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5 Best Garden Incinerator Reviews

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What is a Garden Incinerator?

Commonly known as a fire bin, a garden incinerator is a large container used to burn garden waste like grass clippings, old branches, leaves, and anything other natural waste from the garden.

At a quick glance, a garden incinerator is a large metal bin used to burn things. This isn’t too far from the truth, although there are some unique design features to assist in the incineration process, namely holes to improve airflow and using fire-resistant materials to make the bin.

Benefits of a Garden Incinerator

The best garden incinerator allows you to easily dispose of garden waste. Anyone with a garden knows that a fair amount of natural waste develops over the weeks and months.

Clippings, branches, twigs, and leaves can all leave quite a mess in the garden, while local waste facilities usually take several weeks to empty garden waste bins.

So, rather than having a build-up of natural waste in the garden, you can simply burn it all in an incinerator. This means you don’t need to fill loads of bins with waste and wait for them to be emptied on your local council’s schedule! 

Better still, the waste produced from the incineration is packed with nutrients so can be used as a natural fertilizer!

Also, burning garden waste without an incinerator leaves a massive black spot on the ground, which is very unsightly, while the burning process isn’t as efficient compared to using this specially designed fire bin. 

What You Can and Cannot Burn in a Garden Incinerator

What You Can Burn – Garden Waste

Garden incinerators are only designed for burning natural garden waste. That means twigs, large branches, grass clippings, hedge clippings and any other natural waste. These are the only things that you should be using in a garden incinerator!

What You Can’t Burn – Everything Else!

As mentioned, you should only use the incinerator for natural waste from the garden. People mistakenly think you can burn certain items like cardboard, paper, magazines, and packaging waste – do not do this.

Recycling is always the best option, while you may be producing toxins from burning general waste. Plastics and other types of packaging should never be put in an incinerator either! This also includes food waste, which should also be recycled, while old wooden furniture should never be burned in an incinerator.

Tips for Choosing an Incinerator

Size – The bigger the incinerator the more waste you can burn! If you have lots of waste accumulating over the year then a larger bin is certainly worth investing in.

Material – Galvanised steel is always the best material for a garden incinerator, as other metals are susceptible to rusting when left outside.

Design – A lid and a chainmen are two worthwhile design features to look for in an incinerator. The lid allows for higher temperatures to be maintained for more efficient burning, while the chimney helps funnel smoke away from the bin.

Garden Incinerator Reviews

CrazyGadget 90 Litre Large Galvanised Metal Incinerator

CrazyGadget 90 Litre 90L Extra Large Galvanised Metal Incinerator
Large Galvanised Metal Incinerator Review
Metal Garden Incinerator UK

With a massive 90L capacity, this large galvanised metal incinerator is a great first-time buy for anyone looking to burn their garden waste. Given the capacity, it’s ideal for people with larger gardens as there is plenty of space for waste. You can even fit larger branches in here with room to spare.

The design of the incinerator is simple yet effective. It has three legs that elevate the base of the container from the ground, which is useful for avoiding scorching on the ground, which often occurs with flat bins burning lots of waste.

A chimney and lid design are also featured, making the incinerator very efficient. The lid locks securely in place, which is great for keeping temperatures high within the incinerator, ensuring all waste burns at a quick pace. The chimney avoids smoky build-ups by channelling away the smoke, so you won’t have that nasty burned smell following you around.

The container features air holes throughout, which increases the rate of airflow, helping the fire reach much higher temperatures compared to those without holes. It’s a very useful feature for any incinerator bin, ensuring maximum efficiency when burning waste.

It’s also made from galvanised steel so should have a good few years before it begins to rust and corrode. Many owners commented that it was the best garden incinerator for the money.

