a robust 550W electric motor, it comes with a 51cm cutting blade and 22mm teeth gap, resulting in a wide area of coverage and a thicker cutting capacity than most other cutters.

The telescopic pole offers a length from 1.8m to 2.35m, so you get ample reach for both taller and shorter portions of the hedge, so it’s certainly a versatile option.

With the 180° pivot you can also adjust the blade position to various angles, which is great for cutting the top and side sections of the hedges.

BLACK+DECKER PH5551-GB Corded Hedge Trimmer, 550 W , Orange
81 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER PH5551-GB Corded Hedge Trimmer, 550 W , Orange
  • Powerful 550W motor delivers 1600 strokes per minute
  • 180 degree pivoting head locks into 5 different positions for greater...
  • Telescopic pivoting handle for a greater reach (180-235 cm)

Buying Guide

Looking for an extendable hedge trimmer but are unsure what you need? Then check out this handy buying guide that covers everything that you need to know to find the perfect product for hedge maintenance!

Different Types of Hedge Trimmer

There are several types of trimmers that use extension poles to increase their reach. These are always better than a fixed hedge model because they can be used at various lengths, making them far more versatile and useful.

The power source does impact the performance however, with some offering more power while others are lighter and easier to use.

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Consists of a small combustion engine powered by petrol, these hedge trimmers are the most powerful, making them the tool of choice for professional gardeners and landscapers. They are a good option for people with lots of thick and tall hedges as they run for long periods and can handle thicker growth.

However, this additional power does mean that they are far heavier than their electric counterparts, so some people will struggle to use them for too long before feeling fatigued. Also, the combustion engine does need more maintenance than other types and its very loud, so be mindful of this if you like to trim early in the day! Read our petrol hedge trimmer reviews here.

Corded Electric

Electric hedge trimmers are reasonably priced and perfect for most gardens. They electric long reach hedge trimmer ukcan easily cut through leaves and thinner branches, although may struggle with larger branches. That said, most hedge maintenance involves trimming away light foliage, so electric models are certainly capable of this.

Furthermore, these are far lighter than their petrol counterparts, so most people will find them a lot easier to use. If you struggle to operate heavier tools then this is a great choice, as most can use them without feeling tired or achy.

One big issue is that they need to be plugged into a power source. While the power cords are long and you can use an extension cable to increase its range, the cord does restrict maneuverability and you need to concentrate on not accidentally severing the cord with the cutting blade. 

Cordless Battery Powered

cordless long reach hedge trimmerCordless hedge trimmers are like standard electric models but use a battery instead of a power cord. This gives them all the same benefits without your movement being restricted by a power cable! Because of this, these tools are perfect for larger gardens and hedges where more movement and range are needed.

One setback of being battery-operated is the limited run time. Some tools won’t operate for longer than an hour, so you may need to purchase a second battery if this isn’t enough time to get your hedges trimmed.

Choosing the Right Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a new extension pole hedge trimmer:

Hedge Size

The taller your hedges the more reach you need from the extension pole, so try to get a rough idea of the height of your hedges so that you can choose a product with enough reach. With taller and wider hedges, it also helps to choose a longer cutting blade as this means more coverage and less time trimming.

Remember that the more area you need to cover the longer you will be trimming for. So, while a longer blade and pole will reduce the time it takes to complete the job, it will also make it much heavier so it may tire you quicker!

It helps to have a harness when working on lots of hedges, many products include a harness. This offsets most of the weight, letting you work for longer without feeling tired.

Cutting Blade

It is important to choose the right cutting blade for your needs. As mentioned, longer blades mean you get more coverage with each pass, making it easier to reach taller parts of the hedge and for quickly covering wider surface areas.

That’s not to say long blades are always the best choice. Shorter blades offer better maneuverability and the extension pole means that they can still reach taller areas, so make sure to find the right blade for your garden.

Also, check out the cutting teeth to ensure they are suitable. For example, a wider spacing between cutting teeth means the blade can handle thicker branches but may lack precision, while smaller gaps are more suitable for thinner foliage and getting a close-cut finish. 

Finally, you will find single and double blade options available. While single blades are available it’s always recommended that you choose a double-sided blade, as this is more efficient for trimming, especially on thicker branches.

Pole Length

Make sure you choose a pole that is long enough to reach your hedges without straining, especially at taller sections that are difficult to reach without a chair or ladders. A purpose-made garden hedge cutting platform would be ideal.

Extendable poles always have a range of lengths to suit different heights, so the more range the more heights you can cut at. Some can reach up to 3m with a fully extended pole, which should be more than enough to reach most hedges.


An adjustable cutting head is one of the best features available that improves the usability of a hedge trimmer.

This is always a great feature as it allows you to adjust the position of the cutting head to various angles, which is very useful for trimming around corners, at the tops, and any awkward spots that are harder to reach.

A good harness can also improve usability, removing much of the weight to make it lighter and less tiring to use, while looking at the handle grip is also worthwhile. Trimmers vibrate heavily so some sort of padding around the handle helps to reduce the impact of this.

Finally, always check the weight! Anything too heavy is going to be an effort to use and cause you to tire much quicker, so you won’t be as efficient if your tool isn’t light enough!

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