CrazyGadget® 90 Litre 90L Extra Large Galvanised Metal Incinerator Fire Burning Bin with Special...
5,311 Reviews
CrazyGadget® 90 Litre 90L Extra Large Galvanised Metal Incinerator Fire Burning Bin with Special...
  • CrazyGadget 90 Litre 90L Extra Large Galvanised Metal Incinerator Fire Burning...
  • SPECIAL LOCKING securing lid on the handle, Ready-made ventilation holes ensure...
  • Features a sturdy, three-legged base, easy assembly required

Selections Gardman Galvanised Dustbin Incinerator

Gardman Large Metal Galvanised Dustbin Composter

With an impressive capacity and a simple yet effective design, this garden incinerator offers great value for money. It is quite a sturdy bin that is made from thick galvanised metal, helping make it more durable and stable.

A three-legged design is useful as it lifts the base of the fire bin from the ground. Not doing this may reduce the airflow and combustion within, not to mention avoiding scorching on the ground, so it’s a useful feature to have.

The bin also comes with a chimney lid, which can be used to keep winds away from the flames and for keeping the core temperature much higher. Because there are holes throughout the bottom half of the bin, airflow is never reduced when the lid is on.

As the chimney is featured on the lid you don’t need to worry about excessive build-ups of smoke circling around the bin. All this smoke can make it difficult to see and breathe while making your clothes smell unpleasant, so the chimney helps funnel this away from you when burning waste.

Despite being thick and sturdy, the bin is simple enough to move around due it being lightweight. There are also carry handles at the side for easier transportation – just make sure it has cooled down before moving it!

Gardman Large Metal Galvanised Dustbin Composter
1,011 Reviews
Gardman Large Metal Galvanised Dustbin Composter
  • Galvanised Garden incinerator with 3 feet for burning your garden plants safely
  • Dimensions 84 x 45 cm in diameter.
  • Large Garden incinerator with a lid to keep the flight to use the wind Days.

Keto Plastics 210 Litre Large Garden Incinerator


While made by Keto Plastics, this garden incinerator is thankfully made from nothing but metal, otherwise it probably wouldn’t last too long! Rather, this garden incinerator is made from durable steel and is quite thick, so should be perfect for burning all types of garden waste.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this garden incinerator is the fact that it has such a huge capacity. Capable of holding 210 litres of garden waste, this is about the largest incinerator you’re likely to find, so anyone with lots of waste to deal with should certainly consider this bin!

Although calling it a bin is probably somewhat misleading, as this is very much a drum barrel repurposed as a garden incinerator. This does mean there are a few missing features, namely no chimney lid or legs, but other than that it performs as good as any other.

There is a standard barrel lid that does come with the incinerator though, so it will be able to reach those much higher temperatures for more efficient burning. This is because there are several airflow holes at the base of the barrel, allowing enough air in to keep the fire roaring.

It may get a bit smokier when opening the lid, so just be mindful of this!

144 Reviews
  • Made from strong steel, it has 4 ventilation holes near to the base.

Kingfisher Square Garden Incinerator

Kingfisher SINSIN Square Incinerator - Silver
Kingfisher SINSIN Square Incinerator - Silver
Kingfisher SINSIN Square Incinerator - Silver

Anyone with a smaller garden that has a moderate volume of garden waste will want to check out this square garden incinerator from Kingfisher. The square design is somewhat unique for a garden incinerator but is definitely a suitable design.

In fact, it is more durable than most other fire bins because it has reinforced sections at each corner of the incinerator. This improves the stability quite significantly, meaning the bin is never likely to blow over during high winds.

It also means there are four legs rather than three. These are also very sturdy, making this incinerator one of the most stable on the market – it will take some serious effort to tip it over! The legs also keep it high off the ground and offer better airflow.  

Measuring 49 x 58cm, it is on the shorter side but does have a good capacity in case. Not everyone needs a larger incinerator though, as many gardens are short on space, so the compact design is by no means a bad thing.

There are lots of airflow holes throughout the galvanised steel sides, helping to improve airflow for a more efficient incineration. Just bear in mind that there is no lid included with the incinerator, so there may be a lot of smoke when burning high volumes of waste!

Kingfisher SINSIN Square Incinerator - Silver
370 Reviews
Kingfisher SINSIN Square Incinerator - Silver
  • Ideal to turn all wooden pruning's and waste into ash
  • Made from galvanised steel with holes cut on all four sides to increase air flow
  • Square, sturdy incinerator

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